Copper the Cutie (Adopted!)


Hi humans, my name is Copper, an’ I guess I’m called a “cutie” ’cause I am pretty stinkin’ cute if I say so myself.  I’m about 7 months old, an’ was surrendered by my former owner ’cause they couldn’t afford to take care of me.  I’m happy they brought me here, ’cause I’ve heard Christine will try to match me up with a great forever home.  I didn’t have to wait long after I came in to move out to the main kennel, an’ it’s way cool out here… there’s lots goin’ on like watchin’ the other doggies, seein’ new humans, an’ meetin’ new volunteers!  An’ I got a roommate, Leo… He’s a pretty cool dude.  We love runnin’ ’round the yard, playin’ together, an’ then we snuggle up together at night.  I’m a very sweet boy, an’ very energetic… I can jump one of the real tall fences here… I don’t if I have somebody to play with, like Leo.  My cuteness makes up for that one little quirk I have… tee hee! 🙂

I would’ve blogged yesterday, but I was tired after goin’ to a satellite adoption event at this really neat store called Brookside Barkery & Bath.  They’ve got lots of neat toys, and food, an’ TREATS at the store, an’ I got to meet lots of new humans, an’ hang with my buddy (Leo), Duchess, Baloo, Bart and Chico.  It was so pretty outside yesterday an’ lots of fun just bein’ out an’ about seein’ all kinds of new stuff.  Maybe one of the humans who met us will want to adopt one or more of us.  If you wanna learn more about any of us, an’ our adoption process, check out our website,  Bye for now, I’ll talk about the kinda forever home I’d like next time… gotta rest up after today’s pack walk!

This is me at Brookside Barkery & Bath on Saturday

This is me at Brookside Barkery & Bath on Saturday


My buddy Leo came along, too, and we had fun hangin’ out together.

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