Dazzlin’ Dixie


Hey ya’ll!  How ya’ll doin’?  It’s been a while since I last blogged, and I realized I never told ya’ll bout the kinda forever home I’d like to have.  I wanna tell ya’ll ’bout that ’cause I know some other dogs and pups here have gone to their forever homes recently, like Ella, Connor, Rosie and Baloo (just to name a few dogs).

I’m super affectionate with the humans I know and I love attention.  I love goin’ on walks. I love my food and treats but I’m not food aggressive. I really love corn dogs… one of the volunteers, Angela, brings me corn dogs on Saturdays!

I’m a little picky about meeting strangers and who I trust right off the bat… it’s nothin’ personal, I’m a dog who’s a bit feisty and I have a selective taste in humans.  But a sure way to make a good impression on me is to come out in the yard and play fetch with me!  I love playin’ fetch!  It’s one of my fay-voh-rit things to do!  I’m real good at bringin’ the ball back to my human friends.  Check out my video to see me in action!   I’m a smart lady, I know lots of obedience stuff and am pretty much house-trained.  My ideal forever home would have a big ol’ fenced in yard, and humans to take me on lots of walks.  I wanna be the only pet in the home… I appreciate cats’ right to exist, but I really don’t wanna live with ’em, and other dogs… not for me either, I want all the attention for ME!  Also, ’cause I’m picky ’bout humans, I shouldn’t go to a home with small humans… like maybe teenage humans might be okay, but it’s gonna depend on the humans. I don’t wanna come off as bein’ too high maintenance, I’m just a quality girl who needs a special kinda home.

On another note… I’m not one to gossip, but there’s lots goin’ on ’round here and I can’t help but tell ya’ll ’bout some of the stuff ’cause our humans are workin’ real hard to fix it for us.  See, we’re havin’ some problems with the plumbin’ that flushes the dirty water out of the building.  So, I heard some humans who fix the plumbin’ are comin’ in next week and gotta dig up one our play yards to try and fix it!  Anyways, I know that’s kinda borin’ stuff, but I know it’s gonna cost lots of somethin’ called “money”.  See, our humans do everythin’ they can to take real, real good care of us and that uses lots of the money stuff, so I know sometimes they need a lil extra help with other stuff that comes up… so maybe if ya want, our humans would think it’s awful nice if ya wanted to do somethin’ called “donate” to help ’em out… if ya help them, you’d be helpin’ us, too!

I hope I didn’t bore ya’ll too much!  If ya wanna learn more ’bout me, don’t forget to check me out on petfinder.com.  Bye ya’ll!


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