Denver and Dakota, the Dynamic Duo (Adopted together!)


hi humans!  we’re Denver and Dakota an’ we’re 4 1/2 month old lil pit bull mix puppies.

denveri’m Denver an’ i’m gonna talk more ‘cuz my brother, Dakota, is a lil shy at first sometimes, but not me!!  i’m real friendly an’ outgoin’ an’ wanna meet everybody now ‘cuz all the humans we meet are sooooooo nice to me an’ my bro.  we got to blog today cuz we’re goin’ to somethin’ called a sat-eh-lite ah-dop-shon event on saturday at Brookside Barkery an’ Bath.  Vinny just told me we’re goin’, an’ he’s goin’ too, an’ that’s great ‘cuz we like Vinny.  i dunno ’bout it, but Vinny told us it’s fun ‘cuz we’ll meet lots of new humans, an’ we’ll get lots of attention an’ treats.  we’re both happy we get to go ‘cuz it sounds fun!  we would’ve blogged yesterday, but we had to get “fixed”… i’m not real sure what that means ‘cept we can’t make puppies of our own an’ i think that’s good ‘cuz we’ve seen lots of dogs in our lives already, so we know lots an’ lots of doggies need homes, too, not just puppies.

wanna know somethin’ else?!?!  me an’ Dakota get to go to a fore-ev-er home together.  i was listenin’ when our humans were talkin’ ’bout us, an’ ‘cuz we’ve been thru lots already, they don’t wanna split us up.  i’ll let Dakota talk ’bout that.  anyways we love each other, an’ we play together, an’ eat together, an’ sleep together… an’ really don’t wanna be apart.  when we’re playin’ outside in the yard together, we always stay close to each other…our humans always tell us how cute we are together an’ make a big fuss ’bout us!  be sure to check out our video so you can see us in action!  an’ cuz we’re sooooo cute together an’ we make our humans smile lots, who wouldn’t want both of us?!?!  we really love all the humans we’ve met here ‘cuz they’re so nice to us.  we moved into the main kennel on thursday, an’ it’s okay… kinda scary ‘cuz there are lots of big doggies, but we’ll be ok!  i’ve heard of doggy play groups an’ those sound like fun, so maybe we’ll get to be in one of those soon!  k, i’m gonna let Dakota blog now.  bye!

dakota2i’m Dakota.. .uuhhmm, i know my bro talked ’bout some of our story an’ he wants me to tell the rest.  me an’ Denver were in the oak-la-ho-ma city animal control shelter when a human, Steve (he’s one of the HSGKC humans who takes care of us), came in to pick up 2 older dogs named Lucky an’ Chica (Kate calls them “the Bickersons”, an’ after ridin’ with them for a few hours, i know why… they bark an’ make lots of funny noises. i guess that’s how they talk to each other… it’s funny).  i heard that Lucky an’ Chica were there ‘cuz their adopter dropped them off an’ didn’t tell HSGKC that he couldn’t take care of ’em anymore (HSGKC promises adopters they will always take back pets they adopted if things change or don’t work out, an’ that’s cool).  Luckily, the oak-la-homa city shelter checked for microchips and found out Lucky an Chica belonged back at HSGKC and that saved their lives. anyways, when Steve got there, he saw sooooo many dogs.  he asked the human who brought out Lucky an’ Chica ’bout the next doggies who were gonna be put to sleep to make space, so that human brought out my brother to meet Steve.  Steve took one look at him, then peeked ’round the corner an’ saw me, too, an’ told that human “I’m takin’ them with me”… so Steve’s a hero an’ so are all our other humans here at HSGKC ‘cuz they saved our lives.  our humans really want us to go to a fore-eh-ver home together ‘cuz we’ve gone thru a lot an’ we’re just babies , an’ i’m real happy ’bout that.  when Denver was gettin’ fixed, i cried an’ cried for him cuz i didn’t know where he went… but when i saw him a lil later, i felt lots better cuz we don’t like bein’ apart.  we’re real lucky to be here an’ we love our humans.  i’m kinda tired now, an’ gotta rest up for the thingy we’re goin’ to saturday.  bye!

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