Willis (Adopted!)


Hi humans, my name is Willis and I’m a 4 year old Rat Terrier mix.  I was surrendered by my owner ’bout 3 months ago ’cause I had too much energy for them and I do have lots of energy and I’m curious about all kinds of stuff and all the things to see and smell around here!  I got to blog today ’cause Jai, she’s the person who takes care of us dogs when we first come here… and yes, I used the word “person” instead of human ’cause that’s what “humans” are:  people!  I’ve been keepin’ up with the blog and know all the other dogs who’ve blogged say “humans”, but c’mon guys I get it if the young pups don’t know what to call ’em, but all you adults (like Hercules, for as “magnificent” and “smart” as you claim to be, you really need to expand your vocabulary) should know more words besides “humans”!  Anyways, back to Jai… she wanted me to blog ’cause I’ve been here a while and just finished heartworm treatment (which sucks, btw), and now I’m really ready for a forever home so lemme tell you ’bout me.

First, I’ve got some amazing skills, like I can jump over tall fences (like 5 feet), I love goin’ for walks or runs (I may need to build up to runs ’cause I’ve put on a couple pounds), and I ADORE playing with other dogs!  I’m a sensitive little dude, so I tend to feed off the energy of the dogs I’m around, so I prefer calmer/mellower companions.  Jai says I’m “tha man” (true dat!), so when I’m with dog friends I like being the “star of the show”.  I’m also a smart guy, so I know some commands like “sit”, “down”, and “roll-over” which REALLY impresses people, and I know how to alert my people if a person who’s delivering stuff or a strange person is coming ’round, I think that means I’d be a fantastic “watch dog”.  There’s one other thing I do I think people find endearing is I like to take naps and sleep with my head on a pillow (I’ve heard Jai and others talking ’bout how “cute” this is), I do like getting attention for being cute, but it’s more comfortable to rest my head on a pillow, duh!  SQUIRREL!!!!  Oops while I was writing my blog I saw a squirrel outside the window!  I guess what I’m getting at with all this is I’d love an active family, and having a doggy brother or sister would be good, too, ’cause I am a very active fellow, and a yard with a real tall fence so I don’t wonder off!  Because I’m a smaller dog, typically we aren’t well suited for small children but I like older kids (like maybe over 10), and even though I like running around and sometimes wrestling a little with other dogs, small kids are sometimes more than we can handle.

I’m getting ready for my mid-afternoon walk, so I’m gonna go for now but will check in again soon!

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