Ella (Adopted!)


hi, in case you forgot, i’m Ella, an’ i get to blog today to talk ’bout this cool thing called a “fundraiser”  (i think these things raise money… i still have lots to learn ’cause humans gots lots of words for lots an’ lots of things) for HSGKC, an’ me an’ Darla get to go to one of the places on saturday!!!  i’m so excited i get to go out an’ meet new humans, an’ i get to hang out with Darla… i really love her!  anyways, the thingy (i like Mischa‘s word for fundraiser, it’s not as hard to spell), is called “Tour de Johnny’s” at Johnny’s Tavern (i dunno what a “tavern” is for sure, but i asked Darla an’ she thinks it’s a place humans buy tasty things to drink). the “Tour de Johnny’s” goes all day from noon til past 9 at night… which is real late for me, an’ it’s all over the city.  the humans who own the taverns are givin’ part of the money they make to our humans, which is really nice! me an’ Darla get to represent HSGKC at a place called Power and Light from 4:30-6pm with Christine an’ another human who works here, Kathy.

i’m so excited i get to go out an’ stay up late an’ meet new humans, an’ get to hang out with Darla…’cause it’s only the 2 of us there, we’ll get lots an’ lots of attention, i think!  i like it when humans tell me i’m cute an’ give me treats an’ love on me!  an’ it’s awesome Darla’s goin’ with me!  i was a tiny bit naughty at the last satellite adop-shun event i went to… see i get real excited sometimes, an’ i can’t keep it in so i get a lil “mouthy”, an’ sometimes i play a lil more rough with humans than i’m supposed to.  i’m tryin’ real hard to get better an’ not be too rough, but it’s real hard when i’m excited.  i can also get a lil scared when i’m hugged or held tight, so our humans wanna make sure i’m set up to behave the best i can, so the thingy i’m goin’ to is perfect for me an’ Darla!! maybe a real nice pair of humans will wanna adopt me or Darla or both of us.

i heard the Plaza Art Fair is goin’ on all weekend, too, so i hope lots of humans stop by to see those dogs an’ puppies, too.  there’s more details ’bout the Plaza Art Fair an’ my event on our website, so check it out ’cause we’d love to see ya!

i’m gonna go for now… tomorrow is gonna be a fun day an’ i gotta rest up so i look my best (an’ then there’s the Pack Walk on Sunday, too)!  bye!

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Gia, aka “Big-G” (Adopted!)


Whad-up people?  I gotta agree with Porter on this one…”people” just doesn’t flow for me just yet.  Anyways, I’m excited cuz I finally got a nickname: Big-G.  I like it cuz now I’m weighing in around 91 pounds and I’m lookin’ goo-ood and cuz my 2 favorite guys, Pete and Chuck, started callin’ me that!  When I got here, I didn’t look real good and only weighed 62 pounds, and the vet said I was “emaciated” or somethin’ like that.  See, I lived on a chain, too, and the humans who had me really didn’t take good care of me… but that’s all in the past… what’s important is I’m doin’ way better now.  Our humans think I could easily gain another 15-20 pounds, but it takes time for us to gain weight.

I’m still the strongest dog here, just ask any of the humans who’ve taken me for a walk.  I’m sure they’d like it if I didn’t pull so hard when I walk, but I like showin’ all the other dogs how strong I am.  Pete’s spent some time teachin’ me how to “heel”, and if I gotsta heel, I will, but I kinda do what I wanna do most of the time.  That’s part of being an American Bulldog, we’re stubborn, I think the word humans use is “headstrong” or somethin’ like that.  It’s part of our charm… and what can get us into trouble sometimes if we’re part of a family that’s never had a dog like us before. Not to say that we’re not good for first time dog owners, but ya gotta know what you’re doin’ with us… we LOVE humans, LOVE makin’ our humans happy, but bein’ stubborn means you’ve gotta be real patient with us and know how to train us!

I’d “blog” more, but I’m savin’ my energy for when Chuck comes in to take me for a long walk!  I have to share him with Darla and Ella cuz he likes them lots too, but ’til I get adopted and have my very own humans I gotta share, even if it’s with Darla and Ella (I’m not talkin’ smack on them or anythin’, I just wanna be the center of attention).  Gotta run, I’ll check in again soon.

Me and Chuck just hangin' out after my walk...this weather is perfect for me!

Me and Chuck just hangin’ out after my walk… this weather is perfect for me!

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Avery (Adopted!)


Hey humans!  What’s up?  My name is Avery and I’m a 3 year old Pit Bull/Bulldog mix.  I’m in a foster home with the best foster mom ever… and today I got to “hijack” the HSGKC Dog Blog instead of my foster mom’s computer so I can tell ya ’bout me, a satellite adoption event I’m goin’ to on Saturday, and ’bout the kinda forever home I’d like… I’m so smart!  First things first, I was found as a stray in December of 2012 in pretty bad shape… I had some wounds on my neck, some owies, and Demodex mange.  Our humans here gave me baths and lots of medicines to make me feel and look better… then one of the humans who worked here decided to foster me which was AWESOME!  She was also fostering another dog who I loved playin’ with so it was real cool to be with her lots.  I liked being in a home, too, and love my foster mom.  Anyways, I got adopted 2 times, and was returned… none of it was my fault, though, I promise!  Sometimes humans just don’t listen real well to the stuff our humans (who take care of us and know us) tell them, so we get returned.  I’m so happy our humans care about us so much they do something called a “lifetime” guarantee kinda thing for the pets they adopt, so HSGKC will ALWAYS take back a dog or cat they adopted, even if it’s like years from when they were adopted… which is cool.

Enough of the boring details!  I’m so excited ’cause I get to go to a place called Ad Astra Pool and Park in Lenexa, KS, for something called “Tails on the Trails Fall Festival” from 9:00 to 1:00 p.m. on Saturday.  I haven’t been to a satellite in, like, forever…but I got adopted…duh and oops!  I’m gonna hang out with my friend Ladybug, and meet some new dogs from the shelter – Teddy, Willis, Ella – and Becca who’s in a foster home like me. If you wanna know more about the event and where it is an’ stuff, check out www.hsgkc.org for more details.  If you wanna meet me, that’s where I’ll be, playing with some new friends, and waiting to get lots of treats and attention.  I hope the weather is real nice.  Our booth will be in the shade… bet you didn’t know this, but some white dogs like me can get something called a “sunburn” and it kinda stings a bit… but our humans take care of us so they’ll make sure I don’t stay out in the sun too much.  But I’m also excited to try out the pool!  I know 9:00 is kinda early for humans who don’t have to go to work on Saturdays, but you should really come and check us out, especially me!  I hope to meet some awesome humans there!

I may not have another chance to hijack the blog, so I wanna tell ya ’bout the kinda forever home I’d really like to have.  I absolutely LOVE to play with other dogs!  It’s my favorite thing to do, besides snuggle with humans!  I’m good with almost every dog I meet, ‘specially if they like to play… I like to wrestle and run around and wrestle some more, like they way most Pit Bull’s like to play.  I love snuggling and cuddling and sleeping next to humans, but I’m soooo not a dog who likes to spend my day sleeping… boring!  I’m a smart girl, too, ’cause I do this one thing I know kinda irritates my foster mom, but it’s fun and I like to show off to her other dogs how smart I am by opening doggy gates.  See, my foster mom has some doggy gates in her house (like at the top and bottom of the stairs so we don’t go where we’re not supposed to… like I’ve gotta be fed separate from everybody else ’cause I eat my food real fast and try to eat everybody else’s food, too… I get enough to eat, but if I can steal more…yay for me!). I don’t do this all the time, but sometimes it’s fun just to show-off to her dogs, and ’cause I can.  I’ve heard her call me an “escape artist” which just sounds cool!  I can’t get outta my crate, though, and believe me I’ve tried. One other thing, and this is real important:  I DO NOT LIKE CATS!  Well, I do like to chase them, but humans don’t like it when I do this, so my new home shouldn’t have cats… inside or outside.  I like small humans, though, and I’m house trained, kennel trained, love going on car rides, and I LOVE other dogs.

Okay, that’s all for now… I think I’m gonna get busted using Christine’s computer… hopefully I’ll see you on Saturday!


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Remy (Adopted!)


Hey humans what’s going on?!?!  I’m not likin’ all this real hot weather…ya know with my black coat an’ all.  But, I really like coolin’ off in the kiddy pool our awesome humans have for us in one of our yards.  After playin’ in a play group with Aster, Ella, Nemo, an’ Tommy Boy (he’s a cool lil dude, but not available for adoption just yet), I like to go lay in the pool an’ cool off.  I love play groups! I like chasin’ other dogs, an’ bein’ chased, an’ playin’ tug with a big rope toy, too. I think play groups are AWESOME!  I’m always tired after runnin’ ’round playin’ with my doggy friends, an’ it’s good for all of us ’cause we learn how to play with each other.  Watchin’ us play helps our humans learn stuff ’bout us, like how we play, who we like or play with really well, an’ who we don’t get along with as well.  Stuff like that’s important for Christine who’s kinda like a big sis to all of the dogs here ’cause she tries to make great matches for us so we can go to forever homes of our own.

That’s what I wanna tell ya ’bout…my ideal forever home.  I’m a Pit Bull mix, so I have go to a city where we’re “legal”…whatever that means. I’d probably do ok in an apartment ’cause I’m not real loud, as long as I get enough exercise before you leave me to go to work or whatever it is you humans do all day.  I’d prefer a house with a fenced in yard ’cause I love to play fetch, an’ play with other dogs.  I’d love goin’ to a home with another dog, or with one of my friends from here…that’d be really awesome! 30 minutes of play time with another dog or 3 is a great way for us to burn off some energy…even better than walks or runs.  I’d be ok with small humans, but maybe not too small ’cause I do like to give hugs (I jump up an’ wrap my paws ’round a humans waist), an’ our humans think this is kinda cute an’ sweet, so they don’t always make me “sit”.  I gotta admit, I shouldn’t go to a home with cats, though, ’cause I like to chase them, I don’t know what’s wrong with that, but I know our humans don’t like it when I do that.  I’m workin’ on my leash manners when I go on pack walks, an’ am pretty good.  I like most dogs I meet, but who’s gonna like everyone they meet, huh?  I prefer dogs my size or smaller, an’ when I’m on a leash, I get nervous if a male dog bigger than me gets close.  I don’t do anything bad, but I bark a bit, so maybe humans who have some experience with dogs would probably be good for me.  I have played with dogs bigger than me, but when I’m on a leash I get a lil bit nervous.

That’s all I got for now!  I’m tired after playin’ with my friends this morning, so I’m gonna go for now.  Check out our website for more info ’bout me, an’ how to go about meetin’ me (our adoption process, and online applications).  Bye!

Me chillin' in the pool to cool off.

Me chillin’ in the pool to cool off.

Me, Nemo, Aster, an' Ella playin' tug an' Tommy Boy's just hangin' out.

Me, Nemo, Aster, an’ Ella playin’ tug an’ Tommy Boy’s just hangin’ out.

Me, Aster and Nemo

Me, Aster and Nemo

Ella (Adopted!)


hi my name is Ella!  i’m a 5 month old pit bull mix who came here in May ’cause the humans who had me before didn’t take real good care of me, an’ then couldn’t afford to treat somethin’ i have called dee-mo-dex mange. from listening to our humans, (an’ Darla told me ’bout it, too. she’s my roommate, btw), dee-mo-dex is a lil tiny mite that lives in the hair follicles of dogs, an’ all of us have some, but if we aren’t real healthy, then the stupid lil mites take advantage of us an’ make more mites so we lose our fur.  it’s not con-tay-giss to other dogs, but it takes a long time for the medicine i gotta take to work.  i also had somethin’ happen to my hips (i needed pictures taken of my bones, an’ my former humans couldn’t afford those either).  nothin’ was broken, but i don’t run real fast.  our humans don’t think the humans who had me before were real nice to me, so some stuff scares me lots… like if i gotta be held so the doggie doctors can scrape my skin to check for the lil mites, i growl at the humans holdin’ me some… i don’t wanna be mean or nothin’ i’m just real afraid.

i wanna go to a home again, but i need to go to some humans who are super nice an’ have lots of patience to help me with the stuff i’m scared of.  maybe i shouldn’t go with small humans ’cause from what Darla’s told me they like to give “hugs”, an’ are real excitable, an’ might scare me.  Darla’s an awesome roommate ’cause she’s tellin’ me lots an’ lots of stuff ’bout really nice humans, an’ she plays with me in the yard an’ kinda looks out for me. she’s like a big sis to me, an’ she sleeps next to me every night even tho she could sleep on her own bed. i do like most other dogs, but I play kinda rough so medium and big dogs are best for me.

i’m excited ’bout somethin’ i wanna tell ya ’bout… i get to go to a satellite adoption event on saturday with Darla!  it’s called “Dead Girl Derby” from 5-8 at Hale Arena.  if you wanna know more, check out our website for details.  i’ve heard it’s lots an’ lots of fun to go to satellite events ’cause humans give us treats, an’ pet us, an’ make a real big deal ’bout how cute we all are.  plus, Darla said this is her first real satellite she’s goin’ to which is awesome for me ’cause i can be with her… i love her… maybe some real nice humans will meet both of us an’ wanna adopt both of us!

i’m gonna go for now… i’m gettin’ ready to go play with Darla! bye!

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