Darla, the Darling of HSGKC (Adopted!)


Hey, how ya’ll doin?  I’ve had some exciting things goin’ on the past month or so, like I gotta stay with Pete overnight and Bart, now Hogan, came in for a visit to see me on Saturday.  Lemme tell ya ’bout how I got to spend the night at Pete’s house first.  See, what had happened was I was runnin’ ’round the yard playin’ with Ella, and some kinda bug stung me and I had a really bad reaction to it and went into “shock” or somethin’.  Pete, Kate, and the dog doctors here, they’re called veterinarians I think, were real worried ’bout me, so Pete took me to VCA Mission MedVet.  The vets there gave me a shot and some other stuff to make me feel better, but they wanted me to stay with someone overnight in case I wasn’t doin’ good… so Pete took me home with him!  It was AWESOME!  I gotta hang out with him, lay on soft stuff like his couch and a doggy bed.  Plus, I got to be the center of attention all night!  I dunno what got me, and even though it was kinda scary, I got to hang with Pete… so not a bad deal for me.  He’s my favorite human here, besides Chuck, of course… when Chuck’s here, I give him ALL of my attention.  Like if I know he’s here, and I’m out in the yard with Ella, I’ll hop right over the fence and run back into my kennel to wait for him to take me out for a walk (kinda cool trick I can do, huh?).

Me chillin' on Pete's couch.

Me chillin’ on Pete’s couch.

I’m fine now, just gotta watch out for bugs that might sting me… I dunno what they look like, but I know our humans are keepin’ a close eye on me ’cause they love me!

Anyways, Hogan came in on Saturday and his mom and dad wanted to see me and him run ’round the yard and play together.  He’s grown up and gotten pretty big, but I remembered him right away.  We had fun runnin’ round and wrestlin’, and then I made our humans (and his mom and dad) smile and laugh ’cause I kept jumpin’ in the kiddy pool to cool off.  I love bein’ with humans, and makin’ them smile and stuff ’cause they always tell me what a good girl I am, and how sweet I am.  Hogan’s almost taller than me, and even though he’s younger I can definitely keep up. After Hogan left, Chuck took me and Ella for a long walk, so Saturday was a great day!  And Chuck came back in on Sunday and took me and Ella on the Pack Walk, too!

That’s all I got for now!  Oh, and don’t forget you can still buy tickets for Art Unleashed.  We want lots of humans to go and buy artwork ’cause our shelter will get ALL of the proceeds!  That’s so cool!  Bye for now!

Me chasing Hogan, and I caught up, of course!

Me chasing Hogan, and I caught up, of course!

See, I caught him!

See, I caught him!

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