Hey humans!  What is up?!?!  My name is Zappa… kinda cool name, huh?!?! I heard our humans say I’m named after some other human who was somethin’ called a “musician”, an’ even tho I dunno what a musician is, the dude must’ve been a cool guy for me to be named after him!  Anyways, here’s my basic info, then I’ll get to the more interestin’ stuff! I’m Pit Bull mix with some real big ears (all our humans love my ears!!!), I’m a lil over a year old, an’ I came here ‘cuz I was a stray an’  went in a yard with some doggies who were like SUPER protective of their yard, an’ kinda chased me off, but I got hurt while runnin’ for safety.  I’m good now, just got a few scars, but I’m still handsome!

I wanted to do this blog thing today cuz I heard there’s gonna be a satellite adoption event tonight at Tail Waggin’ PetStop in the Crossroads, an’ I don’t think I’m goin’  but my friend, Kenzie, might go (she’s been to a few satellite thingys an’ says they’re FUN!), an’ maybe some of the humans goin’ to First Friday might meet her or wanna meet me after they see a pic of me an’ how handsome I am!  I wanna talk a lil ’bout the kinda forever home I wanna have someday… I’ve heard the dogs here talkin’ an’ know that sometimes it takes us Pit Bulls longer to find forever homes than other dogs.  I think maybe it’s cuz we got a bad reputation cuz some not very nice humans use us for fighting each other.  I think I’m a good example of how cool most of us Pit Bulls are, good natured an’ everything… I mean, c’mon, even tho I hate to admit it, I went into the WRONG yard with some dogs who weren’t real happy ’bout me bein’ there… but instead of not likin’ other dogs, I do!  I LOVE Kenzie an’ am real happy to have a friend to run ’round an’ play with!  We wrestle, an’ play tug an’ stuff.  I’m real good with humans, too!  Like I know how to “sit” an’ “shake”, an’ even when I jump on our humans cuz I’m SO excited an’ happy to see them, I’m gentle… I just put my paws up on them so they’ll pet me!

K, that’s enuff serious talk…now I wanna tell ya just a lil ’bout the kinda forever home I’d like!  I’d really love to have a doggy brother or sister to play with, but I’d have to check ’em out first an’ make sure we “mesh” like me an’ Kenzie do, ya know what I’m sayin’?  I’m great with humans, an’ I’ve got LOTS of energy, so I’d love active humans to take me on lots of walks or runs!  I have been known to jump a fence on occasion, but if I got a friend to play with, or if a human’s outside with me, I stay in the yard I’m supposed to be in!  I do however think cats are LOTS of fun to chase… an’ I get it that some humans like cats (I will never understand those creatures), so my forever home should be kitty free!  I’d really love a house, an’ think I got too much energy sometimes for an apartment.  I keep my kennel clean, so I’ll be good an’ won’t potty in the house!

I’ve gotta run… time for me an’ Kenzie to go play!  Remember, if ya wanna learn more ’bout me, an’ the thingy at Tail Waggin’ PetStop tonight, go to  See ya!

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