Just Sydney…


hi i’m sydney.  my room mate is darla and she’s a very, very good teacher.  she gave me the courage to say hi.  ummm… so here’s a little about me.  i am very, very shy.  pete and christine, who take care of us here, matched me and darla together.  darla is a pit bull who loves people and she loves me.  lucky for me cuz she’s a good big sister and she helps make me brave.  k, that took a lot.  i’ll tell ya more later.  bye.

The Darling of HSGKC (Adopted!)


Hey, ya’ll. This is Darla here to tell ya what’s up. I’ll start out by telling ya about my favorite guy.  His name is Chuck.  Chuck’s my best buddy, a volunteer here at HSGKC.  He visits me all the time — I’m his favorite.  We play in the yard, and go for long walks together.  After we get some exercise, we just hang out together. We talk about sports, world events, maybe a little gossip about the other dogs. Here’s a photo of me and Chuck.


He’s a cool guy.  And he’s got good taste when it comes to dogs.

The Sheriff (Adopted!)


Hey dudes. I’m Leroy.  I earned the nickname “The Sheriff” because I gotta know what’s going on around me all the time, with everybody. Nothing gets by me.  I’ve got eyes in the back of my head.  I’m a pretty intense guy and  I’m pretty smart.   I’m even in Canine Good Citizens class at The Dogs’ Spot.  But, for the life of me,  I can’t figure out what Christine, one of our humans here, meant when she said she was proud of me for “turning it down to a 10″…. could someone please explain that to me?

Wanna know more about me?  Go to my Petfinder page.

Welcome to the Dog Blog


My name is Smiley, and I’m going to be the narrator for this new blog.  Our humans finally caught on that we have a lot to say and this is our chance to tell you all about us.  I’ve been living at the shelter for awhile, waiting for my forever home, and I’m the mascot, so our humans picked me to be the narrator for our blog.  I can tell you about the new dogs who come in, the latest gossip, our adventures, and about the people who care for us and find us great homes.  All of us are pretty excited to tell you about us, our personalities, our quirks, and our daily lives at HSGKC.