What’s up humans?  I have been cleared for adoption since I’ve improved so much since I first came here.  I had some nasty wounds, one on my back leg was really bad and the human doctors didn’t know if I would heal okay, but I did, because I am just that awesome.  So, since Christine has been given the okay to match me up with a forever home, I thought I should tell ya about the kind a home I’d like.  First, I’ve gotta be the only pet– have you seen me?  I’m not sharing the attention, these good looks and my interesting eyes (I have one brown and one blue…cool, huh?) get me with any other pets.  Also, I was kinda unsure when I first got here about having my leash taken on and off and even though I’m much better now, I should be in a home without young kids and with peeps who have had Huskies before, even though I’m most definitely an original.  It may take a while for “my” humans to come along, but that’s okay…anything good is worth the wait.  Time for us to settle in for the night.  Peace.


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