Jack and the Parvo Puppy Fraternity (Adopted!)


hi everybody, what’s up?  my name is Jack, an’ i’m an american bull dog/boxer mix, an’ i’m 8 months old.  i’m buttin’ in line for bloggin’ ’cause i getta talk ’bout somethin’ im-poor-tah-nt.  one of our humans, Kate, made a funny the other day when she was talkin’ to Pete, Jai an’ Christine ’bout some of us puppies who haven’t been here long, like me, an’ ’bout why we came here… she called us the “parvo puppy frat” (i dunno what that word is for sure, i think it’s got to do with a group of some kind). anyways, she called me a member of the PPF, an’ said there were 2 “pledges” (Zoe an’ Whitney) at VCA Welborn, and some other PPF pups (Storm, Fred, Frank, and Elsa) who just went thru what i went thru.

so, lemme tell ya ’bout what i went thru an’ ’bout parvovirus, an’ ’bout some other stuff like why i’m sooooo lucky to be here.  see i came here ’cause the human who had me before couldn’t take care of me when i got real sick with parvo, so she brought me here an’ then i had to go to Welborn for hoss-pit-il-ih-zay-shun (i got lots of special care an’ medicine, an’ stuff to make me feel better).

here’s whatcha need to know ’bout parvo… see it’s a virus that is real con-tay-g-iss to dogs ’cause it’s spread thru poop (i know, kinda gross, huh?).  parvo lives in the the dirt, an’ water, an’ grass for a long time which is how pups like me can pick it up… but if i had gotten shots when i was real young, i wouldn’t have gotten it. if a pup or doggy gets sick with parvo, we throw up, don’t wanna eat or drink water, an’ act like we’re real sick (like we don’t wanna get up).  if humans figure out what’s wrong with us fast, like they did with me, then we can get better with medicine an’ bein’ hoss-pit-il-ized.  then, we come here to HSGKC an’ we gots to stay in a room special for pups like me ’cause we’re still “shedding” the virus… i think that means other dogs or puppies can get it from us.  we gots to stay in the special room for 10-21 whole days, waitin’ to feel better… an’ it gets lonely, even with other PPF dogs in there!  we only get to see humans a few times a day, ’cause they have to be careful about not spreading parvo to other pups.  it sucks!  i know it’s for our own good, an’ to make sure nobody else gets sick, but it still sucks.  anyways, i’m doin’ lots an’ lots better now, but i’m still skinny from being soooo sick, but way better than i was when i came in!

i gots one more thing to tell ya… i’m so lucky HSGKC took me in so i could get better!  our humans take in puppies and dogs who are real sick with stuff like parvo an’ other stuff, from humans who can’t afford to take care of us, an’ from animal control, an’ if we’re strays and have nobody to care for us.  i know it costs lots of money to take care of us, but they do it ’cause they’re so awesome! i heard Kate tellin’ Christine that HSGKC has taken in 15 pups in 9 weeks who’ve had parvo, an’ it costs ’round $600 per dog when we’re bein’ hoss-pit-il-eyezed.  if ya wanna help them out so they can keep helpin’ pups like me, maybe think ’bout makin’ somethin’ called a “do-nay-shun” to Gabriels’ Fund… our humans say “every lil bit helps”.  we’re all so lucky HSGKC is here, an’ the humans here are awesome!!

k, that’s alls i got for now… i’ll talk ’bout the kinda home i’d like the next time i do this blog thingy.  bye!!!!!

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this is frank…


… and this is fred.  they’re both PPF pups.  they’re feeling better now but still shedding the virus so they have to stay isolated from the rest of the dogs for a bit longer.  : (


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