Hey humans!  My name is Farley, and I’m a 14 month old Hound mix!  I came here from Kansas City, KS, Animal Control ’cause HSGKC had space and wanted to get me in a new place hopin’ I’d get adopted from here!  Anyways, I like bein’ here lots!  I got a roommate, Bandit, who’s lots and lots of fun to play with!  We like runnin’ round the yard together!  I’m a big boy, and I’m still growin’, like I think our humans think I’ll weigh almost like 85-90 pounds when I’m all growed up.


This is Shine with his new family

Before I talk ’bout me, I wanna update you on some super cool stuff that’s been happenin’ here… like Shine gettin’ adopted!!!  That’s awesome!  I heard from the other dogs he’d been here for almost 5 years.  Shine used to live outside of a drug house as a guard dog and he was treated real bad, so he had some special needs to work on and had to learn to trust humans.  His new parents are real nice and amazing humans, so he’s a real lucky dog! HSGKC is cool ’cause they do keep dogs here ’til their humans find them here!  Max, and a lil guy named Coach went to their forever homes on Saturday, too, which is real cool!  So, it’s been a busy place here!

Okay, so here’s some stuff you’d need to know ’bout me if you’re thinkin’ ’bout makin’ me a member of your family!  First, I’ve got LOTS and LOTS of energy, and I’m real strong… like I’ve heard our humans sayin’ that other than Gia, I’m like the strongest dog here… so I give the humans who take me on a walk (like the Pack Walks which I love, btw) a real work out!  I’m tryin’ to work on my leash manners ’cause I know our humans would like that, but I’m just so excited to go on a walk I can’t help it!  And, I figured out how to go on more walks… see I know how to climb the fence here… tee hee!!!!  I’m a smart, and goofy dude!  If I’m hangin’ out with Bandit in the yard, I gotta be supervised ’cause I’ll try to climb over the fence, and I like to chew on stuffed toys and tennis balls, and one time I swallowed a toy ’cause I didn’t wanna have it taken away from me!  So, what I’m kinda gettin’ at is I’m a bit of a handful… but in a good way!  I do learn stuff pretty quick, and I love all the humans I meet!  I’m good with most of the dogs I meet, too, but ’cause I’m big, and tall, and real energetic and such, not all dogs always like me… but that’s okay ’cause I got a cool roommate in Bandit!

Well, that’s all I got for now!  Plus, it’s time for me to go on a walk… I love that I’ve kinda trained the humans who take care of us!!!  Bye!


Yep, this is me in action!

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Echo (Adopted!)


Hey humans!  My name is Echo.  I’m a 10 month old Cattle Dog/Hound… who knows what else mix who came here back in July.  See what had happened was this — I was picked up by a Kansas City, KS, Animal Control Officer and brought here ’cause I had a real, real bad injury to my right rear leg/paw.  Our humans tried lots of stuff to make me better again, and after a while I got lots better (I had surgery on my paw and somethin’ called a “skin graft” to help me heal).  Anyways, I’m all good now, so I wanted to tell ya ’bout me, ’cause maybe my family is out there somewhere and just hasn’t found me yet!  (Thanks to all you humans who “share” our blog with other humans ’cause ya never know who might read ’bout one of us and say somethin’ like “I gotta meet that dog or puppy… btw, I dunno what all some of this stuff means, but I think it might help us find forever homes).

Ok, so here’s a lil ’bout me, I’ll keep it short.  First, I’m a really sweet, affectionate, friendly girl!  I love humans and am smart, too!  I’ve been to a couple obedience classes and learned stuff like super fast (“sit”, “watch me”, “down” and I’m workin’ on “leave-it”)!  I like most other dogs, but I gotta be the BOSS… I’m kinda like a bossy big sister, but that’s not a bad thing, it’s who I am!  I’ve made friends with lots of doggies and puppies here, like Bandit, Bianca and Annie.  I walk pretty nice on a leash, but can’t go super far yet… even though I’m healed, I still gotta build up to goin’ for real long walks, but I can play for like 2 hours or more a day with my friends!  Another good thing ’bout me is I’m pretty much house-trained… I keep a clean kennel!  I don’t have any “issues” with food or toys or treats or anything like that, I’m just an awesome girl!  If you wanna learn more ’bout me, check me out on Petfinder.com, or HSGKC’s website for info ’bout how to meet me!

I gotta go for now… time to go out and run ’round the yard!!!  Bye!


Tommy Boy, aka “Scooby Doo” (Adopted!)


hi everybody my name is Tommy Boy!  i’m a great dane mix, an’ i’m ’round 7 months old.  i’ve been here at hsgkc since May, but was really, really sick… like no one could figure out what was goin’ on with me.  i went to see a special doggy doc called an in-tur-nisst at VCA Mission MedVet, an’ she was real nice an’ our humans got me healthy.  see, i had parvovirus bad, an’ after I recovered from that it made me have some tummy problems an’ i wasn’t gainin’ weight an’ didn’t wanna eat much ’cause for a while all the stuff i tried to eat made me feel sick.  our humans wanted to make sure i was real healthy before letting other humans know i’m ready for adoption, an’ i am better!!!!  i’m doin’ awesome… like back in May, i only weighed 33.5 pounds, an’ now i weigh almost 66 pounds!!!!  k, so that’s some of my history, now onto the more fun stuff.

i get to blog today to talk about the Plaza Art Fair ’cause i get to go an’ i’m real excited ’cause it’ll be my very first satellite adoption event (i know how to spell some big words ’cause i’m a smart boy)! the Plaza Art Fair is a real big deal for doggies ’cause i’ve heard lots of doggies get adopted, so our humans, ‘specially Christine (she fostered me for a month to help me get better, so i know she really loves me, even tho i know i tested her patience sometimes…’cause i’m a busy boy) will be workin’ real hard to get doggies to their forever homes!  i can’t wait to meet new humans, an’ really hope some real special, patient humans come along an’ want to give me a forever home!  plus, i think our humans get somethin’ called “donations”, too, like stuff they need to take care of us, toys for us, an’ other things humans need!  anyways, i’m so excited to go!  i hope i do good!  if you want more info about the Plaza Art Fair, check out our website for details… i’d fill you in more, but that’s not all i wanna talk about.

i wanna talk ’bout the kinda forever home i’d like, just a lil bit.  i’d love to have a doggy friend or 2 ’cause i LOVE playin’ with other dogs!!! Bandit‘s my roommie (an’ i love him), but i’ve been in play groups with Nemo, Radar, Titan, an’ Denver an’ Dakota (they got adopted last week together! we’re all happy for them ’cause they’re sweet an’ needed to go to a home together). Nemo, Denver an’ Dakota would play tug with me, an’ even with all 3 of them pullin’ on the rope, i’d win!  i’ve got LOTS of energy an’ i’ve heard our humans say i’m a “busy” boy, an’ i am, ’cause there’s just so much stuff to check out!  i’ve started obedience classes, an’ am real smart, too!  i’m workin’ on leash manners, but ’cause i am kinda “busy” an’ wanna check out everything, i kinda pull a lil on a leash!  i love the Pack Walks, too! those are lots of fun!

ruh-roh, i think i’ve been blogging too long!  oops, i didn’t mean to, i just had lots to say!  if you wanna learn more ’bout me, check me out on petfinder, an’ please come out to the Plaza Art Fair!  bye!


Bandit (Adopted!)


hey everybody how’re ya doin’?  we got an update about Aster today an’ she’s doin’ great with her new family.  she’s made some new doggy friends an’ has an awesome doggy gram-ma an’ gran-pa.  her gran-pa set up a sprinkler for her so she could play with the water.  Aster’s mom sent a short video of her playin’ in the water…an’ she looks like she’s havin’ a great time!  that’s so cool she has a real nice human family.  i hope i’m as lucky as she is when i go to a forever home.  i’d LOVE to have a doggy brother or sister to play with and a fenced yard to run ’round in, an’ maybe even a kiddy pool or sprinkler!  but, til my future human family finds me, i’m cool here cuz there’s lots to do and see, an’ our humans take real good care of us and love us and give us lots and lots of attention.  plus, we get to see volunteers, too, an’ they’re great, too.

i’ve got some new stuff goin’ on with me i wanted to talk ’bout.  first, i gotta go to some oh-bee-dee-nce classes a lil while ago.  our humans are always workin’ on stuff to make our lives here great, so they’re teachin’ us doggies stuff like how to “sit”, an’ “lay down”, an’ to “leave it”.  i learned stuff real fast, and made Jana (she was the human workin’ with me) real proud of me… an’ Pete an’ Christine, too.  i like learnin’ new things an’ makin’ humans smile at me and tell me i’m so smart, and such a good boy… and i get lots of treats for doin’ a good job!  i love treats! anyways, the other news i have is i have a new roommie, Tommy Boy. our humans wanted to move a doggy from the intake area, Radar, out to the main kennel…so Radar is with Nemo, and Tommy Boy’s with me.  i like him, too!  he makes funny sounds… kinda like a bark and a rooo kinda sound at the same time.  he’s goofy an’ lots of fun to play with.  he’ll probly be ready for adoption next week, but i dunno how that stuff works… that’s human stuff, what i like is havin’ a good roommie who’s lots of fun to hang out with an’ to run around the yard an’ play with, and he’s snuggly at night.

k, i gotta go cuz some new volunteers wanna take me an’ Tommy Boy out in the yard… time for some treats!  Bye!

me and Tommy Boy playin' tug...he's kinda winning.

me and Tommy Boy playin’ tug… he’s kinda winning.

i'm winning now!

i’m winning now!

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Bandit (Adopted!)


hi my name is Bandit.  i’m about 6 months old, an’ came here ’cause one of the humans who works here found me runnin’ the streets, an’ was worried ’bout me so she brought me here.  i’d tell ya what my breed is, but no one really knows for sure, but i’ve heard i got some “pit bull” in me… i dunno totally what that means, but i guess it means there aren’t alotta places i can go for a forever home.  i’ll let one of the grown up pit bull mixes like Darla tell ya ’bout why it’s hard for pit bull an’ pit bull mixes to find forever homes… i’m just a kid an’ i’m still learnin’ ’bout lots an’ lots of stuff, an’ there’s always like lots of stuff goin’ on.

k, so here’s a lil’ info ’bout me… i’m a pretty energetic boy who loves playin’ with other doggies, like my roommate, Aster, an’ in play groups with Nemo, an’ Remy, an’ i get to go to satellite adoption events sometimes, too, which i love goin’ to ’cause i get to meet new humans! they give me treats, an’ tell me how cute i am, too, which i am! this saturday, july 19, i’ll be at the satellite event at Brookside Barkery & Bath from 11-3.  come meet me and some other dogs and kittens there!

more about me… i like to “talk” lots, ’cause i’m so excited an’ i’ve got lots to say!  when i get to go on a pack walk, or just out to the yard to play, i bark at all the other dogs to tell ’em what’s up!  hey… they may wanna know, an’ even if they don’t, i tell ’em anyway!  i love goin’ on pack walks, too!  i’m pretty good on a leash, an’ am learnin’ stuff like how to “sit” when asked… Alex and Lea Ann make me “sit” when i get my breakfast, an’ i do ’cause they ask so nice an’ make a real big deal when i do it!  i think i’m a pretty smart pup, but sometimes it takes me a few seconds to focus an’ understand what a new person is askin’ me… so if i don’t know ya, gimme a couple seconds an’ i’ll sit for ya, especially for food an’ yummy treats.

if i could chose my own forever home an’ new family, i’d really love to have a doggy brother or sister, like Aster (i love her lots!), ’cause i like to play so much, an’ runnin’ ’round playin’ with dogs is a real good way for us dogs to burn off energy!  i’d be ok as the only pet if ya wanna run or jog, or like to go on lots of walks.  i like splashin’ ’round in the kiddy pool our humans have for us… then i run an’ jump on one of them when they come get me to take me back inside, an’ i get ’em all wet!!  hee hee, they don’t like it always, but they’re usually pretty good sports ’bout it, an’ i like to jump lots anyways.  i probably should live in a house, not an apartment or duplex ’cause i do like to talk lots.  i’m pretty good with small humans, but ’cause i’m still workin’ on manners, i probably shouldn’t be in a home with real small humans.  anyways… it’s time to settle in for the night, so bye for now!

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