hi everybody!  i haven’t checked in on this blog thingy for a while, and i didn’t want ya to forget i’m still here and lookin’ for my forever home!  anyways, i thought ya might wanna see some new pics of me and  a short video of me an’ Echo an’ Connor playin’ in our yard in the hay!  we had so much fun spreadin’ the hay stuff all over the whole yard and playing a game of tug!  it was AWESOME!!!

bianca_echo_lunch2yesterday, Jai (she’s like my most FAVORITE human here, and i know she’d take me home if she could, but i’m not great with cats… so i’ll wait til someone who doesn’t have cats wants to adopt me)… oops, i got kinda sidetracked…bianca_echo_lunch1 anyways, Jai took me and Echo, who’s my BFF now that Connor‘s been adopted, to lunch with her!  we had so much fun ridin’ in the car with her!  i wanted to ride on Jai’s lap, but tried to behave… but it’s hard ’cause i wanted to be in front so i could see everything that was goin’ on!  Jai got somethin’ yummy to eat, but i was too busy watchin’ out the front of the car, so i let Echo eat all the food!  that’s okay, ’cause she can gain a few pounds… i’ve heard some of our humans call me a “tank”… i’m not sure what that word means, but i think it’s ’cause i’m stocky and strong!

before i go i wanna tell ya that i heard our humans talkin’ ’bout this thingy they’re gettin’ ready for called the KC Pet Telethon!  they said it’s like this real big deal ’cause doggies get to go on somethin’ called tell-eh-vi-shon, and it raises lots of money for HSGKC.  it’s on Sunday, March 1 from 6:30 to 9:30pm on Channel 38 the Spot. if you watch you’ll see adoptable dogs, pet tricks, educational stuff, and best of all you’ll find out how to save a life and give pets like me a second chance!  i heard that there’s lots more info on the KC Pet Telethon web site >

i’m gonna go for now ’cause it’s time to go play with Echo some more!  ‘member, if ya wanna learn more ’bout adoptin’ me, check me out on my Petfinder page!  bye!!


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