Ella (Adopted!)


hi, in case you forgot, i’m Ella, an’ i get to blog today to talk ’bout this cool thing called a “fundraiser”  (i think these things raise money… i still have lots to learn ’cause humans gots lots of words for lots an’ lots of things) for HSGKC, an’ me an’ Darla get to go to one of the places on saturday!!!  i’m so excited i get to go out an’ meet new humans, an’ i get to hang out with Darla… i really love her!  anyways, the thingy (i like Mischa‘s word for fundraiser, it’s not as hard to spell), is called “Tour de Johnny’s” at Johnny’s Tavern (i dunno what a “tavern” is for sure, but i asked Darla an’ she thinks it’s a place humans buy tasty things to drink). the “Tour de Johnny’s” goes all day from noon til past 9 at night… which is real late for me, an’ it’s all over the city.  the humans who own the taverns are givin’ part of the money they make to our humans, which is really nice! me an’ Darla get to represent HSGKC at a place called Power and Light from 4:30-6pm with Christine an’ another human who works here, Kathy.

i’m so excited i get to go out an’ stay up late an’ meet new humans, an’ get to hang out with Darla…’cause it’s only the 2 of us there, we’ll get lots an’ lots of attention, i think!  i like it when humans tell me i’m cute an’ give me treats an’ love on me!  an’ it’s awesome Darla’s goin’ with me!  i was a tiny bit naughty at the last satellite adop-shun event i went to… see i get real excited sometimes, an’ i can’t keep it in so i get a lil “mouthy”, an’ sometimes i play a lil more rough with humans than i’m supposed to.  i’m tryin’ real hard to get better an’ not be too rough, but it’s real hard when i’m excited.  i can also get a lil scared when i’m hugged or held tight, so our humans wanna make sure i’m set up to behave the best i can, so the thingy i’m goin’ to is perfect for me an’ Darla!! maybe a real nice pair of humans will wanna adopt me or Darla or both of us.

i heard the Plaza Art Fair is goin’ on all weekend, too, so i hope lots of humans stop by to see those dogs an’ puppies, too.  there’s more details ’bout the Plaza Art Fair an’ my event on our website, so check it out ’cause we’d love to see ya!

i’m gonna go for now… tomorrow is gonna be a fun day an’ i gotta rest up so i look my best (an’ then there’s the Pack Walk on Sunday, too)!  bye!

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Tommy Boy, aka “Scooby Doo” (Adopted!)


hi everybody my name is Tommy Boy!  i’m a great dane mix, an’ i’m ’round 7 months old.  i’ve been here at hsgkc since May, but was really, really sick… like no one could figure out what was goin’ on with me.  i went to see a special doggy doc called an in-tur-nisst at VCA Mission MedVet, an’ she was real nice an’ our humans got me healthy.  see, i had parvovirus bad, an’ after I recovered from that it made me have some tummy problems an’ i wasn’t gainin’ weight an’ didn’t wanna eat much ’cause for a while all the stuff i tried to eat made me feel sick.  our humans wanted to make sure i was real healthy before letting other humans know i’m ready for adoption, an’ i am better!!!!  i’m doin’ awesome… like back in May, i only weighed 33.5 pounds, an’ now i weigh almost 66 pounds!!!!  k, so that’s some of my history, now onto the more fun stuff.

i get to blog today to talk about the Plaza Art Fair ’cause i get to go an’ i’m real excited ’cause it’ll be my very first satellite adoption event (i know how to spell some big words ’cause i’m a smart boy)! the Plaza Art Fair is a real big deal for doggies ’cause i’ve heard lots of doggies get adopted, so our humans, ‘specially Christine (she fostered me for a month to help me get better, so i know she really loves me, even tho i know i tested her patience sometimes…’cause i’m a busy boy) will be workin’ real hard to get doggies to their forever homes!  i can’t wait to meet new humans, an’ really hope some real special, patient humans come along an’ want to give me a forever home!  plus, i think our humans get somethin’ called “donations”, too, like stuff they need to take care of us, toys for us, an’ other things humans need!  anyways, i’m so excited to go!  i hope i do good!  if you want more info about the Plaza Art Fair, check out our website for details… i’d fill you in more, but that’s not all i wanna talk about.

i wanna talk ’bout the kinda forever home i’d like, just a lil bit.  i’d love to have a doggy friend or 2 ’cause i LOVE playin’ with other dogs!!! Bandit‘s my roommie (an’ i love him), but i’ve been in play groups with Nemo, Radar, Titan, an’ Denver an’ Dakota (they got adopted last week together! we’re all happy for them ’cause they’re sweet an’ needed to go to a home together). Nemo, Denver an’ Dakota would play tug with me, an’ even with all 3 of them pullin’ on the rope, i’d win!  i’ve got LOTS of energy an’ i’ve heard our humans say i’m a “busy” boy, an’ i am, ’cause there’s just so much stuff to check out!  i’ve started obedience classes, an’ am real smart, too!  i’m workin’ on leash manners, but ’cause i am kinda “busy” an’ wanna check out everything, i kinda pull a lil on a leash!  i love the Pack Walks, too! those are lots of fun!

ruh-roh, i think i’ve been blogging too long!  oops, i didn’t mean to, i just had lots to say!  if you wanna learn more ’bout me, check me out on petfinder, an’ please come out to the Plaza Art Fair!  bye!


Mischa (Adopted!)


hi!  my name is Mischa an’ Christine’s helpin’ me blog today ’cause i get to go to my first fundraiser tonight at Gordon Biersch in Leawood from 5:30-7:30 (I had to get some help with that part…big words for me).  it’s my first time goin’ to do somethin’ like this, an’ i think i get to go to the Plaza Art Fair this weekend, too. anyways, lemme tell ya a lil about me.  so, you already know my name is Mischa, i’m 5 months old, an’ i’m a shar pei mix.  i was found as a stray an’ a nice human brought me here.  i’m very, very, sweet an’ playful.  like on sunday i met Bandit an’ Vinny, an’ really loved playin’ with both boys, but really like Bandit. Christine an’ Jana wanted us all to meet an’ play together a lil to make sure we’d get along so we could all 3 go to the thingy tonight.  i’m real excited to go an’ meet new humans an’ scope things out so i kinda know what’s gonna happen this weekend!  i’m full of energy, so i love seein’ new stuff an’ learnin’ new things!  plus, Vinny told me when he’s been to thingys like what we’re goin’ to tonight, humans give us lots an’ lots of pets, make a big deal about how cute we are, an’ give us lots of treats!

i’m also happy ’cause today i got a new roommie named Rukus who’s lots of fun to run ’round an’ play with in the yard!  his roommie, Snoopy, an’ my roommie, Lola, got adop-tud this weekend (i think that means they have a family of their own now an’ get to live in a home… that sounds real nice), so i met him an’ we started playin’ together right away!  i’m happy to have a friend to curl up with at night… i got a lil lonely after Lola left, but not anymore!  i know i’m talkin’ ’bout lots of different stuff in a funny order, but i’m a puppy… so sometimes i forget what i was talkin’ ’bout before. anyways, if you wanna meet me, you can tonight or at the Plaza Art Fair this weekend!  i’m a real cute lil girl (i’ve heard our humans say that)… i can put on a real cute “sad puppy face” that makes our humans give me pets, an’ “coo” to me an’ stuff!  i love playin’ with doggy friends, too, an’ have lots of energy! i’m pretty good on a leash, an’ love goin’ on the Pack Walks, too!

i’m gonna go for now… i think i might be getting a bath soon so i look real pretty for tonight!  bye!!

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Gia, aka “Big-G” (Adopted!)


Whad-up people?  I gotta agree with Porter on this one…”people” just doesn’t flow for me just yet.  Anyways, I’m excited cuz I finally got a nickname: Big-G.  I like it cuz now I’m weighing in around 91 pounds and I’m lookin’ goo-ood and cuz my 2 favorite guys, Pete and Chuck, started callin’ me that!  When I got here, I didn’t look real good and only weighed 62 pounds, and the vet said I was “emaciated” or somethin’ like that.  See, I lived on a chain, too, and the humans who had me really didn’t take good care of me… but that’s all in the past… what’s important is I’m doin’ way better now.  Our humans think I could easily gain another 15-20 pounds, but it takes time for us to gain weight.

I’m still the strongest dog here, just ask any of the humans who’ve taken me for a walk.  I’m sure they’d like it if I didn’t pull so hard when I walk, but I like showin’ all the other dogs how strong I am.  Pete’s spent some time teachin’ me how to “heel”, and if I gotsta heel, I will, but I kinda do what I wanna do most of the time.  That’s part of being an American Bulldog, we’re stubborn, I think the word humans use is “headstrong” or somethin’ like that.  It’s part of our charm… and what can get us into trouble sometimes if we’re part of a family that’s never had a dog like us before. Not to say that we’re not good for first time dog owners, but ya gotta know what you’re doin’ with us… we LOVE humans, LOVE makin’ our humans happy, but bein’ stubborn means you’ve gotta be real patient with us and know how to train us!

I’d “blog” more, but I’m savin’ my energy for when Chuck comes in to take me for a long walk!  I have to share him with Darla and Ella cuz he likes them lots too, but ’til I get adopted and have my very own humans I gotta share, even if it’s with Darla and Ella (I’m not talkin’ smack on them or anythin’, I just wanna be the center of attention).  Gotta run, I’ll check in again soon.

Me and Chuck just hangin' out after my walk...this weather is perfect for me!

Me and Chuck just hangin’ out after my walk… this weather is perfect for me!

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Porter the Powerhouse


Hey humans what’s goin’ on? Btw, I’m workin’ on callin’ ya’ll “people” but it doesn’t “flow” for me when I’m bloggin’ just yet. Anyways, I’ve got more important stuff to talk about than proper names, like some new things I’m learnin’ to do.  So Pete has been wantin’ to do more for us dogs, to add some new fun activities to our days, and cuz he’s worked with dogs a LOT even before he started workin’ here he knows tons ’bout dogs.

Anyways, some Eagle Scouts built some agility equipment for us and I got to try it out a couple times last week… and I gotta tell ya, I’m AWESOME!!  I tried a couple things like a tunnel at The Dog’s Spot, but this new stuff is way cool, too!  Pete’s teachin’ Christine how to teach us dogs agility, so together we learned how to do a Dog Walk, an A-Frame, a Teeter-Totter, and my favorite is the hoop/tire jump.  I rock the jump and power right through the hoop and get real excited when I run and jump through it!  I heard Pete tellin’ Christine that Dooney‘s more “precise” than I am when he’s doin’ agility stuff, but he can’t bring the power like I can!  I know Hercules jumped through the hoop, too, but I think he’s jealous he’s not as good as me… hee hee (and cuz Christine’s spendin’ time with me)!

I wanted to talk about the agility stuff cuz our humans are workin’ on somethin’ soon to raise money to have a fence put up and a shed to store the equipment in (see, Willis, I know big words, too).  Our humans are always tryin’ to find new things for us to do to make our lives better while we’re waitin’ for our forever homes.  You gotta check me out in this video so you can see how boss I look!  You’d never know I lived on a chain my whole life before I came here… and who’d ever think a dog like me could do something like this, but, then again, I rock!

That’s all I got for now!  Peace out!



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Willis (Adopted!)


Hi humans, my name is Willis and I’m a 4 year old Rat Terrier mix.  I was surrendered by my owner ’bout 3 months ago ’cause I had too much energy for them and I do have lots of energy and I’m curious about all kinds of stuff and all the things to see and smell around here!  I got to blog today ’cause Jai, she’s the person who takes care of us dogs when we first come here… and yes, I used the word “person” instead of human ’cause that’s what “humans” are:  people!  I’ve been keepin’ up with the blog and know all the other dogs who’ve blogged say “humans”, but c’mon guys I get it if the young pups don’t know what to call ’em, but all you adults (like Hercules, for as “magnificent” and “smart” as you claim to be, you really need to expand your vocabulary) should know more words besides “humans”!  Anyways, back to Jai… she wanted me to blog ’cause I’ve been here a while and just finished heartworm treatment (which sucks, btw), and now I’m really ready for a forever home so lemme tell you ’bout me.

First, I’ve got some amazing skills, like I can jump over tall fences (like 5 feet), I love goin’ for walks or runs (I may need to build up to runs ’cause I’ve put on a couple pounds), and I ADORE playing with other dogs!  I’m a sensitive little dude, so I tend to feed off the energy of the dogs I’m around, so I prefer calmer/mellower companions.  Jai says I’m “tha man” (true dat!), so when I’m with dog friends I like being the “star of the show”.  I’m also a smart guy, so I know some commands like “sit”, “down”, and “roll-over” which REALLY impresses people, and I know how to alert my people if a person who’s delivering stuff or a strange person is coming ’round, I think that means I’d be a fantastic “watch dog”.  There’s one other thing I do I think people find endearing is I like to take naps and sleep with my head on a pillow (I’ve heard Jai and others talking ’bout how “cute” this is), I do like getting attention for being cute, but it’s more comfortable to rest my head on a pillow, duh!  SQUIRREL!!!!  Oops while I was writing my blog I saw a squirrel outside the window!  I guess what I’m getting at with all this is I’d love an active family, and having a doggy brother or sister would be good, too, ’cause I am a very active fellow, and a yard with a real tall fence so I don’t wonder off!  Because I’m a smaller dog, typically we aren’t well suited for small children but I like older kids (like maybe over 10), and even though I like running around and sometimes wrestling a little with other dogs, small kids are sometimes more than we can handle.

I’m getting ready for my mid-afternoon walk, so I’m gonna go for now but will check in again soon!

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Hi, my name is Lucy and I’m a 6 year old Pointer mix.  My former owner had me for about 5 years, but couldn’t keep me anymore because I wasn’t getting along with the other dog in my home.  It’s taken me a little while to adjust to life here (I came here at the end of July), so I didn’t want to blog ’til I was more settled.  So far things are goin’ okay.  I like watching what the other dogs are doing.  Some of ’em are really entertaining, like Denver and Dakota… even though I’d prefer to be the only pet in the home, I still think the boys are real cute, and it’s fun watching them in play groups.  I like going on the Pack Walks the best!  Those are lots of fun for us, and I think our human care-takers and volunteers like going for the walks, too.

I have to confess a couple things, but first I want to say I’m house-trained! I keep a real clean kennel, and would adapt well to new home and “potty” routine pretty fast, and probably wouldn’t have any accidents (1 of the many advantages of adopting an adult dog).  But I guess I need to work on my leash manners some (I’m strong, so I tend to pull the human walking me… sorry ’bout that to all who’ve walked me, but I really like walks!).  My other confession is only a confession ’cause it can be frustrating for humans, but I think it’s cool… I can jump and climb fences. When I first arrived, our humans put me in a room for new dogs and in the room are 2 dog runs (but they’re not indoor/outdoor runs like we have in the main kennel), and I was in one of the runs.  I surprised the human who opened the door later in the day ’cause I’d climbed out of my run and was waiting right at the door!  I could probably climb the tall fence that surrounds the yards, so I get to go on walks every day!  Not that the other dogs don’t, I just get to go on more… see why I don’t think my climbing abilities and jumping skills are something to confess, ’cause my “skills” totally work in my favor.

Next time I blog I’ll talk about the kinda forever home I’d like, but for now I’m gonna go for a walk!

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