Update from Dixie


Hey ya’ll, how’s it goin’?  I’ve got somethin’ real nice I wanna tell ya’ll ’bout… I’m in a foster (probably forever) home!  Ya see, this real nice couple applied to adopt me, and came out and met me earlier this month.  I was a lil unsure at first, but they played fetch with me out in the yard for a bit which was fun.  Then their daughter came to meet me, too, and they all really liked me a lot after we spent some more time together.  Anyway, ’cause I’m particular ’bout the humans I like (unless they have something very deee-li-cious, called corn-dogs… Angela, one of my favorite humans always brings them in for me when she visits HSGKC), they weren’t quite sure ’bout how I’d be in a home, so Christine suggested maybe they’d consider fostering me to give me a lil more time to adjust to a home, and they decided to give me a chance!

The mud puddle I found..."so much for the bath"!

The mud puddle I found… so much for the bath!

So, I’ve been livin’ with a mom, a dad, and a daughter who’s home from college for the summer, and I gotta tell ya’ll, I’m lovin’ it!!  I went to their house on May 17th, and the day before I left, Christine gave me a bath after Angela and Stan brushed me earlier in the day… well, when I got to the new place, I found a mud puddle to lay in which made my new parents laugh… and I was just doin’ it ’cause it was cool and I like rollin’ around in the grass and mud, I’m a dog after all.  Oh, and they started calling me “Betty” instead of Dixie.  I kinda like the name Betty… Dixie is nice, too, but Betty means somethin’ to them, so it makes me happy they changed my name… like I think they’re gonna keep me.  I’ve met a bunch of new humans, I have a HUGE yard to run around in, humans who take me on 3 walks a day, play fetch with me, and I get TONS of attention.  My new humans are real impressed with my manners… like I get to eat dinner when they eat, and I don’t beg for food, I eat my dinner and then just hang out and wait for them to finish.  They’re workin’ with me on how I meet new humans, too, and I’m improvin’.  Pete and Christine visited today, just to answer some questions my foster mom and dad had.  I was real happy to see them, and I showed how much I loved bein’ there ’cause I kept rollin’ over on my back for belly rubs.  They got to see the awesome backyard I hang out in, too.  They thought I looked sooo happy (Christine kept sayin’ that, and I am real happy).

Well ya’ll, that’s about all the news I’ve got for now… just thought ya might wanna know how things are goin’ for me.  I’m just real happy that this family is givin’ me a chance to become a part of it… not a whole lotta humans just want one dog at a time, and I’m real happy they’ve chosen me!  I’ll let ya know if they decide to adopt me, so keep readin’ this blog thingy for updates.  Bye ya’ll!

Look at how happy I am! I smiled for Pete & Christine.

Look at how happy I am! I smiled for Pete & Christine.





Hey ya’ll, ma name is Groot an’ I’m from Nawlin’s Loo-see-ann-nah.  I was in a shelter dere, an’ Jai (one of da humans here who takes care of us dogs), got me on somethin’ called a “transport” to come here.  I’m glad I’m here, cuz dis shelter is I think kinda a special place, so I think I’m a lucky boy to be here!  So, here’s summa my info… I’m a Pit Bull mix, a lil over a year old, an’ I LOVE humans!!!!  I love bein’ petted, an’ goin’ for walks, an’ gettin’ treats (I like Kongs with dee-lih-shous wet food in dere for me to eat!).  I love gettin’ in a human’s lap for pets, an’ I give good, nice kisses… I’m not a slobbery kisser!  I’ll tawk mo’ ’bout da kinda forever home I’d like anoder time, cuz I wanna tawk ’bout somethin’ more fun dat I gotta do last Sunday.

groot_xmas7funnyOur humans here always wanna do extra stuff to help us dogs an’ cats find forever homes, so I gotta have ma picture taken with 11 oder dogs for something’ called “Da 12 Strays of Christmas”.  Ya gotta looka’ somethin’ called “Facebook” an’ “Instagram” cuz that’s where dey post da dogs an’ cats.  I was real good for ma picture session, an’ looked real cute.  Da pic ya see here is funny cuz it looks like I don’t got ears, but I think I look cute an’ real sweet like da nice boy I am!  It was lots of fun gettin’ my picture taken cuz I got LOTS of treats, an’ Christine an’ Jana dressed me up an’ stuff to make me look mo’ handsome dan I already am!

Dat’s all I gots ta tawk ’bout fo’ now, an’ it’s time fo’ me to go play in da yard an’ run ’round!  I hope ya’ll like our pictures an’ maybe think ’bout donatin’ stuff like toys or oder stuff our humans need to take care of us… dey need alotta stuff to take care-ah all us! If I don’t tawk ta ya’ll befo’ Christmas, I hope ya’ll have a happy holiday!

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Dazzlin’ Dixie


Hey ya’ll!  How ya’ll doin’?  It’s been a while since I last blogged, and I realized I never told ya’ll bout the kinda forever home I’d like to have.  I wanna tell ya’ll ’bout that ’cause I know some other dogs and pups here have gone to their forever homes recently, like Ella, Connor, Rosie and Baloo (just to name a few dogs).

I’m super affectionate with the humans I know and I love attention.  I love goin’ on walks. I love my food and treats but I’m not food aggressive. I really love corn dogs… one of the volunteers, Angela, brings me corn dogs on Saturdays!

I’m a little picky about meeting strangers and who I trust right off the bat… it’s nothin’ personal, I’m a dog who’s a bit feisty and I have a selective taste in humans.  But a sure way to make a good impression on me is to come out in the yard and play fetch with me!  I love playin’ fetch!  It’s one of my fay-voh-rit things to do!  I’m real good at bringin’ the ball back to my human friends.  Check out my video to see me in action!   I’m a smart lady, I know lots of obedience stuff and am pretty much house-trained.  My ideal forever home would have a big ol’ fenced in yard, and humans to take me on lots of walks.  I wanna be the only pet in the home… I appreciate cats’ right to exist, but I really don’t wanna live with ’em, and other dogs… not for me either, I want all the attention for ME!  Also, ’cause I’m picky ’bout humans, I shouldn’t go to a home with small humans… like maybe teenage humans might be okay, but it’s gonna depend on the humans. I don’t wanna come off as bein’ too high maintenance, I’m just a quality girl who needs a special kinda home.

On another note… I’m not one to gossip, but there’s lots goin’ on ’round here and I can’t help but tell ya’ll ’bout some of the stuff ’cause our humans are workin’ real hard to fix it for us.  See, we’re havin’ some problems with the plumbin’ that flushes the dirty water out of the building.  So, I heard some humans who fix the plumbin’ are comin’ in next week and gotta dig up one our play yards to try and fix it!  Anyways, I know that’s kinda borin’ stuff, but I know it’s gonna cost lots of somethin’ called “money”.  See, our humans do everythin’ they can to take real, real good care of us and that uses lots of the money stuff, so I know sometimes they need a lil extra help with other stuff that comes up… so maybe if ya want, our humans would think it’s awful nice if ya wanted to do somethin’ called “donate” to help ’em out… if ya help them, you’d be helpin’ us, too!

I hope I didn’t bore ya’ll too much!  If ya wanna learn more ’bout me, don’t forget to check me out on petfinder.com.  Bye ya’ll!


Hercules the Magnificent


Hey humans, how are you doin?  A lot has been going on here, with adoptions and obedience classes, so I thought I would update you about the goings-on.  Our humans have started obedience classes for some of us shelter dogs… I already know a lot of commands, so I’m more advanced than other dogs in class.  Big news… Elvis has left the building!  He found a great home with a human he accompanies to work everyday.  Remy went to a new home, too, and Gandalf.  I’m happy for them, but also glad some of my competition is gone, so the spotlight can be on me a bit, right where it should be!  Now I can go back to having the title as the smartest dog in the kennel without any competition (Porter and Dixie, I know you’re both in Canine Good Citizens Classes at The Dog’s Spot, but I still think I’m the smartest).

Christine has been working with me quite a bit over the past few months with things I suppose I’m supposed to tolerate better, like being brushed and vaccinations, and having humans check me out.  I really don’t understand what the big deal is, but I guess I feel better without all of that extra fur… it is summer and warm outside.  I loathe admitting this, but I’m a little bit like Rufus (formerly Leroy), and Porter.  Until we came here, we lived on chains, so some things– like baths, brushing, and vetting– I don’t really like and don’t mind letting you know I’m soooo not a fan.  Christine knows how much I like food and treats, so she throws treats or food down for me to “find” while she tries to brush me.  Some days I’m more tolerant than others… since she insists I learn to tolerate brushing, I’m not always going to make it easy for her because it’s fun.  I think other dogs are more comfortable with this kind of attention, and since I’m not always a fan this is why I shouldn’t be in a home with small humans… I don’t think I’d like having my tail pulled or being “hugged” which is something I’ve heard small humans enjoy.  Ick… I prefer long walks, learning new things, and hanging out with adult humans.  I’d take treats, a Kong, or a yummy bone over hugs and tail pulling any day.

Yesterday Christine and Pete decided to teach me some new stuff.  A group of Eagle Scouts built us some agility equipment, so I tried some of it out.  I wasn’t totally sure of my balance on the Dog Walk or the A-Frame because I am a big guy, but I tried… Pete and Christine had some really, really yummy treats, and I try to make them happy.  I did like the Hoop Jump and did great after a couple of tries!  They both made such a big deal (and I had an audience with Alex, Gina, and Renee… so I really had to impress them).  I love learning new stuff, so I had fun and Christine made such a big deal when I jumped through the hoop telling me how smart and wonderful I am (I know this already, but I still love hearing it), so I hope I can do some more of this agility stuff again soon.  Pete knows how to do all kinds of stuff with agility and wants to teach some of our humans and dogs how to do agility exercises.  He knows if we learn how to do agility exercises, this will help us build our confidence (I have plenty of that), and provide us opportunities to do different things, and we will have an even better quality of life while we’re here.

My breakfast is ready, so bye for now!


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Dazzlin’ Dixie: Celebrating One Year of Pack Walks


Hey ya’ll.  Today our humans celebrated the one year anniversary of our Pack Walks, started by Pete (aka, the Dude, cuz he’s one of our very fay-vo-rite humans who takes care of us, an’ the boss man in the kennel).  The Pack Walks started before I got here, but I can tell ya’ll a bit about them ‘cuz I always get to go.

Pete thought it’d be good for us dogs to go on walks together ‘cuz even though we all don’t always like each other, it’d be good for us to walk as a pack an’ get used to bein’ around other dogs.  The Pack Walks are with a dedicated group of volunteers who come in an’ take us for a long walk through a park.  It’s great exercise for dogs an’ humans, an’ somethin’ different to do besides playin’ in the yard.  Lots of humans come in for the pack walks, even if the weather is real bad. We sometimes work on leash manners during the walks. Christine made Hercules “heel” today, an’ I’m more than happy to “heel”… if you’ve got food.  The Pack Walks can also be good for introducin’ dogs to each other to see if they could be roommates in the kennel, an’ we show other qualities we may not always show while in the shelter or while playing in a yard.

Lots of volunteers came out today to celebrate our one year anniversary.  Twenty-eight of us dogs got to go on a Pack Walk, including me, and some of us even got to go twice!  It was a fabulous day.  I’m gonna go an’ take a nap in the sun now.  Ta-ta for now!

Twenty-eight of us got to go on a pack walk this morning.

Twenty-eight of us got to go on a pack walk this morning.

This is me after the 1 1/2 mile  walk in the park!

This is me after the 1.5 mile walk in the park!


Dazzlin’ Dixie


Hi, my name is Dixie.  I’m a bit of a southern bell type girl with a lot of grit and, unlike most southern ladies, I don’t always make the best first impression.  I want you to work for my trust cause I had a pretty rough start to life, and I don’t give away my affection for free.  I’m a very smart lady, I advanced to Canine Good Citizen Classes at The Dogs’ Spot pretty fast.  We have really great teachers there and some won-der-ful volunteers who take some of us classes.  I’ll tell ya more about me another time so I can be polite and let the other dogs tell you a bit about them.  Ta-ta for now.