Bandit (Adopted!)


hey everybody how’re ya doin’?  we got an update about Aster today an’ she’s doin’ great with her new family.  she’s made some new doggy friends an’ has an awesome doggy gram-ma an’ gran-pa.  her gran-pa set up a sprinkler for her so she could play with the water.  Aster’s mom sent a short video of her playin’ in the water…an’ she looks like she’s havin’ a great time!  that’s so cool she has a real nice human family.  i hope i’m as lucky as she is when i go to a forever home.  i’d LOVE to have a doggy brother or sister to play with and a fenced yard to run ’round in, an’ maybe even a kiddy pool or sprinkler!  but, til my future human family finds me, i’m cool here cuz there’s lots to do and see, an’ our humans take real good care of us and love us and give us lots and lots of attention.  plus, we get to see volunteers, too, an’ they’re great, too.

i’ve got some new stuff goin’ on with me i wanted to talk ’bout.  first, i gotta go to some oh-bee-dee-nce classes a lil while ago.  our humans are always workin’ on stuff to make our lives here great, so they’re teachin’ us doggies stuff like how to “sit”, an’ “lay down”, an’ to “leave it”.  i learned stuff real fast, and made Jana (she was the human workin’ with me) real proud of me… an’ Pete an’ Christine, too.  i like learnin’ new things an’ makin’ humans smile at me and tell me i’m so smart, and such a good boy… and i get lots of treats for doin’ a good job!  i love treats! anyways, the other news i have is i have a new roommie, Tommy Boy. our humans wanted to move a doggy from the intake area, Radar, out to the main kennel…so Radar is with Nemo, and Tommy Boy’s with me.  i like him, too!  he makes funny sounds… kinda like a bark and a rooo kinda sound at the same time.  he’s goofy an’ lots of fun to play with.  he’ll probly be ready for adoption next week, but i dunno how that stuff works… that’s human stuff, what i like is havin’ a good roommie who’s lots of fun to hang out with an’ to run around the yard an’ play with, and he’s snuggly at night.

k, i gotta go cuz some new volunteers wanna take me an’ Tommy Boy out in the yard… time for some treats!  Bye!

me and Tommy Boy playin' tug...he's kinda winning.

me and Tommy Boy playin’ tug… he’s kinda winning.

i'm winning now!

i’m winning now!

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Remy (Adopted!)


Hey humans what’s going on?!?!  I’m not likin’ all this real hot weather…ya know with my black coat an’ all.  But, I really like coolin’ off in the kiddy pool our awesome humans have for us in one of our yards.  After playin’ in a play group with Aster, Ella, Nemo, an’ Tommy Boy (he’s a cool lil dude, but not available for adoption just yet), I like to go lay in the pool an’ cool off.  I love play groups! I like chasin’ other dogs, an’ bein’ chased, an’ playin’ tug with a big rope toy, too. I think play groups are AWESOME!  I’m always tired after runnin’ ’round playin’ with my doggy friends, an’ it’s good for all of us ’cause we learn how to play with each other.  Watchin’ us play helps our humans learn stuff ’bout us, like how we play, who we like or play with really well, an’ who we don’t get along with as well.  Stuff like that’s important for Christine who’s kinda like a big sis to all of the dogs here ’cause she tries to make great matches for us so we can go to forever homes of our own.

That’s what I wanna tell ya ’bout…my ideal forever home.  I’m a Pit Bull mix, so I have go to a city where we’re “legal”…whatever that means. I’d probably do ok in an apartment ’cause I’m not real loud, as long as I get enough exercise before you leave me to go to work or whatever it is you humans do all day.  I’d prefer a house with a fenced in yard ’cause I love to play fetch, an’ play with other dogs.  I’d love goin’ to a home with another dog, or with one of my friends from here…that’d be really awesome! 30 minutes of play time with another dog or 3 is a great way for us to burn off some energy…even better than walks or runs.  I’d be ok with small humans, but maybe not too small ’cause I do like to give hugs (I jump up an’ wrap my paws ’round a humans waist), an’ our humans think this is kinda cute an’ sweet, so they don’t always make me “sit”.  I gotta admit, I shouldn’t go to a home with cats, though, ’cause I like to chase them, I don’t know what’s wrong with that, but I know our humans don’t like it when I do that.  I’m workin’ on my leash manners when I go on pack walks, an’ am pretty good.  I like most dogs I meet, but who’s gonna like everyone they meet, huh?  I prefer dogs my size or smaller, an’ when I’m on a leash, I get nervous if a male dog bigger than me gets close.  I don’t do anything bad, but I bark a bit, so maybe humans who have some experience with dogs would probably be good for me.  I have played with dogs bigger than me, but when I’m on a leash I get a lil bit nervous.

That’s all I got for now!  I’m tired after playin’ with my friends this morning, so I’m gonna go for now.  Check out our website for more info ’bout me, an’ how to go about meetin’ me (our adoption process, and online applications).  Bye!

Me chillin' in the pool to cool off.

Me chillin’ in the pool to cool off.

Me, Nemo, Aster, an' Ella playin' tug an' Tommy Boy's just hangin' out.

Me, Nemo, Aster, an’ Ella playin’ tug an’ Tommy Boy’s just hangin’ out.

Me, Aster and Nemo

Me, Aster and Nemo

Bandit (Adopted!)


hi my name is Bandit.  i’m about 6 months old, an’ came here ’cause one of the humans who works here found me runnin’ the streets, an’ was worried ’bout me so she brought me here.  i’d tell ya what my breed is, but no one really knows for sure, but i’ve heard i got some “pit bull” in me… i dunno totally what that means, but i guess it means there aren’t alotta places i can go for a forever home.  i’ll let one of the grown up pit bull mixes like Darla tell ya ’bout why it’s hard for pit bull an’ pit bull mixes to find forever homes… i’m just a kid an’ i’m still learnin’ ’bout lots an’ lots of stuff, an’ there’s always like lots of stuff goin’ on.

k, so here’s a lil’ info ’bout me… i’m a pretty energetic boy who loves playin’ with other doggies, like my roommate, Aster, an’ in play groups with Nemo, an’ Remy, an’ i get to go to satellite adoption events sometimes, too, which i love goin’ to ’cause i get to meet new humans! they give me treats, an’ tell me how cute i am, too, which i am! this saturday, july 19, i’ll be at the satellite event at Brookside Barkery & Bath from 11-3.  come meet me and some other dogs and kittens there!

more about me… i like to “talk” lots, ’cause i’m so excited an’ i’ve got lots to say!  when i get to go on a pack walk, or just out to the yard to play, i bark at all the other dogs to tell ’em what’s up!  hey… they may wanna know, an’ even if they don’t, i tell ’em anyway!  i love goin’ on pack walks, too!  i’m pretty good on a leash, an’ am learnin’ stuff like how to “sit” when asked… Alex and Lea Ann make me “sit” when i get my breakfast, an’ i do ’cause they ask so nice an’ make a real big deal when i do it!  i think i’m a pretty smart pup, but sometimes it takes me a few seconds to focus an’ understand what a new person is askin’ me… so if i don’t know ya, gimme a couple seconds an’ i’ll sit for ya, especially for food an’ yummy treats.

if i could chose my own forever home an’ new family, i’d really love to have a doggy brother or sister, like Aster (i love her lots!), ’cause i like to play so much, an’ runnin’ ’round playin’ with dogs is a real good way for us dogs to burn off energy!  i’d be ok as the only pet if ya wanna run or jog, or like to go on lots of walks.  i like splashin’ ’round in the kiddy pool our humans have for us… then i run an’ jump on one of them when they come get me to take me back inside, an’ i get ’em all wet!!  hee hee, they don’t like it always, but they’re usually pretty good sports ’bout it, an’ i like to jump lots anyways.  i probably should live in a house, not an apartment or duplex ’cause i do like to talk lots.  i’m pretty good with small humans, but ’cause i’m still workin’ on manners, i probably shouldn’t be in a home with real small humans.  anyways… it’s time to settle in for the night, so bye for now!

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Remy (Adopted!)


Hey humans, my name is Remy!  I’m happy ’cause it’s finally my turn to blog and I get to tell you a bit about me.  I know our humans have been busy with some dogs gettin’ adopted, like Robert, and dogs coming in to our shelter, and just human stuff.  So, here’s my basic info (which you can also find on the web site) — I’m a Pit Bull mix, and one and a half years old.  I was dumped in Louisberg, KS, and a nice human took me in and kept me ’til this place had room for me.

Here’s the good stuff — I have a roommate named Aster, who I really love playin’ with like runnin’ ’round the yard, and wrestlin’ in our kennel together.  I LOVE humans… I like givin’ hugs (even though some humans don’t understand that’s what I’m doin’ when I jump on them and put my paws on their waist).  I’m pretty energetic, like I love to go on walks, play with Aster, and fetch and stuff, but I also really like to hang out and chill with my human friends, too.  I like spending time with humans ’cause they give me treats, and pets, and love on me, and tell me how cute I am… which is awesome.  I’m workin’ on my leash manners, but I’m not the worst here… trust me, I’ve seen how some of the other dogs pull humans when they’re bein’ walked… I’m not that bad!  One of my favorite things is to go on a walk, and then spend some quality time chillin’ with a human!  I’m real good at that kinda stuff, ’cause like almost every Pit Bull you meet, we love humans.  I know I’m a favorite of Jai’s, the human who took care of me before there was a spot for me in the main kennel… I’m just that kinda boy, charming and sweet.

I’ll tell you ’bout the kinda forever home I want the next time I get to blog… I wanna get back to Aster, and just watchin’ the other doggies in the kennel… you can learn lots about them just by watchin’ them.

Me and Aster runnin' together.

Me and Aster runnin’ together.

Me… aren’t I handsome?!

Zelda (Adopted!)


hi!  my name is Zelda an’ i’ve been at the shelter for a little while, an’ i finally get a chance to introduce myself.  the reason i’m here is ’cause my former owner just couldn’t keep me, so they brought me here so i could find a wonderful home.  my roommate is Aster, an’ she’s awesome.  Pete an’ Christine had me meet Captain, but he kinda scared me a lil when we first met, so that’s why i’m with Aster.  i don’t have anythin’ against Captain, but some doggies intimidate me a bit.  i LOVE havin’ Aster as my roommie ’cause she is sooooo much fun to play with!!  we play out in the yard, runnin’ ’round, playin’ in play groups, an’ even in our kennel together we wrestle real quiet so we don’t bother the other dogs.

i’m very affectionate with humans, an’ even talk a lil’ to them, ‘specially if i like ’em a lot.  i like just hangin’ out with humans, walkin’ and ‘specially playin’ with other doggies!!!  that’s the best.  i’ve played in a play group with Grizzly, but i heard he can’t play for a while ’cause he had a surgery yesterday, i think it’s call an FHO, but i’m not sure what that means… poor guy, he’s so much fun an’ loves to run ’round an’ play, too, but he’s gonna be on strict rest for about a week, then he can go back to playin’ with me an’ Aster again. he’s only 10 months old (i’m 8 months old), an’ he’s already had a couple surgeries (Aster told me) an’ then he had to have ANOTHER one.  i can’t wait ’til he’s ready to play again.  i hope he’s feelin’ better so he can at least go on the Pack Walk (or a short one at least) on Sunday.  i love goin’ on walks, too.  i’m pretty good on a leash, i don’t pull the humans like Aster an’ a few of the other doggies… yay for me!!  anyways i’m gonna go for now ’cause it’s a super nice day today, an’ i wanna go run ’round the yard with Aster.  i’ll tell ya ’bout the kinda home i’d like another time.  bye!!

Taz the Spaz (Adopted!)


Hey!  How’s everybody doin’?  Sunday was soooo cool ’cause I was one of the dogs chosen to go on the Pet Telethon!  There was so much stuff goin’ on… people, dogs, kids, cats, cameras… just lots an’ lots of stuff! It was fun, an’ everybody said I did a good job on TV.  I’ve finally rested up, so I thought I’d tell ya’ll ’bout the kinda home I’d like to have.

See, I get along with most dogs, so havin’ a playmate an’ somebody to hang with’d be awesome!  My roommate, Roger, got adopted Saturday an’ he got a new sister, an’ I’d really love that.  I’m good with humans, little ones, too, but not too little ’cause I’m still learnin’ some of my manners.  Like Aster, I haven’t been “cat tested” yet either, but our humans think I’d be ok with a dog savvy cat (whatever that’s supposed ta mean).  I love playin’ fetch, an’ I’d love ta be with humans who like to do lots of outside stuff, like hikin’, walkin’ or runnin’. Remember I can jump a 5 1/2 foot wood fence, but I mostly do it ’cause I can… so I’d need have a doggy friend to play with to keep me in my yard.

K, that’s all I got for now!  Talk at ya’ll later…maybe I’ll get a new roommie soon.

Aster (Adopted!)


Hi!  I’m happy ’cause Dexter got adopted, which is cool, and I got a new roommate.  Her name is Zelda.  I’ll let her tell ya more ’bout her when she gets to blog, but I REALLY like her!  We have lots of fun playin’ in the yard together, and when all the other dogs in the kennel are quiet, we wrestle and play real quiet so we don’t wake up the others.  I’m excited ’cause I found out I’m gonna be on the Pet Telethon tonight, too!! Maybe someone will see me and wanna give me a forever home…

I’m a silly girl who loves to RUN!  I run circles ’round other dogs! Christine took some pictures of me, Zelda and Grizzly playin’ together in a play group the other day and had a hard time gettin’ all 3 of us in the same picture ’cause I was runnin’ circles ’round Zelda and Grizzly!! So, I’d really love to live with an active family who’d take me for walks, or runs, or hiking, and it’d be really cool if I had a doggy brother or sister to play with.  I haven’t been “cat tested” yet, whatever that means, but our humans think I’d probly’ be ok with cats ’cause I’m good with little dogs. One thing I do need is a tall fence, or somethin’ like that ’cause I jump the fences here, mostly just to check out what’s goin’ on in the other yards.  If I’m in a play group, I usually stay in the yard.  I’m curious, and I can jump, so why not?  If you wanna learn more about me and how our adoption process works, you can find out more on the HSGKC website.

Watch for me on the Pet Telethon tonight!  It’s from 6:30 to 9:30pm on 38 The Spot. Gotta go… I need to get some exercise and then I get a bath for my TV debut!  Bye!!

Grizzly, the Untamed (Adopted!)


hi!  i overheard our humans talking ’bout the KC Pet Telethon, and they said i’m one of the dogs who is going on, which is really cool!  my roommate, rosedale, is going on too and i think that’s great in case one of us gets a lil nervous or somethin’… but i don’t think i’ll be nervous ’cause i love people! especially if they have treats!  i love treats!!

so… maybe somebody will see me and wanna give me a forever home. if they do, i wanna tell you ’bout the kinda home i’d like to have.  i love other dogs!! i love playing with my roommate, and in play groups.  i was in a play group today with zelda and aster!!  i had a lot of fun runnin’ around the yard with them, wrestling, and barking, and playing!  it was lots of fun!  i have lots and lots of energy, so humans who are active would be great for me ’cause i have so much energy.

i’m curious about some small animals called cats… i saw some the other day in one of the cat rooms here, and i would probably be okay with them!  i just wanna know what they’re all about… anyways… i would be best in a house instead of an apartment, cause i do bark quite a bit…not ’cause anythings wrong, but ’cause i can!  i like small humans, but i suppose i still need to learn some manners, like not jumping up on them… some humans don’t like that, but i’m just so excited and i hope they have TREATS!!  i have to walk with something called a harness ’cause i pull when i walk but i can’t help it, i’m always happy and excited to go, go, go!!

okay, that’s all i have for now!  bye!  make sure to check me out on the Pet Telethon.

me playing with zelda!

me playing with zelda!

me with zelda and aster.  i love playgroups!!!

me with zelda and aster. i love playgroups!!!


Aster (Adopted!)


Hi, my name is Aster!  I’m super excited ’cause I’m in the main kennel now and already have a roommate!  His name is Dexter, and even though we didn’t show our best sides to each other the first time we met, we get along great now!  He’s pretty nice, we just had to spend some more time gettin’ to know each other!  I love Dexter now!  He is fun to run around an’ play with, an’ we get to snuggle together at night, which is cool, too!!  I like bein’ out in the kennel ’cause there’s lots of stuff goin’ on.  I’m a silly, very sweet girl with lots of energy an’ I really love to play with other dogs!  Okay, that’s all for now, there’s lots to see an’ I’m still tryin’ to figure out who all these other dogs are.