Dazzlin’ Dixie


Hey ya’ll!  How ya’ll doin’?  It’s been a while since I last blogged, and I realized I never told ya’ll bout the kinda forever home I’d like to have.  I wanna tell ya’ll ’bout that ’cause I know some other dogs and pups here have gone to their forever homes recently, like Ella, Connor, Rosie and Baloo (just to name a few dogs).

I’m super affectionate with the humans I know and I love attention.  I love goin’ on walks. I love my food and treats but I’m not food aggressive. I really love corn dogs… one of the volunteers, Angela, brings me corn dogs on Saturdays!

I’m a little picky about meeting strangers and who I trust right off the bat… it’s nothin’ personal, I’m a dog who’s a bit feisty and I have a selective taste in humans.  But a sure way to make a good impression on me is to come out in the yard and play fetch with me!  I love playin’ fetch!  It’s one of my fay-voh-rit things to do!  I’m real good at bringin’ the ball back to my human friends.  Check out my video to see me in action!   I’m a smart lady, I know lots of obedience stuff and am pretty much house-trained.  My ideal forever home would have a big ol’ fenced in yard, and humans to take me on lots of walks.  I wanna be the only pet in the home… I appreciate cats’ right to exist, but I really don’t wanna live with ’em, and other dogs… not for me either, I want all the attention for ME!  Also, ’cause I’m picky ’bout humans, I shouldn’t go to a home with small humans… like maybe teenage humans might be okay, but it’s gonna depend on the humans. I don’t wanna come off as bein’ too high maintenance, I’m just a quality girl who needs a special kinda home.

On another note… I’m not one to gossip, but there’s lots goin’ on ’round here and I can’t help but tell ya’ll ’bout some of the stuff ’cause our humans are workin’ real hard to fix it for us.  See, we’re havin’ some problems with the plumbin’ that flushes the dirty water out of the building.  So, I heard some humans who fix the plumbin’ are comin’ in next week and gotta dig up one our play yards to try and fix it!  Anyways, I know that’s kinda borin’ stuff, but I know it’s gonna cost lots of somethin’ called “money”.  See, our humans do everythin’ they can to take real, real good care of us and that uses lots of the money stuff, so I know sometimes they need a lil extra help with other stuff that comes up… so maybe if ya want, our humans would think it’s awful nice if ya wanted to do somethin’ called “donate” to help ’em out… if ya help them, you’d be helpin’ us, too!

I hope I didn’t bore ya’ll too much!  If ya wanna learn more ’bout me, don’t forget to check me out on petfinder.com.  Bye ya’ll!




Hey humans, what’s up?!?!  My name is Max and I’m one of the new dogs here, so I wanted to introduce myself and tell ya some stuff ’bout me. Someone tied me to a tree here one night and left me… but don’t feel bad for me ’cause of that, ’cause I’m here now and my life is goin’ juuuusst fine!  I have a doggy friend, Leo, I live with and we’re close to the same age, so we get along real good.  I’m a little over a year old… oh, yeah, and I’m a Lab/Hound mix.  I always look worried ’cause I have these “wrinkles” on my forehead our humans think are cute!   Saturday Leo and some of the other dogs here (Nemo, Willis, Rylee, Diesel, and Ladybug) got to go to Brookside Barkey and Bath for a satellite adoption event.  I didn’t wanna go ’cause when I went last month, I was kinda nervous ’bout all the new humans and “busy” stuff goin’ on… so I decided to come back here and hang at the shelter.  But I gotta go to obedience class instead at The Dogs’ Spot so I get to be ’round new humans and new dogs, and I’ve learned stuff so fast, I can start Intermediate Level! I like goin’ to do that kinda stuff, and goin’ on walks (like I LOVE goin’ on the Pack Walks, too!).  I’m hopin’ the dogs who go to the Barkery met some awesome humans who wanna adopt them!

K, so here’s whatcha need to know ’bout me… ’cause I’m kinda nervous at times, and ’cause I have LOTS of energy, I’d do best in a home without small humans… I don’t do nothin’ bad at all, it just takes me some time to warm up to new humans and find out I can trust them.  When I’ve spent some time with a human and know I can trust ’em, I’m real loyal to them! I do like dogs, but can be a little picky ’bout who my friends are… I don’t “get” dogs like Nemo who just like EVERYONE, ya know… I’m a little more selective. Also, I can jump a tall fence thingy too, unless I’m playin’ with Leo and bein’ supervised by a human… hee hee… this way I getta go on more walks!  So, what I’m gettin’ at is that I’d be good in a home without a fence, or with a tall, tall fence and another dog to play with!  One other real, tiny, little thing is I can’t live with cats.  I’ve got so much energy I just wanna chase them and I’m kinda a rough-housin’ kinda guy and don’t really know how to play real gentle with them. I’m so affectionate to the humans I know, and am real smart, too, and I walk pretty good on a leash!  When you see me, you’ll see how cute I am with my wrinkles!

That’s all I got for now, it’s almost time to settle in for the night.  If ya wanna learn more ’bout me, check me out on hsgkc.org.  Bye!

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Rylee (Adopted!)


Hey ya’ll doin’?  My name is Rylee and Ah’m ah Lab/Hound mix from Loo-sianah who came here with Diesel.  Ah’m a lil over a year old, and Ah’m ah real, real sweet girl!  Diesel already told ya’ll ’bout where we came from, so Ah just wanted ta innerduce mahself and tell ya’ll a lil bit ’bout me, who Ah is and the kinda forever home Ah’d really like ta get.  Ah love Diesel, but we don’t gots ta be adopted together, but Ah’d LOVE ah home with anoder dog (me and Diesel’d love ta go together, but we don’t gotta)! Ah’ve got lots and lots of energy and love ta wrestle and run ’round with Diesel in the yard. Ah love goin’ on the Pack Walks, too, ‘cuz they’s fun and Ah like bein’ ’round dogs and all the humans!  Ah’ve been ta a couple a satellite adop-shun events, too, and am hopin’ Ah’m fixin’ ta go on Saturday ta Brookside Barkery and Bath for the event then!  Adop-shun events are soooooo much fun cuz when us dogs getta go, we get lots and lots of deee-lih-shous treats and pets and attention!  Check out hsgkc.org for more info ’bout the event.

So, here’s the stuff ya’ll should know ’bout me.  K, Ah already told ya’ll Ah gots lots ah energy, and that Ah’d really love ta live with anoder dog, and cuz Ah’m energetic and spunky Ah prolly shouldn’t live with lil ones.  Ah like bigger kids and grown-up humans lots, but sometimes Ah can be ah lil shy when Ah meet humans Ah don’t know, but if ya give me ah treat, Ah start ta warm up pretty fast.  Ah’m mostly house-trained, but it’d take me a lil time ta adjust ta my new family’s routine and home, but Ah’s ah smart girl, so Ah’d learn fast!  Ah gots one flaw tho… Ah can’t live with cats… Ah wanna chase ’em too much, and Diesel tol’ me humans don’t like that too much.  Ah’m sure cuz Ah’m so sweet and friendly that humans could look past that one lil flaw Ah got!  One last thang, when me and Diesel came here from Loo-sianah, Ah was very underweight, and our humans are doin’ the best they can ta put some weight on me, but that takes time.  Ah think when Ah go ta my forever home, Ah’ll put on weight fast… cuz Ah just know that my future humans’ll spoil me rotten!

That’s all Ah gots ta tell ya’ll for now!  Don’t forget if’n ya wanna learn more ’bout me ta check me out on my Petfinder page!  Buh-bye!




Hey humans, ma name is Diesel.  Ah’m a 3 year ol’ Pit Bull mix who came here from Shreveport, Loo-sianah wit anoder dog, Rylee.  Ah lak her a lot, an’ she’s mah roommate here at HSGKC, but we don’t gotta go to ah home together, but Ah’d lak that.  Ah wanted to intro-dooce mahself to ya’ll an’ tell ya’ll a lil bit ’bout me so ya’ll know who Ah is.  Ah’ve been to ah couple satellite adop-shun events an’ heard one ah our humans sayin’ Ah’m ah “perfect satellite dog, an’ breed ambassador” ’cause Ah get along wit all kinds ah humans, chiren, an’ most dogs!  Ah think dat should make it easy for me ta find ah home soon… but Ah gots one lil quirk… Ah can jump ah fence.  Ah dunno what da big deal is ’bout that ’cause Ah think it’s ah great trick!  Ah don’t jump da fence here if ah human is outside wit me while me an’ Rylee are playin’, but if Ah’m by mayself, Ah would… so Ah’d lak ta go ta ah home wit anoder dog, plus Ah’ve got LOTS an’ LOTS ah energy!!!  Ah lak ta go for walks (Ah love goin’ on da pack walks!) or runs, so Ah’d lak ah active human or family ta live wit.  One oder thing, Ah wanna chase cats… dat’s lots ah fun, but Ah’ve heard humans don’t lak dat too much… sometimes ya’ll gots too many rules, but dat’s okay.  Ah don’t wanna do nuttin dat’d get me in trouble, an’ Ah lak makin’ humans happy!

Ah think Rylee’s gonna blog next, so Ah’m gonna go for now, plus it’s time for us ta go fo a walk!  Ta learn ’bout me, ya’ll can check me out on HSGKC’s website.  Ah’ll talk at ya’ll again soon!


Echo (Adopted!)


Hey humans!  My name is Echo.  I’m a 10 month old Cattle Dog/Hound… who knows what else mix who came here back in July.  See what had happened was this — I was picked up by a Kansas City, KS, Animal Control Officer and brought here ’cause I had a real, real bad injury to my right rear leg/paw.  Our humans tried lots of stuff to make me better again, and after a while I got lots better (I had surgery on my paw and somethin’ called a “skin graft” to help me heal).  Anyways, I’m all good now, so I wanted to tell ya ’bout me, ’cause maybe my family is out there somewhere and just hasn’t found me yet!  (Thanks to all you humans who “share” our blog with other humans ’cause ya never know who might read ’bout one of us and say somethin’ like “I gotta meet that dog or puppy… btw, I dunno what all some of this stuff means, but I think it might help us find forever homes).

Ok, so here’s a lil ’bout me, I’ll keep it short.  First, I’m a really sweet, affectionate, friendly girl!  I love humans and am smart, too!  I’ve been to a couple obedience classes and learned stuff like super fast (“sit”, “watch me”, “down” and I’m workin’ on “leave-it”)!  I like most other dogs, but I gotta be the BOSS… I’m kinda like a bossy big sister, but that’s not a bad thing, it’s who I am!  I’ve made friends with lots of doggies and puppies here, like Bandit, Bianca and Annie.  I walk pretty nice on a leash, but can’t go super far yet… even though I’m healed, I still gotta build up to goin’ for real long walks, but I can play for like 2 hours or more a day with my friends!  Another good thing ’bout me is I’m pretty much house-trained… I keep a clean kennel!  I don’t have any “issues” with food or toys or treats or anything like that, I’m just an awesome girl!  If you wanna learn more ’bout me, check me out on Petfinder.com, or HSGKC’s website for info ’bout how to meet me!

I gotta go for now… time to go out and run ’round the yard!!!  Bye!