Vinny (Adopted!)


Hey humans what’s up which yous?  My name is Vinny an’ I’m a Shepherd/Corgi somethin’ else, but who knows what, an’ I’m ’bout 2 years old.  I showed up at Christine’s house one day, an’ she was worried ’bout me cuz it was hot out, an’ I’m all black, an’ she gave me some water an’ gained my trust… so she brought me here.  I’ve got heartworms, so I’m goin’ through treatment for it, an’ lemme tell yous… it stinks!  But, I gotsta do it so I get better an’ live a looonnng life.  I’m healthy as a dog can be, ‘cept for da heartworms.

So, lemme tell yous ’bout me an’ my personality.  I’m a pretty smart guy, I learn stuff real fast, like obedience stuff (I’ve learned how to “sit”, an’ I’m workin’ on layin’ down), an’ I make real good eye contact wit’ da human who’s workin’ with me.  Our humans (both volunteers an’ staff) started some obedience classes for all us dogs here at the shelter, so we can learn stuff to impress potential adopters.  Wit me, it’s just a bonus that I’ll know how-ta do some stuff, anybody who’s gonna meet me is gonna fall in love wit me cuz I’m charming, sweet, an’ good wit other dogs.  I’m an all ’round nice guy!  An’ I’m house-trained unlike some ah da other dogs.  Sometimes, I’m a bit shy when I meet new human men, but after I getta treat or somethin’, an’ I check ’em out, I’m fine.

One thing yous gotta know ’bout me is I got lots an’ lots to say, an’ cuz I can’t really “talk” to yous guys, I bark… a LOT.  But, hey, what can yous expect when I’m hangin’ out wit 3 other dogs in a “quiet” room all day?  I gotta stay in there since I’m goin’ thru heartworm treatment cuz our humans said I gotsta stay quiet (ha, ha) so I don’t get all worked up bein’ out wit all da other dogs… an’ I know they’re all lookin’ out for me so I ain’t real upset ’bout it, but it’s kinda borin’ sometimes.  I really like goin’ on walks, like da pack walks, an’ da obedience classes, an’ satellite adoption events, an’ just chillin’ wit humans like Pete, Alex, Christine, Kate, an’ volunteers.  Anyways, I’m gonna go for now, just wanted to tell yous guys ’bout me so yous know I’m here an’ ready for a forever home.

Talk at ya later!

This is me in obedience class... I'm da well-behaved one.

This is me in obedience class… I’m da well-behaved an’ good-lookin’ one.

Click here if yous wanna learn more ’bout me  >


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