Grizzly, the Untamed (Adopted!)


hi humans!  i’m sooooo excited ’cause i found out i get to go to 2 satellite adoption events this weekend… probably ’cause i’m awesome with humans an’ pretty much every dog or puppy i’ve ever met!  on saturday, i’m going to Nebraska Furniture Mart an’ i’ll be there with some other doggies from 11-2 AND i get to go to Dog-N-Jog on sunday!  i’ve heard Dog-N-Jog is lots of fun… an’ it’s a cool event ’cause it raises money for our shelter so our humans can help dogs like me who gotta have surgeries to make us better.  i get to meet lots an’ lots of new humans… which means… TREATS!  yay for treats!  anyways i’m really hoping an awesome family will meet me an’ wanna make me a member of their family!  i think maybe all my fur scares some humans off ’cause they think it’s lots of work to keep up with… but i’ve been told it’s not.  i just have lots of fur, kinda like long-haired cats (i dunno what that’s all about, but whatever).  anyways, i guess that means i don’t shed too much, but need to be groomed… so i have to have a bath, an’ then maybe a hair cut or somethin’ like that!  i wanna look my very best this weekend!

last week i finally gotta run ’round the yard without a leash on after recovering from my hip surgery.  i was so excited i ran circles ’round the yard, an’ then jumped an’ splashed ’round in the cool “kiddy” pool our humans bring out for us when the weather warms up… it’s lots an’ lots of fun!  i gotta wait a lil’ longer ’til i can have a roommate so i don’t “over-do it”… sheesh these humans an’ their rules… it’s ok ’cause i know they want me all better an’ don’t want me to have to have another surgery… but i can’t wait for a buddy to hang out with an’ run with an’ play with an’ snuggle with at night!  i know pete, aka “the dude”, will find somebody great for me… he’s one of my favorite humans!  i’m gonna go for now but check out our website for details about Nebraska Furniture Mart an’ Dog-N-Jog!

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