Heya humans, Ah hope ya’ll are doin’ good an’ enjoyin’ sum ah this sunshine!  We’re all happy ta see da sun after all da rain da pass coupla days… but dere’s still ah big ole’ mud puddle for us ta roll ’round in… he he!  So, Ah wanna update ya ’bout some ah da tings goin’ on here.  Mah newest roommate, Aubrey, went to a foster home last week.  Nemo got himself a forever home, an’ he’s real happy dere.  Ah coupla puppies, Lass an’ Cookie got themselves forever homes, too, an’ Ah’m real happy for dem.

‘Cause dese oder dogs found forever homes, that gots me thinkin’ ’bout some stuff… Ah tol’ ya ’bout da kinda forever home Ah’d lak last time, but what Ah was thinkin’ ’bout is dere are lots ah Pit Bulls an’ Pit Bull mixes lak me here at HSGKC… an’ Ah’m wonderin’ ’bout why dat is. Ah know Ah’ve heard some people talkin’ ’bout us, an’ Ah suspect it’s ’cause folks maght be ah bit ah-fraid ah us ’cause ah stuff dey hear.  So, Ah wanna tell ya’ll ’bout some ah our real good qualities so maybe some ah ya maght consider givin’ dogs lak me a chance.

See, here’s what ya’ll need ta know ’bout us Pit Bulls… dis is da important stuff, so pay real close attention:  WE LOVE HUMANS!!!  We love bein’ wit humans even more dan we lak bein’ wit oder dogs!  Most ah us are real, real good wit chiren (sometimes we jus’ get real happy an’ jump up, an’ we try ta be gentle but we can be ah bit much for small, small chiren).  We love ta be somethin’ call “lap dogs”, meanin’ even do we’re kinda big, we love relaxin’ wit humans an’ layin’ on dem!  We love givin’ kisses (Brownie gives LOTS of kisses, an’ Ah do too, but Ah’m ah lil less intense ’bout kisses dan he be).  Almost all of us Pit Bulls here at HSGKC lak oder dogs… now summa us are kinda picky ’bout da dogs we like, but dat’s okay… no one laks everyone dey meet, ya know?  Ah know it ain’t always easy ta have ah Pit Bull ’cause when ya move ya gotta find ah city an’ ah place ta live where we’re allowed.  An’ when we’re your dog, you an’ your dog respresent all us Pit Bulls out dere, so we gots ta be on our very bestest behavior… but dats not too hard ta do!  We do gots some energy, an’ we’re strong, but after we’ve been for ah walk, or ah jog, or had some good ole’ play tahme, we jus love coolin’ down an’ cuddlin’ up wit our humans.  We’re not real hah energy dogs, ‘cept when we’re pups… but we grow outta dat pretty fast.  We’re smart, too, an’ sensitive ta our humans an’ envih-roh-ment, which means dere’s more goin’ on wit us dan ya maght think.

Well, Ah hope dat maybe Ah tole ya somethin’ new ’bout Pit Bulls dat ya didn’t know before, an’ dat if ya want ah best friend… ah dog who’ll go on walks an’ stuff wit ya, chill wit ya, an’ be your companion, den maybe ya’d think ’bout givin’ one of us ah forever home.  Ah’m gonna go for now… Ah think Pete an’ Christine are gonna try an’ get me anoder roommate!

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Romy (Adopted!)


Hi everyone!  My name is Romy (I think I was named after a character in a movie called “Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion”).  I’m a bit over 6 years old and I’m a Chocolate Lab with a really pretty coat!  I was surrendered to HSGKC back in February by the family who I lived with because they couldn’t afford a surgery I needed. I’m embarassed to say why I needed surgery but I guess you’ll wanna know…. I ate a sock… again.  Oops… well anyway I know my family loved me and wanted me to get better but they couldn’t afford all the stuff I needed to get better.  Anyways I’m soooo glad I ended up here!  I have a great thing goin’ here… I have a roommate I like, Luke (I had a pup named Reuben livin’ with me for a bit… and he’s nice and everything, but I like Luke ’cause he’s real calm), and our humans got me all better and I feel AWESOME!

I just found out I get to go to an event called Dog-n-Jog this Sunday, June 14!!!  I’m so excited!!  I love goin’ to satellite events ’cause I meet lots of new humans… and I hope every time I go that maybe I’ll meet someone who falls in love with me and wants to give me a forever home again!  In case you’re wonderin’, I think the other dogs who are goin’ are Brownie, Mila, Thomas, Aubrey, Marvin, Farley, Luke, and Nemo (he was adopted but had to come back here ’cause even though the humans he lived with LOVE him, the other doggy in the family just didn’t wanna share attention with him… so he’s back, but that’s his story to tell, I just wanted to fill ya in a bit).  Ok, so back to me… I’ve heard that Dog-n-Jog is lots of fun!  I’m really happy I get to go and ’cause there will be lots of humans there that maybe a couple families will be interested in learnin’ more ’bout me!  The other cool thing ’bout Dog-n-Jog is that it’ll raise money for HSGKC so our humans can keep doin’ all the good stuff they do for us dogs and cats who are here waitin’ for their forever homes!  They need donations to help pay for stuff, like the pictures I had to have taken of my belly (I think those pictures are called x-rays… sheesh, ya’ll have lots of fancy words for stuff, lol), and for heartworm treatment like my roommate, Luke, had!  I’ve heard our humans talkin’ and they said Dog-n-Jog is lots of fun, and there’s still time to register if you wanna help us out!  It’s from 7-10:30am on the Country Club Plaza… that sounds like a fun, exciting place!  Anyways, you can learn more ’bout Dog-n-Jog from this link thingy, www.dognjog.org.

I’m gonna go for now… it’s time for me to go find a mud puddle to play in!  If I don’t get adopted soon, I’ll tell ya ’bout the kinda forever home I’d like when I get to blog next!  I hope to meet you at Dog-n-Jog!!!  Bye!!

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Hey humans, how’s it goin’?  All of us dogs here are doin’ all right.  After a bit of discussion amongst our humans, they’ve decided that I’m the new narrator for the HSGKC Dog Blog since Smiley is now at the Rainbow Bridge.  I’m happy I was chosen to narrate (and I’m not at all surprised I was chosen, I mean, c’mon, I’m “Hercules the Magnificent” after all).

With my new title, this means I will fill you humans in on the stuff that’s goin’ on here at HSGKC.  The KC Pet Telethon was a success, from what I’ve heard.  All I know is that I was AWESOME!  Christine worked with me for about 2 weeks to prepare for our spot on the Telethon, and I learned how to do some neat new tricks, like “finish”, “turn”, “spin”, and “crawl”.  She was even more proud of me than she was last year ’cause I was so good for her!  I can even do a lot of the stuff she taught me off leash, but that’s ’cause she always has really yummy treats for me, and I love workin’ for food!  She’s gonna keep workin’ with me and teach me some new stuff, but I heard her talkin’ to Pete and Kate about Shiloh… I guess I’m gonna have to share some of Christine’s time with Shiloh because he needs to learn some obedience stuff, too, especially how to “stay”!  I know I’m the smartest dog in the kennel, and as much as I hate to admit this (so don’t tell Shiloh, please), he’s a clever dude!  He knows how to make a mad dash out of the building so our humans have to go chase him and lure him back… which is pretty funny!  I don’t bother with those types of “games” ’cause I know my food is here, and my treats, so I wouldn’t run off!

I also heard some talk about a satellite adoption event Saturday, March 21, at Four Paws Pantry and Spa in Olathe from 11-3.  I think Aubrey‘s gonna go, and I heard maybe Brownie will go to his first satellite.  I do like going to satellites, occasionally, but I’d rather stay here Saturdays to human and dog watch… plus Saturdays are when the most volunteers come in, so I get A LOT of treats!  I’m not gonna miss out on that for anything!

I almost forgot… big news… Gia, aka “Big G” was adopted Tuesday.  She’s been my neighbor for almost a year, so I’m gonna kinda miss her, but I’m real happy her humans came along and adopted her!  She’d been here for a little over a year, and was even skinnier than I was when I came in.  She was lookin’ pretty good, ya know, for an American Bulldog.

One other lil bit of gossip/news, for those of you who have seen pictures of Pibble on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages, she’s doin’ real well.  I know I’m Christine’s most favorite dog, but I think Pibble is givin’ me a lil competition.  Pibble’s healing well and is a real friendly girl from what I’ve heard.  She won’t be ready for adoption for a while, but I thought ya might wanna know she’s doin’ good.  That’s what makes this shelter so awesome… our humans really do everything they can to help us dogs so we can go to a forever home.  I was skinny, and heartworm positive when I came in, and look at how handsome I am now!

That’s all the news I have for now.  I’ll check in with you again soon.

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Hazel and Holly


hi, my name is Hazel, an’ my sister’s name is Holly.  we’re Shepherd/Hound mixes, an’ we’re ’bout 9 months old.  see we came here ’cause we were the last 2 puppies left from a litter, an’ we were livin’ outside ’cause the humans who had us didn’t really wanna keep us in the house, an’ couldn’t find us homes… so this nice lady got our other humans to give us to her an’ she brought us here ’cause she was real worried ’bout us bein’ outside all the time.  anyways, we were kinda shy an’ a lil scared when we got here, ’cause we’d never seen so many new humans before!  we’re doin’ lots better now tho, an’ like all the humans we’ve met so far!  we love all the humans who take care of us, like Pete, an’ Maddie, an’ Steve, an’ the human volunteers who come in an’ take us outside to play in the yard, an’ we LOVE goin’ on pack walks!  they all give us lots of treats, an’ pets, an’ hugs an’ stuff!  it’s cool bein’ here, ’cause we know we’re loved, an’ cared for, an’ that we’ll find an awesome forever home… but i’ll let Holly tell ya ’bout the kinda forever home we’d like… she needs to try this blog thingy out, too…

uuhhmm, hi, i’m Holly… my sis told me i should try this blog thingy, but i’m not real sure what to talk ’bout, but i’ll try.  Hazel filled you in ’bout how we got here, so i guess i’ll tell you ’bout the kinda forever home we’d like. Connor got to go to his forever home Saturday, so that got us thinkin’ ’bout the kinda home we’d like.  our humans want us to go to a home together, which is real nice of them ’cause me an’ Hazel want that, too! we don’t wanna be split up ’cause we’re real close, like sisters, an’ it’d be scary to not be with her… like i can’t imagine life without her.  that’s the most important thing to me, but we’d also like a fenced yard to run ’round in.  we’re still a tiny bit shy (me more than Hazel) when meetin’ new humans, so maybe we shouldn’t go to a home with real small humans… plus we’re workin’ on somethin’ called “manners”… i guess that’s somethin’ you humans like lots… we’re not naughty or nothin’ like that, we just get real excited sometimes an’ jump on our humans, an’ ’cause we’re gonna be bigger doggies when we’re all growed up, we might like knock a small human over just ’cause manners are so hard to learn!  we’ve met some other doggies, but we’re still not sure what to think of other doggies yet… but we do like Aubrey… she’s fun!  we’re hopin’ we get to be in a play group with her soon, so we can make new friends an’ have someone else to play with.  k… that’s all i got to say for now… bye.

i’m takin’ over again ’cause Holly doesn’t know what else to say… anyways, if ya think maybe you’d wanna give us a forever home together, check us out, we’re on petfinder.com, an’ on hsgkc.org (under the “adopt” tab).  we’ll blog again soon, but right now, we’re gonna go ’cause it’s time to go outside and PLAY!  bye!




hi!  my name is Aubrey!  i’m a 7 month old pit bull mix an’ i get to live with Darla… she’s such a good “big sis”!  anyways, i came here ’cause i was real sick with somethin’ called par-voh-vi-russ when i was only 4 1/2 months old, then after i got all better from that, our humans found out i had somethin’ else goin’ on with my skin, called dee-moh-dex mange.  sheesh, i’ve had lots to get better from already an’ i’m still a pup!!  i’m doin’ so much better now, tho, an’ i’m almost finished with my medicine for dee-moh-dex!  all the humans here are so nice, an’ take real good care of us doggies an’ the kitties, too!  i gotta go to my first sat-ell-ite adop-shun event last saturday with Nemo, an’ Connor, an’ Butler (he’s in a foster home, btw) an’ i had lots of fun!  i think i made Nemo tired ’cause he had to take a nap!  he wanted to kinda show me how things go at the adop-shun events ’cause he’s been to lots, an’ knows how to impress humans an’ get lots of attention, an’ treats, an’ humans make a BIG deal ’bout him ’cause he’s real nice to everybody!  i had lots of fun, but i didn’t need a nap… maybe ’cause i’m younger than him, or i just gots more energy than he does!  i did get lots of treats, an’ just had fun doin’ somethin’ a lil different!

i just heard Jack is gettin’ adopted, so i wanna talk a lil bit ’bout the kinda forever home i’d like to have.  i LOVE playin’ with other dogs, like Darla, so i’d really REALLY love to go to a home with a doggy brother or sister ’cause i’ve got lots of energy, an’ it’s just fun playin’ with doggy friends!  (i wish Darla an’ i could go to a home together, but we don’t gotta, but it’d be nice ’cause she’s been here for a while… an’ i think she gets kinda sad when her roommate gets adopted ’til our humans find her a new friend).  i probly shouldn’t go to a home with real small humans ’cause i’m a puppy still an’ workin’ on that “play-biting” thing humans are ALWAYS makin’ such a big deal ’bout… i’m just real excited an’ wanna play!  i’m pretty good on a leash, an’ i don’t jump fences, an’ i might be okay with cats, but i like dogs more!  i like playin’ tug, an’ with rope toys, too!  i think maybe humans who wanna take me for lots of walks an’ runs would be great ’cause i’m kinda busy!  i love days when Chuck comes in (he’s Darla’s FAVORITE human in the whole world, an’ a volunteer), ’cause he always takes us for walks, an’ he always walks us together on the pack walks!

that’s all for now, i’m kinda tired after all the thinkin’ i had to do for this blog thingy!  if you wanna learn more ’bout me an’ how to meet me, you gotta check out hsgkc.org! bye!!!!


Nemo (Adopted!)


hey humans, what’s new with you?!?!  i’m excited ’cause i just found out i getta go to a satellite adoption event on saturday!!!  i’m gonna be at Four Paws Pantry & Spa in Olathe from 11-3.  i dunno who else is gonna go with me, but i think i heard our humans say maybe Aubrey’d be goin’, too.  she’s a new pup, and gets to live with Darla an’ i think she’s pretty.  i think we’ll have fun at the satellite together, an’ ’cause she’s just a kid, i’ll make sure an’ show her the ropes!  like, i’ll show her how good i am, like well behaved, an’ polite, an’ how all kinds of humans make a real big deal ’bout how calm an’ nice i am so i get lots an’ lots of treats!

nemo_agilityi know i talked ’bout the kinda forever home i’d like the last time i blogged, an’ i’m really hopin’ i meet some awesome humans Saturday!  i’ve heard Christine tell humans who apply to adopt doggies that i’m “pretty bomb proof”… which i think is her way of sayin’ i’m da bomb ’cause i’m so good with other dogs, they all love me!  i’m great in play groups, an’ just a fun lil guy!  i like my roommy Radar lots, like i love wrestlin’ an’ runnin’ around the yard with him!  k, so one more thing, i’ve been takin’ some agility classes at The Dogs’ Spot, which is really fun… i like doin’ it, an’ know the human who takes me, Stan, is real proud of me for all the stuff i’ve learned how to do!  so, this real nice lady who takes our pictures made a video of me doin’ some of my agility stuff, so check it out!

that’s all i got for now, but if you want a “bomb proof” dog as a friend for your dog, then you gotta come an’ meet me Saturday!  for more info ’bout where i’m gonna be, go to www.hsgkc.org.  bye!!!!

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