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Hey ya’ll, how’s it goin’?  I’ve got somethin’ real nice I wanna tell ya’ll ’bout… I’m in a foster (probably forever) home!  Ya see, this real nice couple applied to adopt me, and came out and met me earlier this month.  I was a lil unsure at first, but they played fetch with me out in the yard for a bit which was fun.  Then their daughter came to meet me, too, and they all really liked me a lot after we spent some more time together.  Anyway, ’cause I’m particular ’bout the humans I like (unless they have something very deee-li-cious, called corn-dogs… Angela, one of my favorite humans always brings them in for me when she visits HSGKC), they weren’t quite sure ’bout how I’d be in a home, so Christine suggested maybe they’d consider fostering me to give me a lil more time to adjust to a home, and they decided to give me a chance!

The mud puddle I found..."so much for the bath"!

The mud puddle I found… so much for the bath!

So, I’ve been livin’ with a mom, a dad, and a daughter who’s home from college for the summer, and I gotta tell ya’ll, I’m lovin’ it!!  I went to their house on May 17th, and the day before I left, Christine gave me a bath after Angela and Stan brushed me earlier in the day… well, when I got to the new place, I found a mud puddle to lay in which made my new parents laugh… and I was just doin’ it ’cause it was cool and I like rollin’ around in the grass and mud, I’m a dog after all.  Oh, and they started calling me “Betty” instead of Dixie.  I kinda like the name Betty… Dixie is nice, too, but Betty means somethin’ to them, so it makes me happy they changed my name… like I think they’re gonna keep me.  I’ve met a bunch of new humans, I have a HUGE yard to run around in, humans who take me on 3 walks a day, play fetch with me, and I get TONS of attention.  My new humans are real impressed with my manners… like I get to eat dinner when they eat, and I don’t beg for food, I eat my dinner and then just hang out and wait for them to finish.  They’re workin’ with me on how I meet new humans, too, and I’m improvin’.  Pete and Christine visited today, just to answer some questions my foster mom and dad had.  I was real happy to see them, and I showed how much I loved bein’ there ’cause I kept rollin’ over on my back for belly rubs.  They got to see the awesome backyard I hang out in, too.  They thought I looked sooo happy (Christine kept sayin’ that, and I am real happy).

Well ya’ll, that’s about all the news I’ve got for now… just thought ya might wanna know how things are goin’ for me.  I’m just real happy that this family is givin’ me a chance to become a part of it… not a whole lotta humans just want one dog at a time, and I’m real happy they’ve chosen me!  I’ll let ya know if they decide to adopt me, so keep readin’ this blog thingy for updates.  Bye ya’ll!

Look at how happy I am! I smiled for Pete & Christine.

Look at how happy I am! I smiled for Pete & Christine.




hi humans, it’s been a bit since i blogged last an’ i’m soooo excited cuz i get to blog today! i just heard from our humans i’m gonna go to my very first satellite adoption event on Saturday!!!!!!  before Nemo got adopted (and we’ve heard he’s doin’ GREAT, btw), he got to go to lots of satellites cuz he was so easy to handle… not that i’m hard to handle, but he was pretty lazy from what i heard!  anyways, i got a new roommate, too, named Breann.  i LOVE her!  she’s so much fun to play with, and we’re ALWAYS playin’ together, in our doggy run and outside in the yard!  i like her the best outta the 3 roommmates i’ve had… Nemo, Bruno (he also got adopted and is doin’ great, too), and now Breann!  when Pete and Christine introduced us, i was real good… i think cuz when i saw her and sniffed her and checked her out, i thought she seemed cool and fun!  anyways, i got kinda side-tracked, but that’s cuz i’m real happy i get to go to a satellite and cuz i REALLY like Breann!  ok, so i hope Breann goes to the satellite, too, so i have a friend to play with, but if she doesn’t, that’s ok, too.  i’m goin’ to a place called Four Paws Pantry & Spa in Olathe from 11-3 on Saturday, May 16th!  Nemo and Bruno told me at satellites they’d get LOTS and LOTS of attention from humans… like bein’ petted, and gettin’ lots of tasty treats!  i know i’m gonna have to have a bath so i look my best for the satellite!  i dunno how i feel ’bout that yet, but i’ll let ya know if i like baths or not.  if ya want more info ’bout the satellite, check out HSGKC‘s website!  oh, i almost forgot, there’s gonna be another satellite on Friday at this play called the Art and Bicycle Clubhouse in a place called the Crossroads. it’s from 6-8.  i’m not goin’ to that one, but i thought some of ya might wanna know!

so… not to be too much of a gossip or nothin’, but i’ve been listenin’ to our humans talkin’ ’bout lots of stuff, and i’ve heard them talkin’ ’bout somethin’ called an “agility yard” and that coming real soon they’re gonna start a drive to raise money for it.  i know some of the dogs like Porter, Dooney, Vinny, an’ Leo got to try out some agility equipment that an Eagle Scout troop built and donated to us.  when they’d come back in after learnin’ some new stuff, they’d all look real happy and tired, like they had lots and lots of fun, and were gonna sleep real well that night cuz they were tuckered out from doin’ somethin’ new.  Nemo even went to some agility classes at The Dogs’ Spot, too, and he said it was fun… he wasn’t real into that kinda stuff, but he did it to make Stan (the volunteer who took him) happy and for food.  that got me thinkin’ that i hope our humans can get enough money to buy the stuff they need for the agility yard cuz i wanna check it out!  i bet i’d be real good at agility cuz i LOVE treats, i can jump pretty high, i’m smart, and i got lots of energy!  i think the agility yard is part of some big thingy Pete is workin’ on for us dogs to make our lives even better while we’re waitin’ for our forever family to find us here!  it sounds so cool!  Pete’s always lookin’ out for us, and so are the other humans who take care of us!  they’re awesome!

that’s all i got for now… but i’ll let ya know if i hear more ’bout the agility stuff!  don’t forget, if ya wanna come meet me Saturday, i’ll be in Olathe!  i’m hopin’ i meet my forever family at my first satellite… that’d be way AWESOME!  bye!!!

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Hey humans!  What is up?!?!  My name is Zappa… kinda cool name, huh?!?! I heard our humans say I’m named after some other human who was somethin’ called a “musician”, an’ even tho I dunno what a musician is, the dude must’ve been a cool guy for me to be named after him!  Anyways, here’s my basic info, then I’ll get to the more interestin’ stuff! I’m Pit Bull mix with some real big ears (all our humans love my ears!!!), I’m a lil over a year old, an’ I came here ‘cuz I was a stray an’  went in a yard with some doggies who were like SUPER protective of their yard, an’ kinda chased me off, but I got hurt while runnin’ for safety.  I’m good now, just got a few scars, but I’m still handsome!

I wanted to do this blog thing today cuz I heard there’s gonna be a satellite adoption event tonight at Tail Waggin’ PetStop in the Crossroads, an’ I don’t think I’m goin’  but my friend, Kenzie, might go (she’s been to a few satellite thingys an’ says they’re FUN!), an’ maybe some of the humans goin’ to First Friday might meet her or wanna meet me after they see a pic of me an’ how handsome I am!  I wanna talk a lil ’bout the kinda forever home I wanna have someday… I’ve heard the dogs here talkin’ an’ know that sometimes it takes us Pit Bulls longer to find forever homes than other dogs.  I think maybe it’s cuz we got a bad reputation cuz some not very nice humans use us for fighting each other.  I think I’m a good example of how cool most of us Pit Bulls are, good natured an’ everything… I mean, c’mon, even tho I hate to admit it, I went into the WRONG yard with some dogs who weren’t real happy ’bout me bein’ there… but instead of not likin’ other dogs, I do!  I LOVE Kenzie an’ am real happy to have a friend to run ’round an’ play with!  We wrestle, an’ play tug an’ stuff.  I’m real good with humans, too!  Like I know how to “sit” an’ “shake”, an’ even when I jump on our humans cuz I’m SO excited an’ happy to see them, I’m gentle… I just put my paws up on them so they’ll pet me!

K, that’s enuff serious talk…now I wanna tell ya just a lil ’bout the kinda forever home I’d like!  I’d really love to have a doggy brother or sister to play with, but I’d have to check ’em out first an’ make sure we “mesh” like me an’ Kenzie do, ya know what I’m sayin’?  I’m great with humans, an’ I’ve got LOTS of energy, so I’d love active humans to take me on lots of walks or runs!  I have been known to jump a fence on occasion, but if I got a friend to play with, or if a human’s outside with me, I stay in the yard I’m supposed to be in!  I do however think cats are LOTS of fun to chase… an’ I get it that some humans like cats (I will never understand those creatures), so my forever home should be kitty free!  I’d really love a house, an’ think I got too much energy sometimes for an apartment.  I keep my kennel clean, so I’ll be good an’ won’t potty in the house!

I’ve gotta run… time for me an’ Kenzie to go play!  Remember, if ya wanna learn more ’bout me, an’ the thingy at Tail Waggin’ PetStop tonight, go to hsgkc.org.  See ya!

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