Ella (Adopted!)


hi my name is Ella!  i’m a 5 month old pit bull mix who came here in May ’cause the humans who had me before didn’t take real good care of me, an’ then couldn’t afford to treat somethin’ i have called dee-mo-dex mange. from listening to our humans, (an’ Darla told me ’bout it, too. she’s my roommate, btw), dee-mo-dex is a lil tiny mite that lives in the hair follicles of dogs, an’ all of us have some, but if we aren’t real healthy, then the stupid lil mites take advantage of us an’ make more mites so we lose our fur.  it’s not con-tay-giss to other dogs, but it takes a long time for the medicine i gotta take to work.  i also had somethin’ happen to my hips (i needed pictures taken of my bones, an’ my former humans couldn’t afford those either).  nothin’ was broken, but i don’t run real fast.  our humans don’t think the humans who had me before were real nice to me, so some stuff scares me lots… like if i gotta be held so the doggie doctors can scrape my skin to check for the lil mites, i growl at the humans holdin’ me some… i don’t wanna be mean or nothin’ i’m just real afraid.

i wanna go to a home again, but i need to go to some humans who are super nice an’ have lots of patience to help me with the stuff i’m scared of.  maybe i shouldn’t go with small humans ’cause from what Darla’s told me they like to give “hugs”, an’ are real excitable, an’ might scare me.  Darla’s an awesome roommate ’cause she’s tellin’ me lots an’ lots of stuff ’bout really nice humans, an’ she plays with me in the yard an’ kinda looks out for me. she’s like a big sis to me, an’ she sleeps next to me every night even tho she could sleep on her own bed. i do like most other dogs, but I play kinda rough so medium and big dogs are best for me.

i’m excited ’bout somethin’ i wanna tell ya ’bout… i get to go to a satellite adoption event on saturday with Darla!  it’s called “Dead Girl Derby” from 5-8 at Hale Arena.  if you wanna know more, check out our website for details.  i’ve heard it’s lots an’ lots of fun to go to satellite events ’cause humans give us treats, an’ pet us, an’ make a real big deal ’bout how cute we all are.  plus, Darla said this is her first real satellite she’s goin’ to which is awesome for me ’cause i can be with her… i love her… maybe some real nice humans will meet both of us an’ wanna adopt both of us!

i’m gonna go for now… i’m gettin’ ready to go play with Darla! bye!

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