Snoopy (Adopted!)


Hey humans, what’s doin?  My name is Snoopy and I’m a Shar Pei mix, and I’m ’bout a year old.  I ended up here ‘cuz some nice woman found me and my roomie, Rukus, runnin’ ’round as strays, and she kept us ’til they had room for us here.  But, we don’t gots to go to a home together like Denver and Dakota.  So far, I like bein’ here.  There’s lots to see what with all the dogs in the kennel and our humans.  They take real good care of us, feedin’ us good food, and making sure we’re healthy.  We get to play outside in a big yard and run ’round playin’ (like me and Rukus do cuz we’re roommies), and we get to go on walks, and on Sundays we get to go on longer walks called “Pack Walks”.

Last Sunday, Christine walked me, and when we came back inside to cool off for a lil’ bit before goin’ to get breakfast, I gave Christine a hug.  She made a big deal ’bout how cute that was, and so did the other humans hangin’ with us, too, like Jana, Valerie, and I think Chuck probly thought it was cute even tho he didn’t say anything’.  I’m real gentle like when I give hugs, so I oh so softly climb into their lap and put my head over their shoulder, then the human’ll wrap their arms ’round me and give me kisses on my head.  I’m gonna try this on more humans cuz I like gettin’ special attention like that… it’s almost better than treats!

Anyways, I wanna talk ’bout the kinda forever home I want, but I’ll wait ’til it’s my turn to blog again.  I’ve heard our humans talkin’ ’bout a big event thingy called “Art Unleashed” that’s goin’ on tonight.  Hercules was nice enuff to tell me and Rukus ’bout it, even tho i think he told us just so he could show off how smart he is.  So the thingy tonight is suposbly cool for humans to go to cuz they can buy stuff called “artwork” and the “money” they spend all goes to HSGKC to help our humans pay for stuff they need to take care of us like they do.  I dunno what “money” is either, but I think it’s important… and I don’t wanna ask Hercules anything else to puff up his ego. K, what I’m gettin’ at is you should go ‘cuz if you go and spend money, it helps take care of us.

I gots to go, it’s breakfast time!!  See ya’!


I like to give hugs and get loved on by humans!


Rukus tries to catch me but I’m too fast!

Click here to find out more ’bout Art Unleashed >

Click here to find out more ’bout me >


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