Luke (Adopted!)


Hi, my name is Luke and I’m an 8 year old Chow Chow/Shepherd mix.  I came to HSGKC back in December ’cause I was picked up by KCK Animal Control with a real bad front leg… it was broken, and I was in a lot of pain and it couldn’t be fixed, so I had to have it amputated (ask anyone who knows me, and they’ll tell you I get around just fine on 3 legs… us dogs and cats figure out real quick how to manage on 3 legs!)  And, as if that wasn’t bad enough, I also was heartworm positive!  Our people here took really, really good care of me and I’m all healthy now.  I was even pictured on a front page article of the Kansas City Star with Gia a couple of months ago.  I gotta tell you though, heartworm treatment is rough!  I’m real glad that’s over with and that I can run around the yard off leash again!

The reason I get to blog today is ’cause tomorrow I’m gonna go to a fundraising event at Gordon Biersch in Leawood, KS, from 5:30-8:30pm!  They’re doin’ somethin’ called a Maibock Tapping Party to help raise money for us dogs and cats HSGKC takes care of.  I have absoblutely NO idea what Maibock is or a “tapping party” but I guess it’s somethin’ humans like.  I’ve heard of some yummy beer that’s made just for dogs… I wonder if they’ll have any of that there for us, that’d be cool!  I like going to events ’cause it’s fun to meet new people, get lots and lots of attention, and just get out and about!  4 other dogs will be there, too, Hazel, Holly, Charlie, and Farley (sigh, he’s a nice dog… but he’s kinda like a pesky younger brother to me).  I’ll get a lot of attention though because for some reason, people seem to really feel sorry for me ’cause I only have 3 legs.  If you want more info about the event tomorrow, go to

I wanna tell you a little more about me, too, like about the kinda forever home I’d like.  I’m a mild mannered guy, pretty chill, and would do fine living with other dogs as long as they’re mellow and mild mannered like me.  Puppies are okay, but not really my speed.  I’m good with people and kids… ’cause I’m cool like that, and affectionate.  I like being brushed, and I walk nicely on a leash, too.  However, I am not allowed to live with cats per our humans because I like to chase them!  That’s the only time I give the human walking me a hard time is when I see a cat.  Other than that one little thing, I’m a pretty awesome guy.  I keep a clean kennel, and am good about “kenneling up” when I’m asked to.  A fenced yard would be nice, but I don’t have to have one as long as I’m always walked on a leash (you know, ’cause I wanna chase cats… which is so much fun but I know people would prefer I don’t do that… some people are “cat people”, and I suppose it’s not very nice even though it’s fun).  I don’t bark a whole lot either, so I’d be okay in an apartment or condo.

I’m gonna go for now, but I hope to see you tomorrow night!  Don’t forget, if you wanna learn more about me check me out on HSGKC’s website.  Peace out!

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Hazel and Holly


hi, my name is Hazel, an’ my sister’s name is Holly.  we’re Shepherd/Hound mixes, an’ we’re ’bout 9 months old.  see we came here ’cause we were the last 2 puppies left from a litter, an’ we were livin’ outside ’cause the humans who had us didn’t really wanna keep us in the house, an’ couldn’t find us homes… so this nice lady got our other humans to give us to her an’ she brought us here ’cause she was real worried ’bout us bein’ outside all the time.  anyways, we were kinda shy an’ a lil scared when we got here, ’cause we’d never seen so many new humans before!  we’re doin’ lots better now tho, an’ like all the humans we’ve met so far!  we love all the humans who take care of us, like Pete, an’ Maddie, an’ Steve, an’ the human volunteers who come in an’ take us outside to play in the yard, an’ we LOVE goin’ on pack walks!  they all give us lots of treats, an’ pets, an’ hugs an’ stuff!  it’s cool bein’ here, ’cause we know we’re loved, an’ cared for, an’ that we’ll find an awesome forever home… but i’ll let Holly tell ya ’bout the kinda forever home we’d like… she needs to try this blog thingy out, too…

uuhhmm, hi, i’m Holly… my sis told me i should try this blog thingy, but i’m not real sure what to talk ’bout, but i’ll try.  Hazel filled you in ’bout how we got here, so i guess i’ll tell you ’bout the kinda forever home we’d like. Connor got to go to his forever home Saturday, so that got us thinkin’ ’bout the kinda home we’d like.  our humans want us to go to a home together, which is real nice of them ’cause me an’ Hazel want that, too! we don’t wanna be split up ’cause we’re real close, like sisters, an’ it’d be scary to not be with her… like i can’t imagine life without her.  that’s the most important thing to me, but we’d also like a fenced yard to run ’round in.  we’re still a tiny bit shy (me more than Hazel) when meetin’ new humans, so maybe we shouldn’t go to a home with real small humans… plus we’re workin’ on somethin’ called “manners”… i guess that’s somethin’ you humans like lots… we’re not naughty or nothin’ like that, we just get real excited sometimes an’ jump on our humans, an’ ’cause we’re gonna be bigger doggies when we’re all growed up, we might like knock a small human over just ’cause manners are so hard to learn!  we’ve met some other doggies, but we’re still not sure what to think of other doggies yet… but we do like Aubrey… she’s fun!  we’re hopin’ we get to be in a play group with her soon, so we can make new friends an’ have someone else to play with.  k… that’s all i got to say for now… bye.

i’m takin’ over again ’cause Holly doesn’t know what else to say… anyways, if ya think maybe you’d wanna give us a forever home together, check us out, we’re on, an’ on (under the “adopt” tab).  we’ll blog again soon, but right now, we’re gonna go ’cause it’s time to go outside and PLAY!  bye!