Aster (Adopted!)


Hi, my name is Aster!  I’m super excited ’cause I’m in the main kennel now and already have a roommate!  His name is Dexter, and even though we didn’t show our best sides to each other the first time we met, we get along great now!  He’s pretty nice, we just had to spend some more time gettin’ to know each other!  I love Dexter now!  He is fun to run around an’ play with, an’ we get to snuggle together at night, which is cool, too!!  I like bein’ out in the kennel ’cause there’s lots of stuff goin’ on.  I’m a silly, very sweet girl with lots of energy an’ I really love to play with other dogs!  Okay, that’s all for now, there’s lots to see an’ I’m still tryin’ to figure out who all these other dogs are.


Dazzlin’ Dixie: Celebrating One Year of Pack Walks


Hey ya’ll.  Today our humans celebrated the one year anniversary of our Pack Walks, started by Pete (aka, the Dude, cuz he’s one of our very fay-vo-rite humans who takes care of us, an’ the boss man in the kennel).  The Pack Walks started before I got here, but I can tell ya’ll a bit about them ‘cuz I always get to go.

Pete thought it’d be good for us dogs to go on walks together ‘cuz even though we all don’t always like each other, it’d be good for us to walk as a pack an’ get used to bein’ around other dogs.  The Pack Walks are with a dedicated group of volunteers who come in an’ take us for a long walk through a park.  It’s great exercise for dogs an’ humans, an’ somethin’ different to do besides playin’ in the yard.  Lots of humans come in for the pack walks, even if the weather is real bad. We sometimes work on leash manners during the walks. Christine made Hercules “heel” today, an’ I’m more than happy to “heel”… if you’ve got food.  The Pack Walks can also be good for introducin’ dogs to each other to see if they could be roommates in the kennel, an’ we show other qualities we may not always show while in the shelter or while playing in a yard.

Lots of volunteers came out today to celebrate our one year anniversary.  Twenty-eight of us dogs got to go on a Pack Walk, including me, and some of us even got to go twice!  It was a fabulous day.  I’m gonna go an’ take a nap in the sun now.  Ta-ta for now!

Twenty-eight of us got to go on a pack walk this morning.

Twenty-eight of us got to go on a pack walk this morning.

This is me after the 1 1/2 mile  walk in the park!

This is me after the 1.5 mile walk in the park!


Hercules the Magnificent


Today Christine, the human who tries to find us great homes, showed Valerie to a family who is going to adopt her.  I want a forever home, too, so I am taking this opportunity to tell you they kind of home I want.

First, and most importantly, I absolutely must be the only pet in the home…. maybe I could co-exist with another dog, but I am very particular with other dogs. I shouldn’t live with cats either… they are too tempting to chase.  I also would do best with older kids because I can be a bit stubborn (don’t tell Christine I admitted that) and when I get really excited about something (like obedience training, I love learning new things), I like to give “love nips”.  Christine and Pete taught me how to walk really well on a leash, but I really made Christine work for it.  I need an experienced home because I’m sooooo smart and need someone who can keep up with me.  Shiloh thinks he’s sooooo special because he has 1 blue eye and 1 brown eye, but I think I am way more handsome.  One more thing… Leroy, dude, c’mon.  Even though I know you’re learning a lot of things, too, I am and always will be way smarter than you… same to you, Porter.

Well, I’m settling in for the night to rest up for tomorrow.  We have a lot of human visitors on Saturdays, humans call them ‘volunteers’, and most of them spend some time with me because I am just that awesome.

Boisterous Bella (Adopted!)


Hi!  I’m happy and sad today… happy because Ivy is going to her forever home tomorrow, and a lil sad ’cause I really like playing with her and Dexter and will miss our play groups.  I’m pretty sure our humans will find a couple other dogs for me to play with, though.

Because Ivy found her forever home, I wanna tell you about my ideal home.  I would really like another dog to live with, but I have to be the boss in the relationship!  Since I need to be the boss, I can be a lil picky about my doggy friends, but that’s part of Christine’s job… trying to make good human and doggy matches for us. I love most humans, toys (I really like carrying around stuffed toys in my mouth), I’m wiggly, very pretty, and smart, too.  I’m in Intermediate Level Obedience Classes at The Dogs’ Spot.  I do need a home without little humans ’cause they make me a bit nervous, and I’m not real comfortable around them.  In the past I have been a bit shy when I’ve met new humans, but am much better than I was when I first came in.

If you want to learn more about me, check me out on I’m going to bed a lil early tonight so I have plenty of energy to play with Ivy before she goes home.

Angie Sass-A-Frass (Adopted!)


Hi humans!  Alex, one of our human caretakers, is back from Spring Break… I guess that’s something humans do when they are in school.  We are all sooooo happy she’s back because even though a lot of us here don’t agree on everything, we all love Alex!  She took me for a walk today and spent some time hanging out with me.  She is so awesome!

Since it’s finally my turn to blog today, I thought I would tell you about my ideal home. I know some of the other dogs have told you about their ideal home, but it’s my turn to be the center of attention, and it’s about time, by the way.  So, I would love to be the only pet in the home.  I want undivided attention from humans, and I’m so entertaining on my own they wouldn’t want another pet, especially cats… weird little creatures, I just can’t figure out what all the fuss is about with them.  Anyway, I should have a yard with a fence because I love playing fetch and running around.  I am pretty smart, too, so someone who wants to  teach me tricks would be awesome, I love performing for an audience and getting praise and treats.  I have only met a few small humans but they seem okay.  I’m very sassy when I meet other dogs when I’m walking, so maybe someone who is dog savvy would be best for me. I’m very affectionate, and want to be spoiled rotten.

Well, I think that’s a good start.  I’m ready to settle in for the night, I’m kinda tired from walking, playing, and writing.

This is Alex.

This is Alex. All of us dogs agree that she is the best!

This is me playing in the snow.  I love snow!

And this is me playing in the snow a few weeks ago. I love snow!

Skye (Adopted!)


Hi, my name is Skye and I’m pretty new to the main kennel.  I moved out here last week, first with Grizzly and then I moved in with Captain ’cause he really likes me, and Rosedale moved in with Grizzly.  I came here really skinny and weak– my previous person did not take care of me, so animal control had to rescue me and they brought me here to the humane society to get better.  I have gained almost 16 whole pounds in a few weeks ’cause our humans here are very nice and fed me lots.

I like bein’ out in the kennel with Captain ’cause we have one of the biggest places in the kennel, and can go inside and outside all day when the weather is nice.  Plus, I can see the other dogs and I meet lots of new people.  I was timid and shy when I came in, but most of my shyness is gone, again ’cause our human caretakers are awesome.  I like hangin’ out and playin’ in the yard and in the run with Captain.  He’s a pretty cool roommie, ‘specially ’cause he lets me climb and jump all over him and doesn’t care.

I’m 2 years old, but kinda act like a puppy still, or so the humans say.  I’ll tell you more about me and the kinda home I’d like another time… I gotta go run around the yard and play!  Bye!

This is what I looked like when I first arrived at the humane society.  I've gained 16 lbs since then, and am a much happier girl.

This is what I looked like when I first arrived at the humane society a few weeks ago. I’ve gained 16 lbs since then.

This is what I look like now.  I'm a healthy and happy girl!

This is what I look like now. I’m a healthy and happy girl!


Rosedale the Sweetheart (Adopted!)


Hi, my name is Rosedale.  Yesterday I moved into the dog kennel with a puppy named Grizzly because his roommate, Maddox, went to his forever home on Thursday.  I’m happy to have a roommate to play with everyday.  I’m called a sweetheart because all the humans here really like me and think I’m a really nice, sweet girl.  I had a home, but the humans who had me before didn’t take very good care of me and moved and left me in a shed.  Some nice humans who lived next door to me worried about me and brought me here so I’d be safe.  I was kinda skinny when I came in, but am gaining some weight and looking better everyday.  I’ll tell you more about the home I would really like another time.  Saturdays are busy!!  I get to meet even more new humans today because today is a day lots of volunteers come in and spend time with us.  I’m excited about meeting new, nice humans.  Gotta run.