Hey how’re all you humans doin?  I was very insistent with Christine (she helps us blog)  that I needed to blog again so the humans out there lookin’ for a special dog like me don’t forget ’bout cool dogs like me… oh, wait, I’m the coolest dog I know, ha ha! But it is the truth, I always speak the truth.  Plus, I know how cool I am ’cause when Kate, Lea Ann, Christine, or one of our awesome volunteers leashes me up for a walk, the second I get outta my dog run, all the dogs in the whole kennel get all riled up!  I’ve heard our humans jokin’ with Kate sayin’ “we always know when your boy (I’m her favorite!) is goin’ for a walk, ’cause the whole kennel starts barkin'”.  They’re just jealous of my good looks, and ’cause I’m goin’ on a walk.  Enough ’bout them, this is my time to talk ’bout me.  I do like goin’ for walks, and am so excited when it’s my turn, I dash out, and when I get to the entrance to the kennel, I jump up and open it so whoever is walkin’ me knows they gotta get me outside fast, so they’ve gotta keep up with me.  Yesterday, I did somethin’ fun… I got away from Kate and made a break for it.  I ran out of the kennel area and headed straight for the door I go out when I’m goin’ on a walk… and even though someone tried to stop me, I dodged them and ran out the side door.  I had to mark my turf, and I made Kate work to catch me and leash me back up. Then we went for a little stroll.  I feel kinda bad I didn’t make it super easy for her to leash me up, but sometimes a dog’s gotta do what a dog’s gotta do, ya know?

I’m tellin’ you ’bout my “lightening fast dash” for the door ’cause even though I’ve blogged ’bout the kinda forever home I’d like, it’s real important for humans to understand me.  I’m a fantastic dog.  When I first arrived at the humane society, I had such severe injuries that our humans didn’t know if I’d walk, but now not only can I walk, but I run some, too!  I healed up great, but would you ever really doubt that ’bout me?  I am AMAZING.   I’m house-trained, like I never make a mess in my run, ever, and I walk nicely on a leash. But I’m also not an easy dog.  I don’t want to compare myself to Leroy (now Rufus), ’cause we all know I’m the better dog, but we do have some stuff in common.  I want all the attention for myself… so no other dogs, and I’m real curious ’bout cats, but not in a “good” way (humans and their rules). I also don’t think I’d do real good with young humans ’cause I have some baggage left over from being so badly injured and the pain from my injuries…  if I get tangled up in my leash or restrained, sometimes I panic and get kinda nasty, so you’d have to know how to handle that. If you’ve never dealt with that kinda stuff before, well I guess it can be a bit much to handle.  I’m tryin’ real hard to work on that and I’m improving, but it’s gonna take me a long, long time to be comfortable with stuff like that.

I’m goin’ into more details ’bout the kinda forever home I’d like ’cause I know there’s a satellite adoption event at Brookside Barkery and Bath this weekend, and even though I don’t wanna go (I gotta stay here and keep an eye on the goings ons here… plus I don’t need to go out to be noticed) I’ll be waitin’ here for some awesome humans to find me.

I’m not for everyone, but I’m perfect for someone.  When my new humans finally find me, believe me, I’ll let you know.  Some harder to adopt dogs like Elvis, Angie, and Bella all got adopted… so I know someone’s out there for me, but they just haven’t found me yet.  That’s cool ’cause until then I’m livin’ good here… and it’s so much fun to stir the other dogs up. I think they’re jealous of my good looks and ’cause I’m Kate’s favorite.

I’m gonna go for now… there’s some stuff goin’ on in the kennel I gotta check out.

Me chillin' after a walk with Kate.  I'm lookin' gooood!

Me chillin’ after a walk with Kate. I’m lookin’ gooood!

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Hooper (Adopted!)


hi everybody my name is Hooper!  i don’t totally understand this blog thingy, but my roommate, Copper, told me it’s my turn to blog today an’ tell ya some stuff ’bout me.  i came here ’cause i was real sick with somethin’ called parvovirus… it was real yucky an’ no fun… so i went to a special kinda place (VCA Welborn Animal Hospital) where the humans there gave me a bunch of stuff to make me better, then i came back here to recover in the quarantine room.  when i was all better, i moved out to the main kennel where most of the doggies an’ puppies live.  i got a roommate fast, that’s Copper, an’ he’s lots of fun to hang out an’ play with.  he does this real neat trick that i think is frustrating for our humans, but i think it’s awesome– he jumps fences. i like hangin’ out an’ runnin’ ’round with him.  Copper really likes to play fetch when humans hang out with us while we’re playin’, an’ i wanna play, too, so sometimes i try to take the toys away from Copper so they’ll play with me, too… but sometimes i don’t wanna share, so our humans are tryin’ to teach me to share better.  i dunno what the big deal is, but i guess it’s somethin’ i’ve gotta learn.

i just heard from Copper and Grizzly that i get to go to Nebraska Furniture Mart tomorrow AND to Dog-N-Jog on sunday!  i’m so excited i get to go with Copper an’ Grizzly, an’ Angie, an’ Bear (he’s been here for a bit getting better from bein’ maybe hit by a car) an’ Joy, a doggie who’s in somethin’ called a foster home… i dunno what that is but i think i’ve heard it’s a nice thing humans do for us while we’re waiting for our forever homes.  gosh, i got side-tracked… anyway i had so much fun the last time i went to a satellite… and this weekend i get to go to 2! satellites are awesome ’cause we get to meet lots of new humans an’ we get lots an’ lots of attention, an’ treats!  if you have some time you should check our website for more info ’bout us, an’ the satellites.  i’m gonna go for now… i’m so excited i gotta go tell the other dogs ’bout it.  bye!

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Angie, Sass-A-Frass (Adopted!)


Hi humans!  Saturday was a great day for me ’cause I went to my first satellite adoption event at Intrust Bank in Shawnee.  Satellite adoption events are cool ’cause they’re a good way for humans to meet us outside of the shelter (some of us don’t always show our best side here), and for us dogs to meet new humans and for our humans to learn some stuff about us (like how we do with “strangers” or other dogs).  I’ve heard the other dogs talk about them and now I know why they like goin’ so much. I met a lot of humans, both adult humans and small humans (I guess they’re called “kids”) and had so much fun.  I spent the morning getting lots of attention, like belly rubs, treats, and toys.  I was definitely the “star”, just ’cause I’m me.  I liked all the kids I met and had soooo much fun playing with them… I played fetch with the kids and of course they were all impressed with how cute I am throwing toys up in the air and then finding them.  I would love a family of my own, the more humans the better (so then I’d get even more attention).  I want to be the only pet in the home, but that doesn’t mean I can’t walk with other dogs. I do go on Pack Walks every Sunday, and do pretty good walking next to dogs, which is good for me, but I don’t really want to live with another one.  Speaking of Pack Walks, I just got back from one… so it’s nap time for me.  Bye for now.

Here's me at the satellite  adoption event getting a belly rub and playing with a toy -- pretty sweet!

Here’s me at the satellite adoption event getting a belly rub and playing with a toy — not a bad way to spend the morning!

Angie Sass-A-Frass (Adopted!)


Hi humans!  Alex, one of our human caretakers, is back from Spring Break… I guess that’s something humans do when they are in school.  We are all sooooo happy she’s back because even though a lot of us here don’t agree on everything, we all love Alex!  She took me for a walk today and spent some time hanging out with me.  She is so awesome!

Since it’s finally my turn to blog today, I thought I would tell you about my ideal home. I know some of the other dogs have told you about their ideal home, but it’s my turn to be the center of attention, and it’s about time, by the way.  So, I would love to be the only pet in the home.  I want undivided attention from humans, and I’m so entertaining on my own they wouldn’t want another pet, especially cats… weird little creatures, I just can’t figure out what all the fuss is about with them.  Anyway, I should have a yard with a fence because I love playing fetch and running around.  I am pretty smart, too, so someone who wants to  teach me tricks would be awesome, I love performing for an audience and getting praise and treats.  I have only met a few small humans but they seem okay.  I’m very sassy when I meet other dogs when I’m walking, so maybe someone who is dog savvy would be best for me. I’m very affectionate, and want to be spoiled rotten.

Well, I think that’s a good start.  I’m ready to settle in for the night, I’m kinda tired from walking, playing, and writing.

This is Alex.

This is Alex. All of us dogs agree that she is the best!

This is me playing in the snow.  I love snow!

And this is me playing in the snow a few weeks ago. I love snow!

Angie Sass-A-Frass (Adopted!)


Hey humans!  My name is Angie.  I guess the reason I’m called a “sass-a-frass” is ’cause I have lots and lots of sass and energy!  I absolutely love people and want to be the center of attention all the time, which is kinda hard to do here… all these other dogs kinda steal the attention sometimes.  I have learned how to entertain myself and our humans by playing games in the yard, like tossing a ball in the air and digging it out of the snow.  The humans get a kick out of it… which is why I do it.