Leo (Adopted!)


Hey humans, or people!  What’s goin’ on with you?  I’ve got lots to tell ya ’bout… here’s what’s been goin’ on.  Last week Christine was super busy ’cause of the Plaza Art Fair, and lots of dogs got adopted, like Tommy Boy (his name is Murphy now), Rukus, and all the Shepherd mix puppies who came here in a laundry basket… someone had found them behind a dumpster at a food place.  I got to go to the Plaza Art Fair, too, and had fun gettin’ lots of attention… and I heard Jana tell Christine that I’m a “great satellite dog”!

I haven’t blogged in a while ’cause I did go to a home for a while, but decided I really didn’t want to live with cats. I would love to chase them, especially outside, but humans I guess don’t like this, so I’ve decided I don’t wanna live with them, it’s too much work.  Then I went to a doggy daycare place for a while, and decided I wanted to come back here… in my next forever home, I gotta be the “alpha” dog, I don’t like being ’round other dominant dogs… they make me a lil nervous, but I love havin’ doggy friends! Pete is workin’ on tryin’ to find a new roommate for me, and I know it takes time to match us up right!

This is what I’m most excited about… agility!!!  Last week Christine took me out to try out a couple new agility things instead of only a walk (we did that, too).  She was real proud of me ’cause I learned how to do the Dog Walk, A-Frame, and the Bar Jump (she tried to teach me the Tire Jump Wednesday, and I tried to jump over the whole thing, so she tried the Bar Jump instead).  Anyways, on Saturday, Christine wanted to show Pete what I’d learned, and he was impressed with me!  He helped teach Christine how to take me up the Teeter-Totter (that’s a lil tiny bit nerve-racking), and we did it!  I got tons of treats and was told how smart I am!  I did learn how to do the Tire Jump, too, with Pete’s help, and I rocked!  I heard Porter sayin’ something ’bout how our humans are workin’ on more agility stuff for us, and a yard for just that, and I’m real excited to learn new things!  Also, Tuesday night when I was in obedience class, I learned “down” and did it right for the first time!!  I love learnin’ all kinds of new things.

Gotta run… it’s time for me to go for a walk!


Here I am mastering the teeter-totter!


And the jump! Agility is super fun!

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