Angie, Sass-A-Frass (Adopted!)


Hi humans!  Saturday was a great day for me ’cause I went to my first satellite adoption event at Intrust Bank in Shawnee.  Satellite adoption events are cool ’cause they’re a good way for humans to meet us outside of the shelter (some of us don’t always show our best side here), and for us dogs to meet new humans and for our humans to learn some stuff about us (like how we do with “strangers” or other dogs).  I’ve heard the other dogs talk about them and now I know why they like goin’ so much. I met a lot of humans, both adult humans and small humans (I guess they’re called “kids”) and had so much fun.  I spent the morning getting lots of attention, like belly rubs, treats, and toys.  I was definitely the “star”, just ’cause I’m me.  I liked all the kids I met and had soooo much fun playing with them… I played fetch with the kids and of course they were all impressed with how cute I am throwing toys up in the air and then finding them.  I would love a family of my own, the more humans the better (so then I’d get even more attention).  I want to be the only pet in the home, but that doesn’t mean I can’t walk with other dogs. I do go on Pack Walks every Sunday, and do pretty good walking next to dogs, which is good for me, but I don’t really want to live with another one.  Speaking of Pack Walks, I just got back from one… so it’s nap time for me.  Bye for now.

Here's me at the satellite  adoption event getting a belly rub and playing with a toy -- pretty sweet!

Here’s me at the satellite adoption event getting a belly rub and playing with a toy — not a bad way to spend the morning!


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