Connor (Adopted!)


hi my name is Connor, an’ i’m a 5 month old Pit Bull mix!  i’m so excited i get to blog today an’ talk ’bout me ’cause i’ve got lots an’ lots to say, but i won’t talk ’bout all of it!  anyways, i was brought here to HSGKC when i was only a baby, like 7 weeks old, an’ i was real hurt… which is why i’m real lucky a nice person brought me here ’cause i needed to see a special kinda doggy doctor ’cause i couldn’t stand up or walk real good, one of my back legs was broken an’ i had some new-ehr-loh-gi-cull problems, too. our humans are AWESOME ’cause they take real good care of puppies an’ kitties like me.  i had some other stuff goin’ on, too, with my right paw, an’ it had to be taken off… but ya know what?  i feel waaaayyy better with 3 legs ’cause now i can play in play groups (like with Bianca… I LOVE her) an’ i don’t gotta wear a stupid cone to keep me from chewin’ at the wrap thingy on my foot, an’ i just feel better!

i also get to go to sat-ah-lite adop-shun events like the Plaza Art Fair, an’ maybe i’ll get to go to Brookside Barkery & Bath this Saturday.  i like goin’ to adop-shun thingys ’cause all of us doggies an’ puppies get lots an’ lots of attention an’ lots of treats!  i had lots of fun at the Plaza Art Fair, an’ i want to go an’ do somethin’ like that again!!  in case i do get to go, i wanna go ahead an’ tell ya ’bout the kinda forever home i’d really like to have.  first, i like to bark… kinda lots, so i think our humans say i’d do best in a house instead of an apartment.  i’m not sure what that is, but sounds good to me!  i LOVE humans!!!  us Pit Bulls are way awesome with humans, an’ i like all sizes… big humans an’ lil humans like me!  i’d really, really, love to have a doggy brother or sister to play with, like Bianca!  i love wrestlin’ an’ playin’ tug an’ stuff with dogs! my only havin’ 3 legs doesn’t stop me from doin’ much, i’ve got lots of energy an’ do like to go on walks, too, but i love to play, an’ just do stuff!

anyways, that’s all for now!  if you wanna learn more ’bout me, check me out on  i’ve been thru a LOT already an’ i’m a lil guy still, so i’d love to find a home an’ family of my own soon!  bye!!!


my only havin’ 3 legs doesn’t stop me from takin’ myself for a walk either!

meet adoptable dogs and cats at Brookside Barkery & Bath on Sat. Oct 18!… more >


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