Hey humans, ma name is Diesel.  Ah’m a 3 year ol’ Pit Bull mix who came here from Shreveport, Loo-sianah wit anoder dog, Rylee.  Ah lak her a lot, an’ she’s mah roommate here at HSGKC, but we don’t gotta go to ah home together, but Ah’d lak that.  Ah wanted to intro-dooce mahself to ya’ll an’ tell ya’ll a lil bit ’bout me so ya’ll know who Ah is.  Ah’ve been to ah couple satellite adop-shun events an’ heard one ah our humans sayin’ Ah’m ah “perfect satellite dog, an’ breed ambassador” ’cause Ah get along wit all kinds ah humans, chiren, an’ most dogs!  Ah think dat should make it easy for me ta find ah home soon… but Ah gots one lil quirk… Ah can jump ah fence.  Ah dunno what da big deal is ’bout that ’cause Ah think it’s ah great trick!  Ah don’t jump da fence here if ah human is outside wit me while me an’ Rylee are playin’, but if Ah’m by mayself, Ah would… so Ah’d lak ta go ta ah home wit anoder dog, plus Ah’ve got LOTS an’ LOTS ah energy!!!  Ah lak ta go for walks (Ah love goin’ on da pack walks!) or runs, so Ah’d lak ah active human or family ta live wit.  One oder thing, Ah wanna chase cats… dat’s lots ah fun, but Ah’ve heard humans don’t lak dat too much… sometimes ya’ll gots too many rules, but dat’s okay.  Ah don’t wanna do nuttin dat’d get me in trouble, an’ Ah lak makin’ humans happy!

Ah think Rylee’s gonna blog next, so Ah’m gonna go for now, plus it’s time for us ta go fo a walk!  Ta learn ’bout me, ya’ll can check me out on HSGKC’s website.  Ah’ll talk at ya’ll again soon!


3 thoughts on “Diesel

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