Dooney (Adopted!)


Hey humans!  It’s been a while since I last checked in on this blog thing, and a lot has happened since I last wrote… like Darla finding her forever home!  Even though I prefer my own company (and not to share attention from humans with other dogs or cats), I’m very happy for her ’cause I heard she had been here for a while, waiting for her humans to find her.  When I say she’d been here a while, please don’t think anything negative about HSGKC… see from what I’ve noticed ’round here, this is a special shelter.  Our humans care about us lots and lots, and want us to find forever homes, but lots of us dogs who are here make that job a bit challenging at times.  So, if it takes more time for us to go to the right home for us, well, then it takes more time.  Anyways, Darla was here for a spell ’cause she’s not good with most other dogs, or cats, but she’s perfect with humans, especially small humans, or kids.  I’m also great with humans and kids, and love spending time with volunteers on Pack Walks, and playing in the yard (and with my favorite volunteer, Stan).  They try to play fetch with me, but I’m quite a tease about bringing back the rope or ball to them… they think it’s frustrating, and I think it’s funny!  I gotta entertain myself sometimes!

So after Darla went to her forever home, I started thinking ’bout my ideal forever home. I want to be the only pet.  I do want all of the attention for myself, and even though I’m 5 years old, don’t let that fool you… I’d love an active person or family to live with!  Last fall, Pete and Christine taught me some agility stuff, and I LOVE AGILITY!!!  It’s so much fun!  I’m very precise, and really have fun running up the A-Frame, and over the Bar Jump!  I’m pretty good on a leash, and love going for walks, and would love to go for runs or jogs, too.  I’d probably be okay in an apartment, as long as my new family would take me someplace (by myself, of course) to run around in a fenced in area.  I’d love a house with a fenced yard, but an apartment would work in a pinch.  I’m pretty smart, too, and Stan is taking me to obedience classes at The Dogs’ Spot.  I’m learning all kinds of things, like “sit”, “down”, “leave-it”, “watch me”, and I’m working on “stays” even though they aren’t my favorite thing to do (“stays” are kind of boring).  I love going to class with Stan on Saturdays!  I’m excited about this Saturday ’cause in the morning I’m going on TV! You can see me on KSHB Channel 41.  My Saturday is going to be AWESOME!

this is me learning how to do the teeter totter!

this is me learning how to do the teeter totter!

That’s all I’ve got for now…but I heard I’m probably going on the KC Pet Telethon this year, so if you miss me on TV Saturday morning, make sure to watch for me on the Pet Telethon.  It’s Sunday, March 1st, from 6:30-9:30pm on 38 The Spot (all that’s a mouthful… sheesh).  Peace out, I’ll talk at ya’ll later!

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hi!  my name is Aubrey!  i’m a 7 month old pit bull mix an’ i get to live with Darla… she’s such a good “big sis”!  anyways, i came here ’cause i was real sick with somethin’ called par-voh-vi-russ when i was only 4 1/2 months old, then after i got all better from that, our humans found out i had somethin’ else goin’ on with my skin, called dee-moh-dex mange.  sheesh, i’ve had lots to get better from already an’ i’m still a pup!!  i’m doin’ so much better now, tho, an’ i’m almost finished with my medicine for dee-moh-dex!  all the humans here are so nice, an’ take real good care of us doggies an’ the kitties, too!  i gotta go to my first sat-ell-ite adop-shun event last saturday with Nemo, an’ Connor, an’ Butler (he’s in a foster home, btw) an’ i had lots of fun!  i think i made Nemo tired ’cause he had to take a nap!  he wanted to kinda show me how things go at the adop-shun events ’cause he’s been to lots, an’ knows how to impress humans an’ get lots of attention, an’ treats, an’ humans make a BIG deal ’bout him ’cause he’s real nice to everybody!  i had lots of fun, but i didn’t need a nap… maybe ’cause i’m younger than him, or i just gots more energy than he does!  i did get lots of treats, an’ just had fun doin’ somethin’ a lil different!

i just heard Jack is gettin’ adopted, so i wanna talk a lil bit ’bout the kinda forever home i’d like to have.  i LOVE playin’ with other dogs, like Darla, so i’d really REALLY love to go to a home with a doggy brother or sister ’cause i’ve got lots of energy, an’ it’s just fun playin’ with doggy friends!  (i wish Darla an’ i could go to a home together, but we don’t gotta, but it’d be nice ’cause she’s been here for a while… an’ i think she gets kinda sad when her roommate gets adopted ’til our humans find her a new friend).  i probly shouldn’t go to a home with real small humans ’cause i’m a puppy still an’ workin’ on that “play-biting” thing humans are ALWAYS makin’ such a big deal ’bout… i’m just real excited an’ wanna play!  i’m pretty good on a leash, an’ i don’t jump fences, an’ i might be okay with cats, but i like dogs more!  i like playin’ tug, an’ with rope toys, too!  i think maybe humans who wanna take me for lots of walks an’ runs would be great ’cause i’m kinda busy!  i love days when Chuck comes in (he’s Darla’s FAVORITE human in the whole world, an’ a volunteer), ’cause he always takes us for walks, an’ he always walks us together on the pack walks!

that’s all for now, i’m kinda tired after all the thinkin’ i had to do for this blog thingy!  if you wanna learn more ’bout me an’ how to meet me, you gotta check out! bye!!!!


Nemo (Adopted!)


hey humans, what’s new with you?!?!  i’m excited ’cause i just found out i getta go to a satellite adoption event on saturday!!!  i’m gonna be at Four Paws Pantry & Spa in Olathe from 11-3.  i dunno who else is gonna go with me, but i think i heard our humans say maybe Aubrey’d be goin’, too.  she’s a new pup, and gets to live with Darla an’ i think she’s pretty.  i think we’ll have fun at the satellite together, an’ ’cause she’s just a kid, i’ll make sure an’ show her the ropes!  like, i’ll show her how good i am, like well behaved, an’ polite, an’ how all kinds of humans make a real big deal ’bout how calm an’ nice i am so i get lots an’ lots of treats!

nemo_agilityi know i talked ’bout the kinda forever home i’d like the last time i blogged, an’ i’m really hopin’ i meet some awesome humans Saturday!  i’ve heard Christine tell humans who apply to adopt doggies that i’m “pretty bomb proof”… which i think is her way of sayin’ i’m da bomb ’cause i’m so good with other dogs, they all love me!  i’m great in play groups, an’ just a fun lil guy!  i like my roommy Radar lots, like i love wrestlin’ an’ runnin’ around the yard with him!  k, so one more thing, i’ve been takin’ some agility classes at The Dogs’ Spot, which is really fun… i like doin’ it, an’ know the human who takes me, Stan, is real proud of me for all the stuff i’ve learned how to do!  so, this real nice lady who takes our pictures made a video of me doin’ some of my agility stuff, so check it out!

that’s all i got for now, but if you want a “bomb proof” dog as a friend for your dog, then you gotta come an’ meet me Saturday!  for more info ’bout where i’m gonna be, go to  bye!!!!

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Hey ya’ll, ma name is Groot an’ I’m from Nawlin’s Loo-see-ann-nah.  I was in a shelter dere, an’ Jai (one of da humans here who takes care of us dogs), got me on somethin’ called a “transport” to come here.  I’m glad I’m here, cuz dis shelter is I think kinda a special place, so I think I’m a lucky boy to be here!  So, here’s summa my info… I’m a Pit Bull mix, a lil over a year old, an’ I LOVE humans!!!!  I love bein’ petted, an’ goin’ for walks, an’ gettin’ treats (I like Kongs with dee-lih-shous wet food in dere for me to eat!).  I love gettin’ in a human’s lap for pets, an’ I give good, nice kisses… I’m not a slobbery kisser!  I’ll tawk mo’ ’bout da kinda forever home I’d like anoder time, cuz I wanna tawk ’bout somethin’ more fun dat I gotta do last Sunday.

groot_xmas7funnyOur humans here always wanna do extra stuff to help us dogs an’ cats find forever homes, so I gotta have ma picture taken with 11 oder dogs for something’ called “Da 12 Strays of Christmas”.  Ya gotta looka’ somethin’ called “Facebook” an’ “Instagram” cuz that’s where dey post da dogs an’ cats.  I was real good for ma picture session, an’ looked real cute.  Da pic ya see here is funny cuz it looks like I don’t got ears, but I think I look cute an’ real sweet like da nice boy I am!  It was lots of fun gettin’ my picture taken cuz I got LOTS of treats, an’ Christine an’ Jana dressed me up an’ stuff to make me look mo’ handsome dan I already am!

Dat’s all I gots ta tawk ’bout fo’ now, an’ it’s time fo’ me to go play in da yard an’ run ’round!  I hope ya’ll like our pictures an’ maybe think ’bout donatin’ stuff like toys or oder stuff our humans need to take care of us… dey need alotta stuff to take care-ah all us! If I don’t tawk ta ya’ll befo’ Christmas, I hope ya’ll have a happy holiday!

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Ella (Adopted!)


hi, in case you forgot, i’m Ella, an’ i get to blog today to talk ’bout this cool thing called a “fundraiser”  (i think these things raise money… i still have lots to learn ’cause humans gots lots of words for lots an’ lots of things) for HSGKC, an’ me an’ Darla get to go to one of the places on saturday!!!  i’m so excited i get to go out an’ meet new humans, an’ i get to hang out with Darla… i really love her!  anyways, the thingy (i like Mischa‘s word for fundraiser, it’s not as hard to spell), is called “Tour de Johnny’s” at Johnny’s Tavern (i dunno what a “tavern” is for sure, but i asked Darla an’ she thinks it’s a place humans buy tasty things to drink). the “Tour de Johnny’s” goes all day from noon til past 9 at night… which is real late for me, an’ it’s all over the city.  the humans who own the taverns are givin’ part of the money they make to our humans, which is really nice! me an’ Darla get to represent HSGKC at a place called Power and Light from 4:30-6pm with Christine an’ another human who works here, Kathy.

i’m so excited i get to go out an’ stay up late an’ meet new humans, an’ get to hang out with Darla…’cause it’s only the 2 of us there, we’ll get lots an’ lots of attention, i think!  i like it when humans tell me i’m cute an’ give me treats an’ love on me!  an’ it’s awesome Darla’s goin’ with me!  i was a tiny bit naughty at the last satellite adop-shun event i went to… see i get real excited sometimes, an’ i can’t keep it in so i get a lil “mouthy”, an’ sometimes i play a lil more rough with humans than i’m supposed to.  i’m tryin’ real hard to get better an’ not be too rough, but it’s real hard when i’m excited.  i can also get a lil scared when i’m hugged or held tight, so our humans wanna make sure i’m set up to behave the best i can, so the thingy i’m goin’ to is perfect for me an’ Darla!! maybe a real nice pair of humans will wanna adopt me or Darla or both of us.

i heard the Plaza Art Fair is goin’ on all weekend, too, so i hope lots of humans stop by to see those dogs an’ puppies, too.  there’s more details ’bout the Plaza Art Fair an’ my event on our website, so check it out ’cause we’d love to see ya!

i’m gonna go for now… tomorrow is gonna be a fun day an’ i gotta rest up so i look my best (an’ then there’s the Pack Walk on Sunday, too)!  bye!

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Gia, aka “Big-G” (Adopted!)


Whad-up people?  I gotta agree with Porter on this one…”people” just doesn’t flow for me just yet.  Anyways, I’m excited cuz I finally got a nickname: Big-G.  I like it cuz now I’m weighing in around 91 pounds and I’m lookin’ goo-ood and cuz my 2 favorite guys, Pete and Chuck, started callin’ me that!  When I got here, I didn’t look real good and only weighed 62 pounds, and the vet said I was “emaciated” or somethin’ like that.  See, I lived on a chain, too, and the humans who had me really didn’t take good care of me… but that’s all in the past… what’s important is I’m doin’ way better now.  Our humans think I could easily gain another 15-20 pounds, but it takes time for us to gain weight.

I’m still the strongest dog here, just ask any of the humans who’ve taken me for a walk.  I’m sure they’d like it if I didn’t pull so hard when I walk, but I like showin’ all the other dogs how strong I am.  Pete’s spent some time teachin’ me how to “heel”, and if I gotsta heel, I will, but I kinda do what I wanna do most of the time.  That’s part of being an American Bulldog, we’re stubborn, I think the word humans use is “headstrong” or somethin’ like that.  It’s part of our charm… and what can get us into trouble sometimes if we’re part of a family that’s never had a dog like us before. Not to say that we’re not good for first time dog owners, but ya gotta know what you’re doin’ with us… we LOVE humans, LOVE makin’ our humans happy, but bein’ stubborn means you’ve gotta be real patient with us and know how to train us!

I’d “blog” more, but I’m savin’ my energy for when Chuck comes in to take me for a long walk!  I have to share him with Darla and Ella cuz he likes them lots too, but ’til I get adopted and have my very own humans I gotta share, even if it’s with Darla and Ella (I’m not talkin’ smack on them or anythin’, I just wanna be the center of attention).  Gotta run, I’ll check in again soon.

Me and Chuck just hangin' out after my walk...this weather is perfect for me!

Me and Chuck just hangin’ out after my walk… this weather is perfect for me!

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Darla, the Darling of HSGKC (Adopted!)


Hey, how ya’ll doin?  I’ve had some exciting things goin’ on the past month or so, like I gotta stay with Pete overnight and Bart, now Hogan, came in for a visit to see me on Saturday.  Lemme tell ya ’bout how I got to spend the night at Pete’s house first.  See, what had happened was I was runnin’ ’round the yard playin’ with Ella, and some kinda bug stung me and I had a really bad reaction to it and went into “shock” or somethin’.  Pete, Kate, and the dog doctors here, they’re called veterinarians I think, were real worried ’bout me, so Pete took me to VCA Mission MedVet.  The vets there gave me a shot and some other stuff to make me feel better, but they wanted me to stay with someone overnight in case I wasn’t doin’ good… so Pete took me home with him!  It was AWESOME!  I gotta hang out with him, lay on soft stuff like his couch and a doggy bed.  Plus, I got to be the center of attention all night!  I dunno what got me, and even though it was kinda scary, I got to hang with Pete… so not a bad deal for me.  He’s my favorite human here, besides Chuck, of course… when Chuck’s here, I give him ALL of my attention.  Like if I know he’s here, and I’m out in the yard with Ella, I’ll hop right over the fence and run back into my kennel to wait for him to take me out for a walk (kinda cool trick I can do, huh?).

Me chillin' on Pete's couch.

Me chillin’ on Pete’s couch.

I’m fine now, just gotta watch out for bugs that might sting me… I dunno what they look like, but I know our humans are keepin’ a close eye on me ’cause they love me!

Anyways, Hogan came in on Saturday and his mom and dad wanted to see me and him run ’round the yard and play together.  He’s grown up and gotten pretty big, but I remembered him right away.  We had fun runnin’ round and wrestlin’, and then I made our humans (and his mom and dad) smile and laugh ’cause I kept jumpin’ in the kiddy pool to cool off.  I love bein’ with humans, and makin’ them smile and stuff ’cause they always tell me what a good girl I am, and how sweet I am.  Hogan’s almost taller than me, and even though he’s younger I can definitely keep up. After Hogan left, Chuck took me and Ella for a long walk, so Saturday was a great day!  And Chuck came back in on Sunday and took me and Ella on the Pack Walk, too!

That’s all I got for now!  Oh, and don’t forget you can still buy tickets for Art Unleashed.  We want lots of humans to go and buy artwork ’cause our shelter will get ALL of the proceeds!  That’s so cool!  Bye for now!

Me chasing Hogan, and I caught up, of course!

Me chasing Hogan, and I caught up, of course!

See, I caught him!

See, I caught him!

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Bandit (Adopted!)


hi my name is Bandit.  i’m about 6 months old, an’ came here ’cause one of the humans who works here found me runnin’ the streets, an’ was worried ’bout me so she brought me here.  i’d tell ya what my breed is, but no one really knows for sure, but i’ve heard i got some “pit bull” in me… i dunno totally what that means, but i guess it means there aren’t alotta places i can go for a forever home.  i’ll let one of the grown up pit bull mixes like Darla tell ya ’bout why it’s hard for pit bull an’ pit bull mixes to find forever homes… i’m just a kid an’ i’m still learnin’ ’bout lots an’ lots of stuff, an’ there’s always like lots of stuff goin’ on.

k, so here’s a lil’ info ’bout me… i’m a pretty energetic boy who loves playin’ with other doggies, like my roommate, Aster, an’ in play groups with Nemo, an’ Remy, an’ i get to go to satellite adoption events sometimes, too, which i love goin’ to ’cause i get to meet new humans! they give me treats, an’ tell me how cute i am, too, which i am! this saturday, july 19, i’ll be at the satellite event at Brookside Barkery & Bath from 11-3.  come meet me and some other dogs and kittens there!

more about me… i like to “talk” lots, ’cause i’m so excited an’ i’ve got lots to say!  when i get to go on a pack walk, or just out to the yard to play, i bark at all the other dogs to tell ’em what’s up!  hey… they may wanna know, an’ even if they don’t, i tell ’em anyway!  i love goin’ on pack walks, too!  i’m pretty good on a leash, an’ am learnin’ stuff like how to “sit” when asked… Alex and Lea Ann make me “sit” when i get my breakfast, an’ i do ’cause they ask so nice an’ make a real big deal when i do it!  i think i’m a pretty smart pup, but sometimes it takes me a few seconds to focus an’ understand what a new person is askin’ me… so if i don’t know ya, gimme a couple seconds an’ i’ll sit for ya, especially for food an’ yummy treats.

if i could chose my own forever home an’ new family, i’d really love to have a doggy brother or sister, like Aster (i love her lots!), ’cause i like to play so much, an’ runnin’ ’round playin’ with dogs is a real good way for us dogs to burn off energy!  i’d be ok as the only pet if ya wanna run or jog, or like to go on lots of walks.  i like splashin’ ’round in the kiddy pool our humans have for us… then i run an’ jump on one of them when they come get me to take me back inside, an’ i get ’em all wet!!  hee hee, they don’t like it always, but they’re usually pretty good sports ’bout it, an’ i like to jump lots anyways.  i probably should live in a house, not an apartment or duplex ’cause i do like to talk lots.  i’m pretty good with small humans, but ’cause i’m still workin’ on manners, i probably shouldn’t be in a home with real small humans.  anyways… it’s time to settle in for the night, so bye for now!

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Ella (Adopted!)


hi my name is Ella!  i’m a 5 month old pit bull mix who came here in May ’cause the humans who had me before didn’t take real good care of me, an’ then couldn’t afford to treat somethin’ i have called dee-mo-dex mange. from listening to our humans, (an’ Darla told me ’bout it, too. she’s my roommate, btw), dee-mo-dex is a lil tiny mite that lives in the hair follicles of dogs, an’ all of us have some, but if we aren’t real healthy, then the stupid lil mites take advantage of us an’ make more mites so we lose our fur.  it’s not con-tay-giss to other dogs, but it takes a long time for the medicine i gotta take to work.  i also had somethin’ happen to my hips (i needed pictures taken of my bones, an’ my former humans couldn’t afford those either).  nothin’ was broken, but i don’t run real fast.  our humans don’t think the humans who had me before were real nice to me, so some stuff scares me lots… like if i gotta be held so the doggie doctors can scrape my skin to check for the lil mites, i growl at the humans holdin’ me some… i don’t wanna be mean or nothin’ i’m just real afraid.

i wanna go to a home again, but i need to go to some humans who are super nice an’ have lots of patience to help me with the stuff i’m scared of.  maybe i shouldn’t go with small humans ’cause from what Darla’s told me they like to give “hugs”, an’ are real excitable, an’ might scare me.  Darla’s an awesome roommate ’cause she’s tellin’ me lots an’ lots of stuff ’bout really nice humans, an’ she plays with me in the yard an’ kinda looks out for me. she’s like a big sis to me, an’ she sleeps next to me every night even tho she could sleep on her own bed. i do like most other dogs, but I play kinda rough so medium and big dogs are best for me.

i’m excited ’bout somethin’ i wanna tell ya ’bout… i get to go to a satellite adoption event on saturday with Darla!  it’s called “Dead Girl Derby” from 5-8 at Hale Arena.  if you wanna know more, check out our website for details.  i’ve heard it’s lots an’ lots of fun to go to satellite events ’cause humans give us treats, an’ pet us, an’ make a real big deal ’bout how cute we all are.  plus, Darla said this is her first real satellite she’s goin’ to which is awesome for me ’cause i can be with her… i love her… maybe some real nice humans will meet both of us an’ wanna adopt both of us!

i’m gonna go for now… i’m gettin’ ready to go play with Darla! bye!

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Just Sydney


hi… today is a scary day… i left Darla to go to a foster home.  the humans here think it will be good for me to be in a foster home to find out how i do and what i learn there.  i’ve heard the human who i’m going with, jessica, has had experience with shy dogs like me before… so she’s going to take things real slow with me.  i guess once i get used to the foster home, i’ll be ok… everything new for me is soooo scary, though. Darla is so awesome and good to me, she’s my protector and role model… so, uuhhmm… i think i’ll become friends with this new human’s doggies, ’cause i do like dogs.  she even said she’s gonna take me to work with her sometimes, to help with my “socializing”… i guess that means i’ll have to meet more humans.  i guess that won’t be too bad, ’cause all the humans i’ve met so far are kinda nice… i just don’t know what all the fuss is about… uuhhmm… i know they give me yummy treats and food and stuff, but then they wanna pet me, and even though it’s nice, i’m still not totally sure ’bout all that yet.

i’ll keep you posted ’bout how things are goin’ with my foster home and my progress.  i’ve heard foster homes are good for doggies and kitties, and it takes special humans to take a dog or puppy, work with them, love them, spend time with them, and then let them go to a forever home… huh… i guess since it takes special humans to foster, maybe this will be a good thing for me… but i’m not totally sure yet.  i know there’ll be lots and lots of new things for me to smell, see… and more humans to meet.  i met my foster mom earlier this week and one of her dogs, and she seems okay… so maybe it won’t be so bad.  i’ll let you know.  i’m proud of myself today, though, ’cause not only am i going to a foster home, but i blogged for the first time without Darla’s encouragement. bye.