Baloo (Adopted!)


Hey humans, my name is Baloo.  I was in really bad shape when my former owner brought me here.  My leg was real bad from being hit by a car or maybe I got into a fight or somethin’ like that, so to save my life it was amputated.  I needed lots of stuff, like medicine, and fluids, and lotsa food, and other stuff to make me feel better.  I’m kinda awesome, though, ’cause I made it through all that stuff and gained some weight (I only weighed like 46 pounds when I came in).  Now I’m doin’ way better and moved out to the main kennel and got a roommate named Rosie. She’s nice, and chill.  Don’t let me only havin’ 3 legs scare you off, ’cause dogs and cats like me (even though I don’t get it that humans like cats so much… they’re fun to watch, but soooo moody) don’t have any hang-ups about not havin’ 4 legs.  I’ve got 3 good ones, and can move and run ’round real good.

So, in case you see me and think I might be a good fit for you, I gotta tell you a few things about me.  First, I’m picky about some humans, and dogs.  I don’t like everybody I meet (dogs or humans) but can you blame me… if you saw what I looked like when I came in, you’d totally understand.  I’d like to go to a home with humans who’ve had Boxers before, ’cause they “get” us, and they gotta know what they’re doin’ to help me with some of my human issues.  I’m not aggressive or nothin’ like that, but if I meet dudes that scare me, I bark a lot ’cause I dunno what they’re all about yet.  Anyways, I know how to “sit” ’cause then I get yummy treats, and I’m goofy.  I like to run ’round the yards we get to go out in, and I gots the Boxer wiggle thing goin’ on for me, too.  I’m not real hyper, and I don’t jump a fence or nothin’ crazy like that.  I walk pretty good on a leash, too, if I do say so myself, even though I can’t walk real far yet.  I’m gettin’ better everyday ’cause the humans here take real good care of all of us.  Anyways, I gotta go ’cause I get to go run ’round the yard some more with Rosie.  She just watches me run, but that’s cool.  Bye!

I'm gettin' along just fine on three legs!

I’m gettin’ along just fine on three legs!



Maxine: A Sweet “Heart” Who Needs Your Help


hi everyone, my name is Maxine and i get to skip ahead of some other doggies and blog today ’cause i’ve somethin’ important to tell you guys ’bout.  okay, here’s my story — i was surrendered by this nice guy ’cause he couldn’t keep me.  when the doggy and kitty doctor here checked me out, she listened to my heart and heard somethin’ kinda off, and thought it was a pretty serious heart murmur.  Christine, our human who tries to find us really awesome homes, Auntie Kate and Uncle Pete thought before i go to my forever home, i should see a human called a cardiologist to find out what’s goin’ on with my heart.  Christine took me to VCA Mission Animal Referral and Emergency Center yesterday… it was kinda scary, but i did okay (and gave lots of kisses and love to Christine and the new humans i met)… and the cardiologist checked my heart and saw i had somethin’ called a “PDA” (it means the vessel that goes between the two sides of my heart doesn’t close) and i gotta have surgery to correct it so i can live a long normal life.  if i don’t get this fixed, i could die within the next year or so… and i have lots of love to give, so i’m real happy it’s gonna get fixed, even though havin’ surgery is scary.  my surgery will be on wednesday, may 28 an’ it’s gonna be expensive… but of course our humans are gonna make sure i get what i need, ‘ cause that’s what they do, and that’s why i’m so thankful i’m here.

in case some of you humans don’t know, this shelter is way awesome. they do everything they can to help dogs with stuff like parvovirus, heartworm infection (i guess Captain had this… it sounds awful), broken bones, and surgeries like mine or like Grizzly had (FHO… i dunno what that is either, but is sounds complicated), and our humans help kitties, too, like Felix who was hit by a car and in bad shape.  but, all this stuff they do costs lots of money… and some of it’s real expensive, like my surgery ($3500) and even though VCA Mission and Blue Pearl give us credit which really helps out, and Welborn Animal Hospital helps us a lot, too, the shelter still has lotsa bills to pay.

so… we need your help.  i’m here to ask if you would please make a donation to the shelter’s Gabriel’s Fund so the humans here can keep savin’ the lives of special cats and dogs like me.  your donation to Gabriel’s Fund helps pay the bills for really injured or sick doggies and kitties… and it will help pay for my surgery.  even if you can only give a lil’ bit, it all helps!

thanks for lettin’ me share my story and talk ’bout this cool place. i’ve got one more super cool thing to tell you…  i’m going home today!  my new dad picked me out last week, an’ then i went to the heart doctor and found out i need surgery…  but he still wants me!  and he’s gonna care for me while i recover.  i think he’s going to be a great dad.  ‘bye for now!

this is me  hang in' out with friend Linda. she's one of the wonderful volunteers here.

this is me hangin’ out with my friend Linda. she’s one of the wonderful volunteers here.

maxine1 Donate

Bart (Adopted!)


hi… my name is Bart.  i’m almost 4 months old.  i’m a pit bull mix.  i’ve had a rough start to my life, and real glad i’m here ’cause even though i’m still a bit shy with new humans, every human i’ve met here has been really nice to me.  a kansas city, ks, animal control officer picked me up on april 30th. i was real sick with something called parvo… and had wounds in my neck from a wire or chain or something like that ’cause it was too tight.  i went to welborn pet hospital so i could get stuff to make me feel better, then i came here may 3rd.  i’ve heard humans like pete, christine, and alex say i’m mellow for a puppy… i dunno what that means, but i’m just quiet and taking things in.  i’m learnin’ how to play with toys… at first they scared me, but alex and christine have been showin’ me how much fun toys are.  i even got to hang out in the volunteer room with christine, gina, monica, alex, and some other humans on friday… which was scary, but cool ’cause i got lots and lots of attention and treats.

on saturday, i got to go to the satellite event at brookside barkery & bath, too.  uuhhmm… it was a little scary meeting all the new humans at first, but then i figured out humans can be SUPER nice and it was really fun.  all the humans i know are happy ’cause i’m really starting to come out of my shell and showing my personality.  i really liked Baloo (he let me climb all over him and didn’t care… he was kinda picky with the other dogs who were there, so i felt special).

on sunday i went on my first pack walk which was soooo cool.  i liked walkin’ with the big dogs and gotta meet some new doggies and humans who were really nice.  i walked on a leash really good (that’s what i was told anyway), and got treats, and had fun outside in the sunshine.  i like the pack walks and hope i get to go on more.  i think pete might be tryin’ to find a friend for me to play with this week.  i’m excited ’bout that ’cause then i’ll have a friend to play with and curl up with at night.  i’m still tired from the past couple days… big days for me, but i had sooo much fun.  i’m gonna go take a nap now… bye.


this is me and a volunteer named claire.  she took good care of me at brookside barkery & bath on saturday and we had fun together.

Copper the Cutie (Adopted!)


Hi humans, my name is Copper, an’ I guess I’m called a “cutie” ’cause I am pretty stinkin’ cute if I say so myself.  I’m about 7 months old, an’ was surrendered by my former owner ’cause they couldn’t afford to take care of me.  I’m happy they brought me here, ’cause I’ve heard Christine will try to match me up with a great forever home.  I didn’t have to wait long after I came in to move out to the main kennel, an’ it’s way cool out here… there’s lots goin’ on like watchin’ the other doggies, seein’ new humans, an’ meetin’ new volunteers!  An’ I got a roommate, Leo… He’s a pretty cool dude.  We love runnin’ ’round the yard, playin’ together, an’ then we snuggle up together at night.  I’m a very sweet boy, an’ very energetic… I can jump one of the real tall fences here… I don’t if I have somebody to play with, like Leo.  My cuteness makes up for that one little quirk I have… tee hee! 🙂

I would’ve blogged yesterday, but I was tired after goin’ to a satellite adoption event at this really neat store called Brookside Barkery & Bath.  They’ve got lots of neat toys, and food, an’ TREATS at the store, an’ I got to meet lots of new humans, an’ hang with my buddy (Leo), Duchess, Baloo, Bart and Chico.  It was so pretty outside yesterday an’ lots of fun just bein’ out an’ about seein’ all kinds of new stuff.  Maybe one of the humans who met us will want to adopt one or more of us.  If you wanna learn more about any of us, an’ our adoption process, check out our website,  Bye for now, I’ll talk about the kinda forever home I’d like next time… gotta rest up after today’s pack walk!

This is me at Brookside Barkery & Bath on Saturday

This is me at Brookside Barkery & Bath on Saturday


My buddy Leo came along, too, and we had fun hangin’ out together.

Just Sydney


hi… today is a scary day… i left Darla to go to a foster home.  the humans here think it will be good for me to be in a foster home to find out how i do and what i learn there.  i’ve heard the human who i’m going with, jessica, has had experience with shy dogs like me before… so she’s going to take things real slow with me.  i guess once i get used to the foster home, i’ll be ok… everything new for me is soooo scary, though. Darla is so awesome and good to me, she’s my protector and role model… so, uuhhmm… i think i’ll become friends with this new human’s doggies, ’cause i do like dogs.  she even said she’s gonna take me to work with her sometimes, to help with my “socializing”… i guess that means i’ll have to meet more humans.  i guess that won’t be too bad, ’cause all the humans i’ve met so far are kinda nice… i just don’t know what all the fuss is about… uuhhmm… i know they give me yummy treats and food and stuff, but then they wanna pet me, and even though it’s nice, i’m still not totally sure ’bout all that yet.

i’ll keep you posted ’bout how things are goin’ with my foster home and my progress.  i’ve heard foster homes are good for doggies and kitties, and it takes special humans to take a dog or puppy, work with them, love them, spend time with them, and then let them go to a forever home… huh… i guess since it takes special humans to foster, maybe this will be a good thing for me… but i’m not totally sure yet.  i know there’ll be lots and lots of new things for me to smell, see… and more humans to meet.  i met my foster mom earlier this week and one of her dogs, and she seems okay… so maybe it won’t be so bad.  i’ll let you know.  i’m proud of myself today, though, ’cause not only am i going to a foster home, but i blogged for the first time without Darla’s encouragement. bye.

Remy (Adopted!)


Hey humans, my name is Remy!  I’m happy ’cause it’s finally my turn to blog and I get to tell you a bit about me.  I know our humans have been busy with some dogs gettin’ adopted, like Robert, and dogs coming in to our shelter, and just human stuff.  So, here’s my basic info (which you can also find on the web site) — I’m a Pit Bull mix, and one and a half years old.  I was dumped in Louisberg, KS, and a nice human took me in and kept me ’til this place had room for me.

Here’s the good stuff — I have a roommate named Aster, who I really love playin’ with like runnin’ ’round the yard, and wrestlin’ in our kennel together.  I LOVE humans… I like givin’ hugs (even though some humans don’t understand that’s what I’m doin’ when I jump on them and put my paws on their waist).  I’m pretty energetic, like I love to go on walks, play with Aster, and fetch and stuff, but I also really like to hang out and chill with my human friends, too.  I like spending time with humans ’cause they give me treats, and pets, and love on me, and tell me how cute I am… which is awesome.  I’m workin’ on my leash manners, but I’m not the worst here… trust me, I’ve seen how some of the other dogs pull humans when they’re bein’ walked… I’m not that bad!  One of my favorite things is to go on a walk, and then spend some quality time chillin’ with a human!  I’m real good at that kinda stuff, ’cause like almost every Pit Bull you meet, we love humans.  I know I’m a favorite of Jai’s, the human who took care of me before there was a spot for me in the main kennel… I’m just that kinda boy, charming and sweet.

I’ll tell you ’bout the kinda forever home I want the next time I get to blog… I wanna get back to Aster, and just watchin’ the other doggies in the kennel… you can learn lots about them just by watchin’ them.

Me and Aster runnin' together.

Me and Aster runnin’ together.

Me… aren’t I handsome?!

Leo (Adopted!)


Hi humans!  My name is Leo!  I’ve been here a while, and wanted to blog sooner, but lots of stuff has been goin’ on, so now it’s my turn to finally tell ya’ll a bit ’bout me.  First, I’m ’bout 10 months old an’ came here ’cause the nice guy who found me in his yard couldn’t afford to take care of me ’cause I was real sick with parvovirus.  I got better quick, ’cause the humans here and at Welborn Animal Hospital are awesome, and I’m out in the main kennel with my roommy, Copper, waitin’ for a “forever home”.  I got to go with some humans to a place called “Hy-Vee” for somethin’ called a “donation drive” (I think it’s when nice humans give the humans who work here stuff they and the doggies and the kitties need).  I had lots of fun, and met lots and lots of people.  I’m really sweet, love humans… both big and small humans, but not too small, ’cause I’m still workin’ on manners and like to jump on humans a bit.  I dunno why humans think this is such a big deal, but I guess it’s somethin’ I’ve gotta work on.

Anyways… I love havin’ a friend to play with everyday, that’s Copper. He’s real fun, sweet, and cool to run ’round the yard with, and snuggle with at night.  I love goin’ on the Pack Walks on Sundays, too!  It’s lots of fun to get out with the other doggies and go for a long walk… but even after all that, I’ve still got lots of energy to run and play with Copper.  When Copper has his turn to blog, I’ll let him share some pics of us playin’ together… we do look cute!

Since lots has been goin’ on, and Leroy (who I think is a bit of a gossip) isn’t here, I wanted to update ya’ll on some of the goin’s on.  Leroy went to a home with this really nice human, who may adopt him.  She’s fostering him for now ’cause he has some stuff to work on… but we’re all real hopeful she decides to adopt him.  She’s even started callin’ him “Rufus”… it fits him, I think.

In other news, Jett went to his forever home last week, and some super nice human is comin’ in later today to introduce her dog to Sydney so maybe she can foster her, too.  Sydney is so shy, I think it’d be good for her to be in a home… I’m not an expert or nothin’ like that, but I’m kinda smart and just know stuff even though I’m pretty young.  Last week was real hard for our humans, too, ’cause Fancy went to the Rainbow Bridge.  I know they all miss her lots… and we do, too, even though from what I heard, she liked to stir the dogs up for fun.  She was a great dog, and even though I didn’t know her well, she seemed real cool, like a doggy to look up to.

That’s all I got for now… more stuff goin’ on all the time!  I’ll tell ya’ll more ’bout the kinda home I’d like next time!  Bye!!