Aster (Adopted!)


Hi!  I’m happy ’cause Dexter got adopted, which is cool, and I got a new roommate.  Her name is Zelda.  I’ll let her tell ya more ’bout her when she gets to blog, but I REALLY like her!  We have lots of fun playin’ in the yard together, and when all the other dogs in the kennel are quiet, we wrestle and play real quiet so we don’t wake up the others.  I’m excited ’cause I found out I’m gonna be on the Pet Telethon tonight, too!! Maybe someone will see me and wanna give me a forever home…

I’m a silly girl who loves to RUN!  I run circles ’round other dogs! Christine took some pictures of me, Zelda and Grizzly playin’ together in a play group the other day and had a hard time gettin’ all 3 of us in the same picture ’cause I was runnin’ circles ’round Zelda and Grizzly!! So, I’d really love to live with an active family who’d take me for walks, or runs, or hiking, and it’d be really cool if I had a doggy brother or sister to play with.  I haven’t been “cat tested” yet, whatever that means, but our humans think I’d probly’ be ok with cats ’cause I’m good with little dogs. One thing I do need is a tall fence, or somethin’ like that ’cause I jump the fences here, mostly just to check out what’s goin’ on in the other yards.  If I’m in a play group, I usually stay in the yard.  I’m curious, and I can jump, so why not?  If you wanna learn more about me and how our adoption process works, you can find out more on the HSGKC website.

Watch for me on the Pet Telethon tonight!  It’s from 6:30 to 9:30pm on 38 The Spot. Gotta go… I need to get some exercise and then I get a bath for my TV debut!  Bye!!

8 thoughts on “Aster (Adopted!)

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