Smiley, the Narrator: A Special Christmas Wish


Hello everyone, I have not checked in on this blog for a while and wanted to do so today because this is the day I will be the featured dog for The 12 Strays of Christmas on Facebook an’ Instagram,  and I’ve got a new video for you to view.

I have a special request for Christmas.  I am ready to retire as The Narrator of the HSGKC Dog Blog.  As you may remember from my previous posts, I have an arthritis condition called “spondylosis” and I’ve been getting acupuncture for it. Well, our humans recently found out that I also have ruptured discs in my back. They continue to take me to Aid Animal Hospital for the canine pin cushion sessions, they refer to it as acupuncture, which is helping.  All of the humans who care for me (Dr. Hamilton here at HSGKC, Dr. Rowe at Aid Animal Hospital, Pete, Kate, Christine, Jai, Joyce… and all of our wonderful volunteers and other staff members) think a home would be the best place for me, and I agree completely.  Although they have put rubber mats down for me in my dog run for better traction, and give me my meds, and are doing everything they can to make me more comfortable, they all would love to see me enjoying home life.  I’d like that, too, and I would love to make them all happy because they are wonderful humans who love me and all the dogs here a lot.

smiley_xmas2nologoThis home would not need to be a permanent home, it could be a foster home. I would really enjoy a somewhat quiet home with a several soft dog beds, carpet or rugs to lay on.  I am very affectionate and I adore spending time with humans. My tail is always wagging.  I am well behaved and although I do have a “space bubble” I prefer other animals such as dogs and cats respect, I have walked with almost all of the other dogs here on Pack Walks when I was walking better.  I would be a very loyal, loving, snuggly, and fun companion.  I am very easy to walk on a leash, and would enjoy short walks (when my activity restriction is lifted).  I do know that my health needs may seem like a lot to take on, which is why I also am very open to a foster home.

I hope you check out my new video, and enjoy the pictures of me being dressed up (I tolerated the adornment because I knew it made Jana and Christine happy, but sometimes you humans are very funny creatures).  If you are interested in learning more about me, how to foster me, or want to meet me, please contact Christine.  I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday season.  I hope the next time I check in on this blog is when I am in a home.

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Chloe (Adopted!)


Hi, my name is Chloe.  I’m a 2 year old Shepherd (I may have a little Husky, too) mix.  I came here ’cause the people who had me before had to move and couldn’t keep me.  Anyways, I’m glad I’m here ’cause I have a warm place to sleep at night, and a roommate, Willis, to curl up with at night… he’s a pretty cool lil dude, and I get lots and lots of attention from staff and volunteers.  Last Saturday, a volunteer named Ernie took me to my first obedience class at The Dogs’ Spot, which was a lot of fun (Willis went, too, with a different volunteer).  I did so well in class, I don’t have to go to Beginner’s Level again, I already moved up to Intermediate Level!  I heard Pete, one of the people who takes care of us, say I was “perfect”!  I went to The Kansas City Star last week, too, and was really, really good while having my picture taken!  I’m going to be featured as one of the 12 Strays of Christmas.  I hope that helps me find a forever home soon…

Speaking of forever homes, I’m going to my first Satellite Adoption Event this Saturday, Dec. 13, at a place called The Village at Mission Farms from 11-2 (you can find the details about where me and some of my doggy and kitty friends will be on  Willis is going, too, and told me Satellites are fun ’cause the dogs receive TONS of attention from people and lots of treats.  I’m excited to go, and want to go ahead and tell you about the kind of forever home I’d like in case you want to come out and meet me on Saturday.  I love having doggy friends, I’m good on a leash, I don’t jump fences, and I’m affectionate… sometimes new people make me a tiny bit nervous, but I warm up pretty fast if they have tasty treats.  I’m also house-trained, so I’d adjust to a new home pretty fast, I think.  I do need lots of brushing to keep my thick coat looking good and healthy, so that’s the only thing about me that might me “higher” maintenance.

Willis just told me it’s our turn to go run around in the yard!  Hopefully I’ll meet some really great people who want to adopt me on Saturday… and maybe Willis, too!  Bye!

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Hey ya’ll, ma name is Groot an’ I’m from Nawlin’s Loo-see-ann-nah.  I was in a shelter dere, an’ Jai (one of da humans here who takes care of us dogs), got me on somethin’ called a “transport” to come here.  I’m glad I’m here, cuz dis shelter is I think kinda a special place, so I think I’m a lucky boy to be here!  So, here’s summa my info… I’m a Pit Bull mix, a lil over a year old, an’ I LOVE humans!!!!  I love bein’ petted, an’ goin’ for walks, an’ gettin’ treats (I like Kongs with dee-lih-shous wet food in dere for me to eat!).  I love gettin’ in a human’s lap for pets, an’ I give good, nice kisses… I’m not a slobbery kisser!  I’ll tawk mo’ ’bout da kinda forever home I’d like anoder time, cuz I wanna tawk ’bout somethin’ more fun dat I gotta do last Sunday.

groot_xmas7funnyOur humans here always wanna do extra stuff to help us dogs an’ cats find forever homes, so I gotta have ma picture taken with 11 oder dogs for something’ called “Da 12 Strays of Christmas”.  Ya gotta looka’ somethin’ called “Facebook” an’ “Instagram” cuz that’s where dey post da dogs an’ cats.  I was real good for ma picture session, an’ looked real cute.  Da pic ya see here is funny cuz it looks like I don’t got ears, but I think I look cute an’ real sweet like da nice boy I am!  It was lots of fun gettin’ my picture taken cuz I got LOTS of treats, an’ Christine an’ Jana dressed me up an’ stuff to make me look mo’ handsome dan I already am!

Dat’s all I gots ta tawk ’bout fo’ now, an’ it’s time fo’ me to go play in da yard an’ run ’round!  I hope ya’ll like our pictures an’ maybe think ’bout donatin’ stuff like toys or oder stuff our humans need to take care of us… dey need alotta stuff to take care-ah all us! If I don’t tawk ta ya’ll befo’ Christmas, I hope ya’ll have a happy holiday!

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