Ladybug (Adopted!)


Hi humans, or people, whatever it is ya’ll wanna be called!  My name is Ladybug, and I’m a 2 year old Corgi/Terrier mix.  I was found as a stray by a Kansas City, KS, Animal Control Officer, very, very prego, and got to come here.  I went to a foster home to have my pups (they went to a real great rescue group, and are doin’ great, btw).  I loved livin’ with my foster mom… she’s awesome!!!  I had to come back here, though, ’cause our humans were hopin’ I’d get adopted at the Plaza Art Fair, but… I’m still here, but that’s cool, ’cause I’m doin’ great here!  I getta be in play groups, and have had a couple different roommates, first Annie, and now Mischa, a pup who loves to wrestle and play, too!!  I hope “my” humans find me soon so I can go to a home again, but til then, I’m cool waitin’ on the right family for me.

I wanna tell ya ’bout all the good things my foster mom had to say ’bout me, not ’cause I’m braggin’ or nothin, but ’cause I’ve gotta promote myself to find a forever home!  I’m completely house-trained (I just need to learn the routine of my new family), and I’m crate-trained, too… not all the other dogs can say that, so ha!  I’ve got lots of energy and love to play with toys, like squeaky toys (I completely rip them to shreds, pull out all the stuff inside, then throw the outside part of the toy up in the air and chase it), and I love to play tug, too!  My foster mom thought I’d be a good frisbee dog… I’m not totally sure what a frisbee is, but I think it sounds like fun!  I’m really good with small humans, and love to snuggle and cuddle, too!  I love gettin’ lots of pets and attention, and I’ve even gone to a couple obedience classes… so I’m pretty smart, too!  I’d really love to go to a home with another dog so I have a friend to play with, and I’m good with pretty much every dog I’ve met so far… the only “flaw” I have is I like to chase cats… see I know humans got all kindsa rules, but I seriously dunno what the big deal is with me wantin’ to chase cats… but I’ve heard some humans don’t like that, so I figured I’d better tell ya ’bout that lil tiny thing I like to do that’s maybe considered naughty.

It’s been crazy ’round here… tomorrow is the Pet Reunion & Open House (I’ve heard our humans talkin’ ’bout this, and know they’re real excited), so maybe since I’m great with other dogs, I’ll getta come out and meet some new doggies and humans, and someone’ll decide they wanna adopt me!!!  Ya never know what could happen!  So come see me tomorrow!  I gotta run… time to go play with Mischa!  Kisses!

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Just Sydney…(Adopted!)


hi everyone… uuhhmmm, i guess it’s time for me to check in and let ya know how i’m doin’ in my foster home.  i REALLY like Jessica, and stayin’ with her has been good… like better than i thought and not as scary.  she made me go on walks a lot tho, and at first i wouldn’t go further than the end of her driveway, but i finally got up enough courage to walk further, and started goin’ on longer walks everyday.  i really like her dogs, too, and have made friends with both of them.  after i started feelin’ better ’bout bein’ there, i started running in circles ’round the yard… Jessica likes that and tells me how cute i am when i run ’round.  she has made me meet new humans, tho, and that’s mostly okay, even tho i’m still not real sure ’bout most humans, at least they give me real yummy treats… and sometimes peanut butter (that’s my favorite).  someone made a video of me at Jessica’s house too… that camera was kinda scary but they told me they just wanted to show people how cute i am so i did my best to be brave. i got treats for that, too.

i had to stay with Christine for a while ’cause Jessica went on vacation (humans are busy)… i really wasn’t so sure ’bout stayin’ with Christine even tho i know who she is. Christine’s okay… i guess… as far as humans go. i like Jessica more… but Christine’s easier to train… tee hee… see she used to sit in my run with me and feed me almost every morning when i was at HSGKC, she made a big deal ’bout it so i went along with it ’cause i was hungry.  so, at her house at first i always had to go out in the fenced yard on a long leash so she could keep an eye on me, and i’d give her a hard time ’bout coming in the house.  but when it was raining one day, i got tangled in some bushes and she had to come out and get me with this funny thing she was holdin’ over her head (i think it’s called an uhm-breh-la) and that scared me, and she felt bad so she started letting me go out without the stupid long leash and she gets me to come in the house for her by showing me a yummy treat… so now i won’t come in unless she gives me a treat, and if she takes a step towards me, i let out a real pathetic whine so she feels bad and offers me a treat… tee hee!  i’ve got her number!

anyways, it’s not all bad at Christine’s house… like she takes us on walks almost everyday, and last week i started going to her so she could put my harness on… it took me ’bout 2 1/2 weeks before i quit runnin’ to my kennel and hiding even tho i like goin’ on walks.  i’ve overheard the humans talkin’ ’bout how far i’ve come since i first came in here, and that ’cause it didn’t take me too long to adjust to Christine’s house, it won’t be too hard for me when i go to a forever home… but i NEED to have other dogs in the home… see i like playin’ with them, and i trust them.  i love playin’ with Shelby and Phoebe (Christine’s dogs)… and Christine tells me how cute and happy i look wrestlin’ with Shelby and running around with Phoebe.

uuhhmm…. that’s all i got for now… i just wrote lots, and i wasn’t as scared this time… bye.

me and Shelby takin’ a nap after a long day of playing and having fun

me and Shelby takin’ a nap after a long day of playing and having fun

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Connor (Adopted!)


hi my name is Connor, an’ i’m a 5 month old Pit Bull mix!  i’m so excited i get to blog today an’ talk ’bout me ’cause i’ve got lots an’ lots to say, but i won’t talk ’bout all of it!  anyways, i was brought here to HSGKC when i was only a baby, like 7 weeks old, an’ i was real hurt… which is why i’m real lucky a nice person brought me here ’cause i needed to see a special kinda doggy doctor ’cause i couldn’t stand up or walk real good, one of my back legs was broken an’ i had some new-ehr-loh-gi-cull problems, too. our humans are AWESOME ’cause they take real good care of puppies an’ kitties like me.  i had some other stuff goin’ on, too, with my right paw, an’ it had to be taken off… but ya know what?  i feel waaaayyy better with 3 legs ’cause now i can play in play groups (like with Bianca… I LOVE her) an’ i don’t gotta wear a stupid cone to keep me from chewin’ at the wrap thingy on my foot, an’ i just feel better!

i also get to go to sat-ah-lite adop-shun events like the Plaza Art Fair, an’ maybe i’ll get to go to Brookside Barkery & Bath this Saturday.  i like goin’ to adop-shun thingys ’cause all of us doggies an’ puppies get lots an’ lots of attention an’ lots of treats!  i had lots of fun at the Plaza Art Fair, an’ i want to go an’ do somethin’ like that again!!  in case i do get to go, i wanna go ahead an’ tell ya ’bout the kinda forever home i’d really like to have.  first, i like to bark… kinda lots, so i think our humans say i’d do best in a house instead of an apartment.  i’m not sure what that is, but sounds good to me!  i LOVE humans!!!  us Pit Bulls are way awesome with humans, an’ i like all sizes… big humans an’ lil humans like me!  i’d really, really, love to have a doggy brother or sister to play with, like Bianca!  i love wrestlin’ an’ playin’ tug an’ stuff with dogs! my only havin’ 3 legs doesn’t stop me from doin’ much, i’ve got lots of energy an’ do like to go on walks, too, but i love to play, an’ just do stuff!

anyways, that’s all for now!  if you wanna learn more ’bout me, check me out on  i’ve been thru a LOT already an’ i’m a lil guy still, so i’d love to find a home an’ family of my own soon!  bye!!!


my only havin’ 3 legs doesn’t stop me from takin’ myself for a walk either!

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hey humans!  my name is Radar, and i’m a 9 month old Shepherd mix with BIG ears, that’s how i got my name!  anyways, who knows what else i am ’cause i’m on the small side for a Shepherd, but that’s what makes me unique!  i’m so excited it’s finally my turn to blog… i get it, Christine’s been real busy ’cause of the Plaza Art Fair an’ other stuff, an’ i let Jack go ahead of me ’cause he had some important stuff to talk about.  i’m real lucky i didn’t have parvovirus, but i know how awesome our humans are ’cause they do take real good care of us, and take in sick puppies like Jack and make sure they get better… even tho it costs lots of money, they do everything they can for us ’cause they rock!

okay, so here’s whatcha need to know ’bout me– i like to talk ’bout everything (humans call it “barking”… they have WAY too many words for stuff)!  i like to talk at the other dogs in the kennel, and to my roommate, Nemo, ‘specially when he’s gettin’ on my nerves (that happens sometimes… ya know, too much togetherness), and when i’m on a leash and see cats i talk, too!  so, i think in human terms this means i’d need to go live in somethin’ called a house, not an apartment or somethin’ with close neighbors… picky picky, but whatever!  i like Nemo, he’s lots of fun to run ’round with and wrestle with and i LOVE bein’ in doggy play groups!  i really do like most dogs, but sometimes i’ve heard our humans say i can be a lil “bossy”, so if i get to have a doggy brother or sister they need to know that i gotsta be the “alpha” dog (see i know what that means!)!  i can do a neat lil trick like Lucy, too, and can jump a 4′ fence (hee, hee)… i’m very agile for a smaller dude!  i’m real smart, too.  like i’ve been in a few obedience classes and learned lots of stuff, like how to “watch” and “sit”, and “down”!  it takes me a few minutes to focus… there’s just LOTS of stuff goin’ on, and i gotta watch what everyone else in class is doin’, then talk ’bout it, then i’ll pay attention to the human working with me!  i’m real good with big humans, but i’m not real sure ’bout small humans yet, so maybe a forever home with in-between humans would be best for me!  i’ve got lots of energy, and would LOVE to go on runs and maybe even try some of that agility stuff!  i think i’d be AWESOME!  but, it’s been rainin’ lots, so Pete an’ Christine can’t take me out so i can try the stuff ’cause they don’t want me to slip an’ get hurt (see what i mean, our humans rock… especially Jai, she’s my favorite)!

that’s all i got for now, there’s stuff goin’ on in the kennel i gotta check out! if you wanna learn more ’bout me or how to meet me, check me out on petfinder, or on HSGKC’s website!  bye!




hi humans!  my name is Bianca, i’m a pit bull mix, ’bout 7 months old, an’ real cute!  i was found as a stray not too far from here, an’ a nice person brought me here to make sure i’d be safe an’ find somethin’ called a forever home. i’m bloggin’ today cuz i wanna explain some things just in case you heard a lil rumor going ’round that i’m kinda a “bad-mamma-jamma”.  A couple of our humans here started callin’ me that recently an’ they’re givin’ me a bit of a hard time, so i wanna set things straight.  see, what had happened was, i went to the plaza art fair a coupla weeks ago on friday night… an’ i was maybe a wee, tiny bit naughty… and maybe i kinda wore out the volunteer who was holdin’ me.  see, i’m a great, sweet, smart, affectionate, an’ a lil cutie pie, just ask any of our humans, but when i’m on a leash in some situations, i get like real nervous, an’ kinda scared… so i go ahead an’ bark at things that scare me or that i’m not sure ’bout. anyways, i had to come back to the shelter early on friday, i couldn’t stay the whole time cuz i wasn’t on my best behavior.  oh well, i’m learnin’ new stuff all the time, so maybe i’ll get ‘nother chance to go to a satellite adopt-shun event soon and i can earn myself a new nickname!

i’ve got lots of good things ’bout me, too.  like i do this thing to our humans sometimes, i roll over on my back an’ put my paws up in the air, an’ this way i get my belly rubbed, an’ pets, an’ told how cute i am!  i’ve been learnin’ new things in oh-bee-de-ihnse classes (or somethin’ like that), like how to “sit”, “down”, an’ “leave-it”.  i’m pretty smart, an’ really love classes… there’s so much to learn, an’ i get lots of treats so i sleep real good after class!  i like playin’ with other dogs, too, an’ runnin’ ’round, an’ wrestlin’ with my dog friends!!  i really like Connor… he’s a 3-legged pit bull mix who’s only 5 months old (he’s been thru lots since he first came here since june)… he’s my FAVORITE puppy here!  he’s a black dog like me, an’ i’ve kinda heard sometimes we’re a lil harder to adopt cuz some humans can be soup-ehr-sti-shous… i dunno totally what that big word means, but i think i’ve heard that’s why black cats stay in shelters longer, too.  cats may not be for me, but i think humans are so silly sometimes… us black dogs an’ cats are just like all the other dogs an’ cats here… we’re just super beautiful or handsome!

i’m gonna go for now… time to go play with Connor!!!


see how cute i am, rollin’ over for a belly rub!

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Leo (Adopted!)


Hey humans, or people!  What’s goin’ on with you?  I’ve got lots to tell ya ’bout… here’s what’s been goin’ on.  Last week Christine was super busy ’cause of the Plaza Art Fair, and lots of dogs got adopted, like Tommy Boy (his name is Murphy now), Rukus, and all the Shepherd mix puppies who came here in a laundry basket… someone had found them behind a dumpster at a food place.  I got to go to the Plaza Art Fair, too, and had fun gettin’ lots of attention… and I heard Jana tell Christine that I’m a “great satellite dog”!

I haven’t blogged in a while ’cause I did go to a home for a while, but decided I really didn’t want to live with cats. I would love to chase them, especially outside, but humans I guess don’t like this, so I’ve decided I don’t wanna live with them, it’s too much work.  Then I went to a doggy daycare place for a while, and decided I wanted to come back here… in my next forever home, I gotta be the “alpha” dog, I don’t like being ’round other dominant dogs… they make me a lil nervous, but I love havin’ doggy friends! Pete is workin’ on tryin’ to find a new roommate for me, and I know it takes time to match us up right!

This is what I’m most excited about… agility!!!  Last week Christine took me out to try out a couple new agility things instead of only a walk (we did that, too).  She was real proud of me ’cause I learned how to do the Dog Walk, A-Frame, and the Bar Jump (she tried to teach me the Tire Jump Wednesday, and I tried to jump over the whole thing, so she tried the Bar Jump instead).  Anyways, on Saturday, Christine wanted to show Pete what I’d learned, and he was impressed with me!  He helped teach Christine how to take me up the Teeter-Totter (that’s a lil tiny bit nerve-racking), and we did it!  I got tons of treats and was told how smart I am!  I did learn how to do the Tire Jump, too, with Pete’s help, and I rocked!  I heard Porter sayin’ something ’bout how our humans are workin’ on more agility stuff for us, and a yard for just that, and I’m real excited to learn new things!  Also, Tuesday night when I was in obedience class, I learned “down” and did it right for the first time!!  I love learnin’ all kinds of new things.

Gotta run… it’s time for me to go for a walk!


Here I am mastering the teeter-totter!


And the jump! Agility is super fun!

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Jack and the Parvo Puppy Fraternity (Adopted!)


hi everybody, what’s up?  my name is Jack, an’ i’m an american bull dog/boxer mix, an’ i’m 8 months old.  i’m buttin’ in line for bloggin’ ’cause i getta talk ’bout somethin’ im-poor-tah-nt.  one of our humans, Kate, made a funny the other day when she was talkin’ to Pete, Jai an’ Christine ’bout some of us puppies who haven’t been here long, like me, an’ ’bout why we came here… she called us the “parvo puppy frat” (i dunno what that word is for sure, i think it’s got to do with a group of some kind). anyways, she called me a member of the PPF, an’ said there were 2 “pledges” (Zoe an’ Whitney) at VCA Welborn, and some other PPF pups (Storm, Fred, Frank, and Elsa) who just went thru what i went thru.

so, lemme tell ya ’bout what i went thru an’ ’bout parvovirus, an’ ’bout some other stuff like why i’m sooooo lucky to be here.  see i came here ’cause the human who had me before couldn’t take care of me when i got real sick with parvo, so she brought me here an’ then i had to go to Welborn for hoss-pit-il-ih-zay-shun (i got lots of special care an’ medicine, an’ stuff to make me feel better).

here’s whatcha need to know ’bout parvo… see it’s a virus that is real con-tay-g-iss to dogs ’cause it’s spread thru poop (i know, kinda gross, huh?).  parvo lives in the the dirt, an’ water, an’ grass for a long time which is how pups like me can pick it up… but if i had gotten shots when i was real young, i wouldn’t have gotten it. if a pup or doggy gets sick with parvo, we throw up, don’t wanna eat or drink water, an’ act like we’re real sick (like we don’t wanna get up).  if humans figure out what’s wrong with us fast, like they did with me, then we can get better with medicine an’ bein’ hoss-pit-il-ized.  then, we come here to HSGKC an’ we gots to stay in a room special for pups like me ’cause we’re still “shedding” the virus… i think that means other dogs or puppies can get it from us.  we gots to stay in the special room for 10-21 whole days, waitin’ to feel better… an’ it gets lonely, even with other PPF dogs in there!  we only get to see humans a few times a day, ’cause they have to be careful about not spreading parvo to other pups.  it sucks!  i know it’s for our own good, an’ to make sure nobody else gets sick, but it still sucks.  anyways, i’m doin’ lots an’ lots better now, but i’m still skinny from being soooo sick, but way better than i was when i came in!

i gots one more thing to tell ya… i’m so lucky HSGKC took me in so i could get better!  our humans take in puppies and dogs who are real sick with stuff like parvo an’ other stuff, from humans who can’t afford to take care of us, an’ from animal control, an’ if we’re strays and have nobody to care for us.  i know it costs lots of money to take care of us, but they do it ’cause they’re so awesome! i heard Kate tellin’ Christine that HSGKC has taken in 15 pups in 9 weeks who’ve had parvo, an’ it costs ’round $600 per dog when we’re bein’ hoss-pit-il-eyezed.  if ya wanna help them out so they can keep helpin’ pups like me, maybe think ’bout makin’ somethin’ called a “do-nay-shun” to Gabriels’ Fund… our humans say “every lil bit helps”.  we’re all so lucky HSGKC is here, an’ the humans here are awesome!!

k, that’s alls i got for now… i’ll talk ’bout the kinda home i’d like the next time i do this blog thingy.  bye!!!!!

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this is frank…


… and this is fred.  they’re both PPF pups.  they’re feeling better now but still shedding the virus so they have to stay isolated from the rest of the dogs for a bit longer.  : (