A Farewell to Smiley, “The Narrator”, Our Mascot and Our Friend


I’m writing this blog with a heavy heart.  Tuesday, February 17th, 2015, HSGKC said good-bye to Smiley, aka “Smiles” or “Smiley-doo”.  Smiley’s spondylosis, arthritis, and ruptured discs in his back left him in pain, and without full use of his hind legs.
smiley_xmasSo, the decision was made to let him go to the Rainbow Bridge to join Fancy, Heidi, and all of our own beloved pets.  No one wanted to see him in any more pain or discomfort.  The decision to let him go was not an easy one… we all so wanted him to find a home.  Smiley has been with HSGKC for quite a while.  He was picked up by KCK Animal Control because he was a Pit Bull mix.  From the beginning, Smiley wanted to be the only pet in the home… he didn’t want to share human attention with other pets.  He absolutely loved playing fetch with staff and volunteers.  If two people were in the yard with him at the same time, he’d take turns bringing the ball first to one person, then to the other.  We had a red rubber ball that was his favorite.  He was so easy to walk on a leash, and had the best leash manners of any dog here.  He loved to cool off in the kiddy pool in the summertime, too, splashing around in the water. smiley_fetchingHe was always happy, wagging his tail and wiggling his bum when he’d see someone he knew… even if he had done something naughty, like when he destroyed the pee pads in the back room or knocked over the trash can… he’d look at you like “hey, I know I did something I should not have done, but I am very, very happy to see you, so please forgive me”, which of course we did.

Smiley has always been a favorite of many volunteers and staff, and when I started writing the blog, I knew he had to be the nararator.  I loved writing his blogs, because I could picture him writing a blog with a pipe, glasses, and a golf cap, carefully editing to make sure everything was perfect. smiley_volunteers_fetch I thought since he had been here the longest, is our mascot, and so loved, it was fitting he narrate the blog.  smiley888For everyone who has volunteered here and worked here, all of us loved Smiley with all our hearts.  Every day he’d make whoever was working laugh at least once, either by getting into something, or just by being Smiley… wagging his tail, hoping for a treat, or to play ball, barking a little at you so you’d give him a treat or some pets.  Smiley was such an appropriate name for him because he smiled, and made us smile.  Even though he didn’t have a home in the sense that he was someone’s pet, he had a home here with us… all of us, staff and volunteers.  We gave him the best life we could.  Thanks to the people who sponsored Smiley, and other people pitching in here and there, he was able to receive additional pain management through acupuncture at Aid Animal Hospital.  Smiley loved the staff and Dr. Rowe, and acted comfortable when he was there, and liked going for car rides.

Smiley went to the Rainbow Bridge surrounded by people who love him, with dignity, and as comfortable as we could make him.  He’s now with Fancy, able to play ball and run without any pain.  We’ll miss you Smiley, and you’ll never, ever be forgotten.  Thank you for all the smiles you gave us, the unconditional love, the laughs, and for being you.

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4 thoughts on “A Farewell to Smiley, “The Narrator”, Our Mascot and Our Friend

  1. So sorry to hear this but glad he is no longer in any pain. Back when I was physically able, he was one of two dogs that were easy for me to handle and take to the yard to play. Oh how he loved chasing the ball!! Will always have those fond memories of him, a real sweetheart.

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