Kash: Lookin’ for a Foster Home


Hey humans, my name is Kash. I’m an American Bulldog and I’m almost 8 years old. I’m writing this “blog” thingy because the humans who take care of me at HSGKC really wanna help me find a foster home, and hopefully, a forever home.

Lemme start at the beginning… see, I lived with a family from the time I was 8 weeks old ‘til February 2018, but my family had to give me up ‘cause they had to move and couldn’t take me with them. I was used to that home… I was the only pet, spent lots of time with my humans, and it was quiet. When I came to HSGKC, I was pretty nervous ‘cause I’d never had to live with so much commotion, what with all the comings and goings of humans and the other dogs who are waiting here for their forever homes, too. After bein’ at HSGKC for a bit I started to lose weight, my skin started to itch, and I’d pace in my doggie run so much that I’d sometimes hurt my paws. Our humans gave me new food to help with my itchy skin, and medicine to help with my anxiety, and they take me for walks and spend as much time as possible with me, but I’m still kinda depressed… and skinny… (I’ve lost about 20 pounds since I came in).  I really want to be in a home again.

Kash_tongueNow it’s June and I’m still waitin’ for a special person or family to come along and adopt me. Our humans really, really wanna see me healthy again so they are tryin’ to find me a foster home.  I’m a happy, goofy boy for the most part… just ask me to smile for ya!  ‘Cause I lived as the only pet my whole life, I do need a home without other pets, and I’m not quite sure what to think of “kids”, so I prefer adult humans. Another important thing to know about me is ‘cause I’m an American Bulldog, I need to live with folks who know how to handle us. Sometimes it takes me a little while to trust new humans, so please be patient with me! As soon as I know I can trust you, I’m a BIG baby who loves to give kisses and get my belly rubbed.

kash7I got to go stay with one of my favorite humans, Brandon, for a weekend, and I did great! I loved goin’ for a ride (I LOVE baths, too, btw), and I was sooooo excited to be in a home again, it took me a bit to settle down. I was real good in my kennel overnight, I didn’t make a mess in the house, and I gotta really wrestle and play.

I have some “quirks” as you humans say, but I’m a great boy who needs a chance to become an even better dog than I am now. If ya wanna learn more about me or talk to one of the humans who takes care of me, please call Christine 913-596-1000, ext. 113, or go on our web site at hsgkc.org  and complete our foster application.

Please share my post ‘cause ya never know who might see it and wanna help me out! I’ve also got my own Petfinder page you can check out.


Baloo (Adopted!)


Hey humans, my name is Baloo.  I was in really bad shape when my former owner brought me here.  My leg was real bad from being hit by a car or maybe I got into a fight or somethin’ like that, so to save my life it was amputated.  I needed lots of stuff, like medicine, and fluids, and lotsa food, and other stuff to make me feel better.  I’m kinda awesome, though, ’cause I made it through all that stuff and gained some weight (I only weighed like 46 pounds when I came in).  Now I’m doin’ way better and moved out to the main kennel and got a roommate named Rosie. She’s nice, and chill.  Don’t let me only havin’ 3 legs scare you off, ’cause dogs and cats like me (even though I don’t get it that humans like cats so much… they’re fun to watch, but soooo moody) don’t have any hang-ups about not havin’ 4 legs.  I’ve got 3 good ones, and can move and run ’round real good.

So, in case you see me and think I might be a good fit for you, I gotta tell you a few things about me.  First, I’m picky about some humans, and dogs.  I don’t like everybody I meet (dogs or humans) but can you blame me… if you saw what I looked like when I came in, you’d totally understand.  I’d like to go to a home with humans who’ve had Boxers before, ’cause they “get” us, and they gotta know what they’re doin’ to help me with some of my human issues.  I’m not aggressive or nothin’ like that, but if I meet dudes that scare me, I bark a lot ’cause I dunno what they’re all about yet.  Anyways, I know how to “sit” ’cause then I get yummy treats, and I’m goofy.  I like to run ’round the yards we get to go out in, and I gots the Boxer wiggle thing goin’ on for me, too.  I’m not real hyper, and I don’t jump a fence or nothin’ crazy like that.  I walk pretty good on a leash, too, if I do say so myself, even though I can’t walk real far yet.  I’m gettin’ better everyday ’cause the humans here take real good care of all of us.  Anyways, I gotta go ’cause I get to go run ’round the yard some more with Rosie.  She just watches me run, but that’s cool.  Bye!

I'm gettin' along just fine on three legs!

I’m gettin’ along just fine on three legs!


Good-bye to Our Good Friend


Wednesday, May 8th was a very sad day for all of us humans at HSGKC.  Our feisty Duchess Fancy Pants was sent to the Rainbow Bridge. Fancy was having some health issues and for the third day in a row couldn’t get up on her own. The decision was made to let her go, with the dignity she deserved. Joyce, Pete, Christine, Nicole and Dr. McCullough, were with her when she passed away. Fancy had several visitors come say their good-byes including Jo and Casey. Her passing was quick and peaceful for her.

This blog is a memorial to her. Fancy came to us 12 years ago as a stray. She was no ordinary dog. From the beginning Fancy was a handful (and she would be extremely proud to be described that way). She didn’t like other dogs much, or cats, or to be brushed, groomed, vetted, etc.  She really loved people, with few exceptions.  She was a favorite of many staff members, volunteers, and she had several donors who sponsored her throughout her lifetime. In her prime, she loved lounging in the kiddy pool, going for walks, and hanging out with her numerous human friends.  She became the HSGKC greeter for new volunteers—usually the first dog they’d meet during orientation class.  Even as she aged, she was always a proud, feisty, spunky girl. She adored Joyce letting her out of her kennel without a leash for her morning walks. Sometimes one of us would bring her in from outdoors and put her back in her kennel from the outdoor entrance, not realizing that we forgot to close the inside door of her kennel.  Maybe a minute or so would go by before we would hear the dogs all worked up and realize our mistake (hey, we’re not perfect either). We would go in to check on the dogs, and discover Fancy proudly walking around in the main kennel, visiting each dog, barking at some, doing her little dance in front of others, just because she loved stirring everybody up!

As Fancy got older, she did mellow some and she became more tolerant of other pets.  We were able to find her a couple foster homes, and a real home, but they didn’t work out.  Even though we were disappointed to see her come back each time, she trotted right on in, back to the kennel proud and unfazed… HSGKC was truly her home.

We all loved Fancy, not only staff members, but volunteers and board members, too.  Pete and Joyce cared for Fancy her entire life with us, and with the love, care, and attention from all of the volunteers who spent time with her, Fancy had the best life we could give her. Even though she is gone, please know each and everyone of you made her life better by being in it, and ours for having known her.  Now she is at the Rainbow Bridge with Heidi, Brownie, Cooper, and all the dogs we have loved, she is free from any pain and surrounded by our loved ones… hopefully still raisin’ a little Hell.

Duchess Fancy Pants, rest in peace, you will never be forgotten.





Just Sydney…


hi i’m sydney.  my room mate is darla and she’s a very, very good teacher.  she gave me the courage to say hi.  ummm… so here’s a little about me.  i am very, very shy.  pete and christine, who take care of us here, matched me and darla together.  darla is a pit bull who loves people and she loves me.  lucky for me cuz she’s a good big sister and she helps make me brave.  k, that took a lot.  i’ll tell ya more later.  bye.

The Darling of HSGKC (Adopted!)


Hey, ya’ll. This is Darla here to tell ya what’s up. I’ll start out by telling ya about my favorite guy.  His name is Chuck.  Chuck’s my best buddy, a volunteer here at HSGKC.  He visits me all the time — I’m his favorite.  We play in the yard, and go for long walks together.  After we get some exercise, we just hang out together. We talk about sports, world events, maybe a little gossip about the other dogs. Here’s a photo of me and Chuck.


He’s a cool guy.  And he’s got good taste when it comes to dogs.

The Sheriff (Adopted!)


Hey dudes. I’m Leroy.  I earned the nickname “The Sheriff” because I gotta know what’s going on around me all the time, with everybody. Nothing gets by me.  I’ve got eyes in the back of my head.  I’m a pretty intense guy and  I’m pretty smart.   I’m even in Canine Good Citizens class at The Dogs’ Spot.  But, for the life of me,  I can’t figure out what Christine, one of our humans here, meant when she said she was proud of me for “turning it down to a 10″…. could someone please explain that to me?

Wanna know more about me?  Go to my Petfinder page.

Welcome to the Dog Blog


My name is Smiley, and I’m going to be the narrator for this new blog.  Our humans finally caught on that we have a lot to say and this is our chance to tell you all about us.  I’ve been living at the shelter for awhile, waiting for my forever home, and I’m the mascot, so our humans picked me to be the narrator for our blog.  I can tell you about the new dogs who come in, the latest gossip, our adventures, and about the people who care for us and find us great homes.  All of us are pretty excited to tell you about us, our personalities, our quirks, and our daily lives at HSGKC.