Elvis the Goofball (Adopted!)


What is up humans?  About time I gotta blog again… sheesh I had to wait ’cause there’ve been lots of changes, like lots of dogs and puppies have found their forever homes this month!  So, I wanna tell ya’ll ’bout the kinda forever home I think would be awesome.

Ok, so first, and foremost, I’ve gots to be the ONLY  pet in the home ’cause I’m alotta dog, and ’cause I don’t wanna share the attention with any other dog.  If whatcha want is a big, smart, goofy dog, then I’m your dog and after ya meet me, you’d know you wouldn’t want any other dog.  I’m smart but different from Hercules and Porter smart, I’m my own kinda smart.  See, Porter and Hercules are smart ’cause they know lots of obedience stuff and love making their human handlers happy, and I’ll do some of that stuff, too, especially if there is easy cheese involved (I really love easy cheese)… but what sets me apart from them is train humans. For instance, all us dogs here have these really cool dog kennels that are indoor/outdoor so we can get some fresh air and sunshine whenever we want durin’ the day.  I play this game at the end of every day when Pete, or Joyce, or Lea Ann, tuck us all in for the night… I won’t come inside.  They’ve all tried to bribe me with treats and stuff, but I make them come ’round and bring me in from the outside… heh, heh!!

Another thing is when I first moved into the main kennel, I figured out how to open my guillotine door and let myself out… pretty cool, huh?  Pete said I’m the only dog who’s ever figured out how to do that… I’m just that awesome.  See why you wouldn’t need another pet if I were your dog… I’d keep you busy.  I love stuffed toys, too, and have learned how to make sure I get to have one when I go on walks, too!  My future family should have a tall fence, ’cause I can climb or jump fences, too (I’m full of special abilities!!), and maybe no really small humans ’cause even though I’m workin’ on my manners, I’m a big dude.

One more thing… it’d be best if the humans who adopt me have had experience with dogs like me, so they know how to handle me and take care of me right.  That’s all I got for now… gots to go, it’s almost time for Alex to get here and take me for a walk.


3 thoughts on “Elvis the Goofball (Adopted!)

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