Hazel and Holly


hi, my name is Hazel, an’ my sister’s name is Holly.  we’re Shepherd/Hound mixes, an’ we’re ’bout 9 months old.  see we came here ’cause we were the last 2 puppies left from a litter, an’ we were livin’ outside ’cause the humans who had us didn’t really wanna keep us in the house, an’ couldn’t find us homes… so this nice lady got our other humans to give us to her an’ she brought us here ’cause she was real worried ’bout us bein’ outside all the time.  anyways, we were kinda shy an’ a lil scared when we got here, ’cause we’d never seen so many new humans before!  we’re doin’ lots better now tho, an’ like all the humans we’ve met so far!  we love all the humans who take care of us, like Pete, an’ Maddie, an’ Steve, an’ the human volunteers who come in an’ take us outside to play in the yard, an’ we LOVE goin’ on pack walks!  they all give us lots of treats, an’ pets, an’ hugs an’ stuff!  it’s cool bein’ here, ’cause we know we’re loved, an’ cared for, an’ that we’ll find an awesome forever home… but i’ll let Holly tell ya ’bout the kinda forever home we’d like… she needs to try this blog thingy out, too…

uuhhmm, hi, i’m Holly… my sis told me i should try this blog thingy, but i’m not real sure what to talk ’bout, but i’ll try.  Hazel filled you in ’bout how we got here, so i guess i’ll tell you ’bout the kinda forever home we’d like. Connor got to go to his forever home Saturday, so that got us thinkin’ ’bout the kinda home we’d like.  our humans want us to go to a home together, which is real nice of them ’cause me an’ Hazel want that, too! we don’t wanna be split up ’cause we’re real close, like sisters, an’ it’d be scary to not be with her… like i can’t imagine life without her.  that’s the most important thing to me, but we’d also like a fenced yard to run ’round in.  we’re still a tiny bit shy (me more than Hazel) when meetin’ new humans, so maybe we shouldn’t go to a home with real small humans… plus we’re workin’ on somethin’ called “manners”… i guess that’s somethin’ you humans like lots… we’re not naughty or nothin’ like that, we just get real excited sometimes an’ jump on our humans, an’ ’cause we’re gonna be bigger doggies when we’re all growed up, we might like knock a small human over just ’cause manners are so hard to learn!  we’ve met some other doggies, but we’re still not sure what to think of other doggies yet… but we do like Aubrey… she’s fun!  we’re hopin’ we get to be in a play group with her soon, so we can make new friends an’ have someone else to play with.  k… that’s all i got to say for now… bye.

i’m takin’ over again ’cause Holly doesn’t know what else to say… anyways, if ya think maybe you’d wanna give us a forever home together, check us out, we’re on petfinder.com, an’ on hsgkc.org (under the “adopt” tab).  we’ll blog again soon, but right now, we’re gonna go ’cause it’s time to go outside and PLAY!  bye!




hi!  my name is Aubrey!  i’m a 7 month old pit bull mix an’ i get to live with Darla… she’s such a good “big sis”!  anyways, i came here ’cause i was real sick with somethin’ called par-voh-vi-russ when i was only 4 1/2 months old, then after i got all better from that, our humans found out i had somethin’ else goin’ on with my skin, called dee-moh-dex mange.  sheesh, i’ve had lots to get better from already an’ i’m still a pup!!  i’m doin’ so much better now, tho, an’ i’m almost finished with my medicine for dee-moh-dex!  all the humans here are so nice, an’ take real good care of us doggies an’ the kitties, too!  i gotta go to my first sat-ell-ite adop-shun event last saturday with Nemo, an’ Connor, an’ Butler (he’s in a foster home, btw) an’ i had lots of fun!  i think i made Nemo tired ’cause he had to take a nap!  he wanted to kinda show me how things go at the adop-shun events ’cause he’s been to lots, an’ knows how to impress humans an’ get lots of attention, an’ treats, an’ humans make a BIG deal ’bout him ’cause he’s real nice to everybody!  i had lots of fun, but i didn’t need a nap… maybe ’cause i’m younger than him, or i just gots more energy than he does!  i did get lots of treats, an’ just had fun doin’ somethin’ a lil different!

i just heard Jack is gettin’ adopted, so i wanna talk a lil bit ’bout the kinda forever home i’d like to have.  i LOVE playin’ with other dogs, like Darla, so i’d really REALLY love to go to a home with a doggy brother or sister ’cause i’ve got lots of energy, an’ it’s just fun playin’ with doggy friends!  (i wish Darla an’ i could go to a home together, but we don’t gotta, but it’d be nice ’cause she’s been here for a while… an’ i think she gets kinda sad when her roommate gets adopted ’til our humans find her a new friend).  i probly shouldn’t go to a home with real small humans ’cause i’m a puppy still an’ workin’ on that “play-biting” thing humans are ALWAYS makin’ such a big deal ’bout… i’m just real excited an’ wanna play!  i’m pretty good on a leash, an’ i don’t jump fences, an’ i might be okay with cats, but i like dogs more!  i like playin’ tug, an’ with rope toys, too!  i think maybe humans who wanna take me for lots of walks an’ runs would be great ’cause i’m kinda busy!  i love days when Chuck comes in (he’s Darla’s FAVORITE human in the whole world, an’ a volunteer), ’cause he always takes us for walks, an’ he always walks us together on the pack walks!

that’s all for now, i’m kinda tired after all the thinkin’ i had to do for this blog thingy!  if you wanna learn more ’bout me an’ how to meet me, you gotta check out hsgkc.org! bye!!!!


Nemo (Adopted!)


hey humans, what’s new with you?!?!  i’m excited ’cause i just found out i getta go to a satellite adoption event on saturday!!!  i’m gonna be at Four Paws Pantry & Spa in Olathe from 11-3.  i dunno who else is gonna go with me, but i think i heard our humans say maybe Aubrey’d be goin’, too.  she’s a new pup, and gets to live with Darla an’ i think she’s pretty.  i think we’ll have fun at the satellite together, an’ ’cause she’s just a kid, i’ll make sure an’ show her the ropes!  like, i’ll show her how good i am, like well behaved, an’ polite, an’ how all kinds of humans make a real big deal ’bout how calm an’ nice i am so i get lots an’ lots of treats!

nemo_agilityi know i talked ’bout the kinda forever home i’d like the last time i blogged, an’ i’m really hopin’ i meet some awesome humans Saturday!  i’ve heard Christine tell humans who apply to adopt doggies that i’m “pretty bomb proof”… which i think is her way of sayin’ i’m da bomb ’cause i’m so good with other dogs, they all love me!  i’m great in play groups, an’ just a fun lil guy!  i like my roommy Radar lots, like i love wrestlin’ an’ runnin’ around the yard with him!  k, so one more thing, i’ve been takin’ some agility classes at The Dogs’ Spot, which is really fun… i like doin’ it, an’ know the human who takes me, Stan, is real proud of me for all the stuff i’ve learned how to do!  so, this real nice lady who takes our pictures made a video of me doin’ some of my agility stuff, so check it out!

that’s all i got for now, but if you want a “bomb proof” dog as a friend for your dog, then you gotta come an’ meet me Saturday!  for more info ’bout where i’m gonna be, go to www.hsgkc.org.  bye!!!!

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Hey humans!  My name is Farley, and I’m a 14 month old Hound mix!  I came here from Kansas City, KS, Animal Control ’cause HSGKC had space and wanted to get me in a new place hopin’ I’d get adopted from here!  Anyways, I like bein’ here lots!  I got a roommate, Bandit, who’s lots and lots of fun to play with!  We like runnin’ round the yard together!  I’m a big boy, and I’m still growin’, like I think our humans think I’ll weigh almost like 85-90 pounds when I’m all growed up.


This is Shine with his new family

Before I talk ’bout me, I wanna update you on some super cool stuff that’s been happenin’ here… like Shine gettin’ adopted!!!  That’s awesome!  I heard from the other dogs he’d been here for almost 5 years.  Shine used to live outside of a drug house as a guard dog and he was treated real bad, so he had some special needs to work on and had to learn to trust humans.  His new parents are real nice and amazing humans, so he’s a real lucky dog! HSGKC is cool ’cause they do keep dogs here ’til their humans find them here!  Max, and a lil guy named Coach went to their forever homes on Saturday, too, which is real cool!  So, it’s been a busy place here!

Okay, so here’s some stuff you’d need to know ’bout me if you’re thinkin’ ’bout makin’ me a member of your family!  First, I’ve got LOTS and LOTS of energy, and I’m real strong… like I’ve heard our humans sayin’ that other than Gia, I’m like the strongest dog here… so I give the humans who take me on a walk (like the Pack Walks which I love, btw) a real work out!  I’m tryin’ to work on my leash manners ’cause I know our humans would like that, but I’m just so excited to go on a walk I can’t help it!  And, I figured out how to go on more walks… see I know how to climb the fence here… tee hee!!!!  I’m a smart, and goofy dude!  If I’m hangin’ out with Bandit in the yard, I gotta be supervised ’cause I’ll try to climb over the fence, and I like to chew on stuffed toys and tennis balls, and one time I swallowed a toy ’cause I didn’t wanna have it taken away from me!  So, what I’m kinda gettin’ at is I’m a bit of a handful… but in a good way!  I do learn stuff pretty quick, and I love all the humans I meet!  I’m good with most of the dogs I meet, too, but ’cause I’m big, and tall, and real energetic and such, not all dogs always like me… but that’s okay ’cause I got a cool roommate in Bandit!

Well, that’s all I got for now!  Plus, it’s time for me to go on a walk… I love that I’ve kinda trained the humans who take care of us!!!  Bye!


Yep, this is me in action!

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Prince Konnan


hey everybody, my name is Konnan (pronounced Koh-nan, not like Conan the Barbarian), or as my human dad calls me, Prince Konnan or K-dawg… he’s funny!  i’m an american bulldog/boxer mix, an am only 6 months old.  i getta do somethin’ called a “guest blog” today ’cause i got quite a story to tell.  see i heard The Humane Society of Greater KC was featured on the front page of somethin’ called a “newspaper”, which i think is a big deal ’cause now more humans know how awesome HSGKC is, and all the extra stuff they do to help dogs an’ cats, and ’cause of them that’s how i got some help and a forever home.  see KCK Animal Control picked me up in october, and took me to Welborn Animal Hospital ’cause i couldn’t walk real well.  i had a broken leg, and a fracture in my hip, and HSGKC took me in and took care of me ’til i met my dad, and got to go to a forever home.  my leg has healed, but i gotta have an “f-h-o” surgery to fix my hip ’cause that break hasn’t healed real well.  even though my dad knew this stuff, he adopted me anyway, ’cause he’s super cool like that!  a lil before i went to HSGKC, there was another puppy KCK Animal Control picked up ’cause he was runnin’ the streets, and he was hurt real bad an’ looked like he’d been attacked by a bigger dog.  this puppy, Harvey, got to go to HSGKC, too, to get extra attention.  like me, he met some real awesome humans who adopted him, too… and like me, he needs to have an “f-h-o” surgery, too, but he needs it on both sides.  Harvey is a 9 month old shepherd/cattle dog mix, btw.

me and Harvey have the bestest humans ever, ’cause they adopted us knowin’ we would need surgeries, and that didn’t scare ’em away… and my dad and Harvey’s parents are both first time doggy parents, so that makes them extra cool!  i wanted to talk ’bout me and Harvey and the surgeries we need ’cause HSGKC is raisin’ money to help pay for our surgeries!  how awesome is that?!?!


harvey’s loving his new home

Harvey is livin’ a great life with Kelley-Jean and Andrew.  He loves goin’ for walks, and his parents said “we really appreciate the Humane Society’s continued support of us and your helpfulness during this time. We were so lucky that we found Harvey and made him part of our family”.  he’s really loved, and so am i!  i live with my dad and a cat… she tolerates my presence, and i give her the space she wants.  i love my dad, a whole, whole lot.  he takes real good care of me, and if i’m kinda sore, he’ll carry me up and down a really long staircase to go potty (we live in an apartment on the top floor). i know we’re both lucky boys to end up livin’ great lives with awesome humans, and know that if it weren’t for HSGKC, we wouldn’t have the great lives we have… that’s what i wanted to tell ya ’bout.

if you wanna make a donation to HSGKC for me or Harvey, you can donate to somethin’ called “Gabriels Fund” in our name >

after we’ve had our surgeries, we’ll check back in and let ya know how we’re doin’!