Radical Robert (Adopted!)


Hi humans! Lots of stuff has been goin’ on ’round here, and it’s finally my turn to blog again! Yesterday was sooooo nice outside.  Alex took me for a long walk, she always walks me when she’s here ’cause I’m one of her favorites! I’m happy the weather is warmin’ up ’cause that means it’s almost time for kiddy pools! I love runnin’ and jumpin’ in the pools to cool off!! I can’t wait!!

‘Cause it’s my turn to write today, I wanna tell ya about the kinda forever home I’d like. Ok, so I probably sound like I’m really high energy, and I can be, but I also like to just chill, ‘specially after a long walk or run! I’d like a pretty active family who’d take me for walks or runs or hikes like everyday, or almost everyday… we all need a day off sometimes! I’m still bein’ good ’bout not jumpin’ fences as much, but a tall fence would be best for me, or no fence… but you’d have to always take me out on a leash which’d be ok, too!

I love humans, little humans too! I’m great with them ’cause I’m smart and know ya gotta take it easy on them! I’d do best if I were the only pet ’cause I was runnin’ ’round on my own, takin’ care of myself before somebody nice found me and brought me here, so I’ve never really learned how to play much with other dogs. I had a puppy roomie for a while named Rudy, and I liked him lots, but after he got adopted I haven’t met any other pup I’ve liked as much, but that’s ok ’cause I’d love bein’ the center of attention! I’m pretty smart, kinda stubborn at times but I do ok with some obedience stuff!  Anyways, that’s all I got for now… gotta go ’cause I’ve got a busy day ahead. It’s Saturday and lots of humans come in to spend time with us on Saturdays! Bye!!

2 thoughts on “Radical Robert (Adopted!)

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