Hi, my name is Lucy and I’m a 6 year old Pointer mix.  My former owner had me for about 5 years, but couldn’t keep me anymore because I wasn’t getting along with the other dog in my home.  It’s taken me a little while to adjust to life here (I came here at the end of July), so I didn’t want to blog ’til I was more settled.  So far things are goin’ okay.  I like watching what the other dogs are doing.  Some of ’em are really entertaining, like Denver and Dakota… even though I’d prefer to be the only pet in the home, I still think the boys are real cute, and it’s fun watching them in play groups.  I like going on the Pack Walks the best!  Those are lots of fun for us, and I think our human care-takers and volunteers like going for the walks, too.

I have to confess a couple things, but first I want to say I’m house-trained! I keep a real clean kennel, and would adapt well to new home and “potty” routine pretty fast, and probably wouldn’t have any accidents (1 of the many advantages of adopting an adult dog).  But I guess I need to work on my leash manners some (I’m strong, so I tend to pull the human walking me… sorry ’bout that to all who’ve walked me, but I really like walks!).  My other confession is only a confession ’cause it can be frustrating for humans, but I think it’s cool… I can jump and climb fences. When I first arrived, our humans put me in a room for new dogs and in the room are 2 dog runs (but they’re not indoor/outdoor runs like we have in the main kennel), and I was in one of the runs.  I surprised the human who opened the door later in the day ’cause I’d climbed out of my run and was waiting right at the door!  I could probably climb the tall fence that surrounds the yards, so I get to go on walks every day!  Not that the other dogs don’t, I just get to go on more… see why I don’t think my climbing abilities and jumping skills are something to confess, ’cause my “skills” totally work in my favor.

Next time I blog I’ll talk about the kinda forever home I’d like, but for now I’m gonna go for a walk!

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