Bandit (Adopted!)


hey everybody how’re ya doin’?  we got an update about Aster today an’ she’s doin’ great with her new family.  she’s made some new doggy friends an’ has an awesome doggy gram-ma an’ gran-pa.  her gran-pa set up a sprinkler for her so she could play with the water.  Aster’s mom sent a short video of her playin’ in the water…an’ she looks like she’s havin’ a great time!  that’s so cool she has a real nice human family.  i hope i’m as lucky as she is when i go to a forever home.  i’d LOVE to have a doggy brother or sister to play with and a fenced yard to run ’round in, an’ maybe even a kiddy pool or sprinkler!  but, til my future human family finds me, i’m cool here cuz there’s lots to do and see, an’ our humans take real good care of us and love us and give us lots and lots of attention.  plus, we get to see volunteers, too, an’ they’re great, too.

i’ve got some new stuff goin’ on with me i wanted to talk ’bout.  first, i gotta go to some oh-bee-dee-nce classes a lil while ago.  our humans are always workin’ on stuff to make our lives here great, so they’re teachin’ us doggies stuff like how to “sit”, an’ “lay down”, an’ to “leave it”.  i learned stuff real fast, and made Jana (she was the human workin’ with me) real proud of me… an’ Pete an’ Christine, too.  i like learnin’ new things an’ makin’ humans smile at me and tell me i’m so smart, and such a good boy… and i get lots of treats for doin’ a good job!  i love treats! anyways, the other news i have is i have a new roommie, Tommy Boy. our humans wanted to move a doggy from the intake area, Radar, out to the main kennel…so Radar is with Nemo, and Tommy Boy’s with me.  i like him, too!  he makes funny sounds… kinda like a bark and a rooo kinda sound at the same time.  he’s goofy an’ lots of fun to play with.  he’ll probly be ready for adoption next week, but i dunno how that stuff works… that’s human stuff, what i like is havin’ a good roommie who’s lots of fun to hang out with an’ to run around the yard an’ play with, and he’s snuggly at night.

k, i gotta go cuz some new volunteers wanna take me an’ Tommy Boy out in the yard… time for some treats!  Bye!

me and Tommy Boy playin' tug...he's kinda winning.

me and Tommy Boy playin’ tug… he’s kinda winning.

i'm winning now!

i’m winning now!

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