Nemo (Adopted!)


hi!  my name is Nemo an’ i’m 7 months old an’ a Pit Bull mixed with somethin’ else (maybe a few somethin’ elses… but who knows)!  I was runnin’ ’round a nice woman’s yard an’ she felt bad for me so she brought me here.  I like bein’ here cuz there’s always lots an’ lots of stuff goin’ on an’ lots to do!  i’ve made a lotta doggy friends, too, like Remy, an’ Ella, an’ Gandalf (he was my roomy for a while til he got adopted), an’ Aster, an’ Tommy Boy (he’s my roomy now)… they all love me cuz i’m nice an’ fun to run ’round an’ play with in play groups! play groups are awesome!  i love playin’ tug with a big rope toy, an’ just runnin’ round the yard bein’ silly with my friends.  i like wrestlin’, too! Tommy Boy knows how to wrestle good, so we do that lots.  i also like goin’ to satellite adoption events, an’ on pack walks, an’ to obedience classes!  i’m a pretty smart lil dude, an’ i love gettin’ treats!  i’ve learned how to “sit”, an’ after really makin’ Crissy (she’s one of my favorite human volunteers) work for it, “down”… tee hee, i knew how ta do it, i just wanted her to really work for it.

k, so i gotsta confess to somethin’… see i’m a good boy, all the doggies i meet love me, an’ i love them, an’ i love the humans i meet, too… but i have a wee bit of a naughty side.  see, when i went to my first satellite event at this really cool doggy store called Brookside Barkery & Bath (there’s a satellite there this weekend an’ i’m hopin i get to go), i was a perfect little gentleman.  i was calm, even when other doggies were barkin’ or stuff was goin’ on, i sat there just takin’ it all in.  i was polite to all the humans i met, too.  i was so good, the human who handles these event thingys (humans are soooo stinkin’ complicated with all the different stuff they gotta do, but that’s k, cuz i love ’em), Jana, came back sayin’ how impressed she was with me, an’ how i was somethin’ like “the perfect satellite dog”!!  she even compared me to a doggy named Sunny… which is really cool…. i’ve heard humans talkin’ ’bout him, an’ to say i was as good as Sunny at a satellite is AWESOME!  anyways, back to my confession… so Jana was tellin’ Christine an’ Alex ’bout how good I was an’ they both looked at Jana with surprise… Christine’s jaw even dropped open. now i’m not that bad, but i gots a couple “naughty” habits, so Christine an’ Alex were just real surprised an’ proud of me.  see what happens is when a human comes in my doggy run to leash me up, i get REALLY excited an’ can’t keep it all in so i might nip at the human… not real hard or nothin’, but it’s the only way i can tell ’em how very excited i am ’bout goin’ to do whatever it is we’re gonna do.  i nip at their ankles an’ shoes (shoes with laces… so temptin’ to tug on an’ they’re right there at my level where i can reach, i mean c’mon, that’s just too much to resist), an’ sometimes i jump up real high, an’ bark in their faces.  Gandalf and Tommy Boy are bigger than me, so i gotta do my own thing to make sure they pay attention to ME! it’s my version of a happy dance!

so, i think it’d be best for me if i go to a human or human family who has had a doggy like me before who likes to nip when we’re excited, cuz i think it might be too much for someone just startin’ out with dogs.  i’d LOVE to have a doggy brother or sister!  my favorite thing to do in the whole world is to play with my doggy friends.  i probably shouldn’t go to a home with real small or young humans (i think they’re called “toddlers” an’ “babies”) cuz they’re lots of work, an’ i need to learn more manners… an’ that’s a lot to do all at once.  i’d love to have a fenced yard to run ’round in, too!  i don’t think i’d be real good with cats either, but i just don’t see what all the fuss is ’bout cats… dogs are way more fun!  i bark a lot, too, sometimes, so i’d like a house instead of an apartment (see what i mean ’bout humans bein’ so complicated… all these different types of places to live, sheesh).  i like goin’ on walks, but have to work on my leash manners, too, i pull really hard, but it’s cuz i’m excited!  Christine an’ Lori had to carry me back from one pack walk (our humans are sooooo good to us)… i’m tryin’ to learn all sorts of stuff, but there’s a LOT to learn!

we’re gettin’ ready to settle in for the night, so i’m gonna say bye!  if ya wanna know more ’bout me or how to go ’bout settin’ up a time to meet me, check out my web page >


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