Hey how’re all you humans doin?  I was very insistent with Christine (she helps us blog)  that I needed to blog again so the humans out there lookin’ for a special dog like me don’t forget ’bout cool dogs like me… oh, wait, I’m the coolest dog I know, ha ha! But it is the truth, I always speak the truth.  Plus, I know how cool I am ’cause when Kate, Lea Ann, Christine, or one of our awesome volunteers leashes me up for a walk, the second I get outta my dog run, all the dogs in the whole kennel get all riled up!  I’ve heard our humans jokin’ with Kate sayin’ “we always know when your boy (I’m her favorite!) is goin’ for a walk, ’cause the whole kennel starts barkin'”.  They’re just jealous of my good looks, and ’cause I’m goin’ on a walk.  Enough ’bout them, this is my time to talk ’bout me.  I do like goin’ for walks, and am so excited when it’s my turn, I dash out, and when I get to the entrance to the kennel, I jump up and open it so whoever is walkin’ me knows they gotta get me outside fast, so they’ve gotta keep up with me.  Yesterday, I did somethin’ fun… I got away from Kate and made a break for it.  I ran out of the kennel area and headed straight for the door I go out when I’m goin’ on a walk… and even though someone tried to stop me, I dodged them and ran out the side door.  I had to mark my turf, and I made Kate work to catch me and leash me back up. Then we went for a little stroll.  I feel kinda bad I didn’t make it super easy for her to leash me up, but sometimes a dog’s gotta do what a dog’s gotta do, ya know?

I’m tellin’ you ’bout my “lightening fast dash” for the door ’cause even though I’ve blogged ’bout the kinda forever home I’d like, it’s real important for humans to understand me.  I’m a fantastic dog.  When I first arrived at the humane society, I had such severe injuries that our humans didn’t know if I’d walk, but now not only can I walk, but I run some, too!  I healed up great, but would you ever really doubt that ’bout me?  I am AMAZING.   I’m house-trained, like I never make a mess in my run, ever, and I walk nicely on a leash. But I’m also not an easy dog.  I don’t want to compare myself to Leroy (now Rufus), ’cause we all know I’m the better dog, but we do have some stuff in common.  I want all the attention for myself… so no other dogs, and I’m real curious ’bout cats, but not in a “good” way (humans and their rules). I also don’t think I’d do real good with young humans ’cause I have some baggage left over from being so badly injured and the pain from my injuries…  if I get tangled up in my leash or restrained, sometimes I panic and get kinda nasty, so you’d have to know how to handle that. If you’ve never dealt with that kinda stuff before, well I guess it can be a bit much to handle.  I’m tryin’ real hard to work on that and I’m improving, but it’s gonna take me a long, long time to be comfortable with stuff like that.

I’m goin’ into more details ’bout the kinda forever home I’d like ’cause I know there’s a satellite adoption event at Brookside Barkery and Bath this weekend, and even though I don’t wanna go (I gotta stay here and keep an eye on the goings ons here… plus I don’t need to go out to be noticed) I’ll be waitin’ here for some awesome humans to find me.

I’m not for everyone, but I’m perfect for someone.  When my new humans finally find me, believe me, I’ll let you know.  Some harder to adopt dogs like Elvis, Angie, and Bella all got adopted… so I know someone’s out there for me, but they just haven’t found me yet.  That’s cool ’cause until then I’m livin’ good here… and it’s so much fun to stir the other dogs up. I think they’re jealous of my good looks and ’cause I’m Kate’s favorite.

I’m gonna go for now… there’s some stuff goin’ on in the kennel I gotta check out.

Me chillin' after a walk with Kate.  I'm lookin' gooood!

Me chillin’ after a walk with Kate. I’m lookin’ gooood!

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Leroy, aka The Sheriff (now Rufus)


Hey humans!  What’s up?  I’ve got lots to tell ya ‘bout my new life, so here it goes:  Back in April this cool woman came in wantin’ to adopt a “harder to place” dog, like Shine, or Smiley, an’ after Christine talked to her for a while, Christine thought I’d be a great match for the woman, (her name is Jen an’ she’s my new mom).  Jen liked me a LOT the first time she met me, an’ she kept comin’ back in to visit, which was really cool.  Christine had Alex (she’s one of my very favorite humans ever) an’ Stan (he took me to lots of obedience classes at The Dogs’ Spot) talk to Jen ‘bout me, too, cuz they spent time with me doin’ different stuff).  Pete also talked to my new mom, too (cuz he’s awesome, an’ has known me since I came into the shelter, an’ he’s sooooo smart about us dogs).  They told her all kinds of good stuff ‘bout me, like the obedience stuff I know, an’ how nice I walk on a leash, an’ why I got the nickname of “The Sheriff”.   Anyways, after a while Jen thought she might wanna take me home, but wasn’t 100% sure yet (no one knew how I’d be in a house), an’ she was able to take me home to “foster” me for a while so she could like really get to know me, away from the shelter, an’ in her home.  She ended up adopting me 3 weeks after she took me home.

I’ve had lots an’ lots to learn ‘bout bein’ in a home… like a dishwasher (I’ve made peace with this weird machine thingy), can opener, microwave, toaster (humans got lots of stuff to fix their food… they’re kinda complicated), an’ house-training.  I’m soooo awesome, cuz I learned real quick how to potty outside!  My mom’s so proud of me cuz I’ve NEVER had a potty accident in my new home… I dunno why humans make such a big deal ‘bout that, cuz they potty inside, but if it makes my mom happy, whateve’.  I’m still workin’ on not bein’ as scared of some stuff outside that move fast or make loud noises (bicycles, skateboards, garbage trucks, buses).

See, the reason some of this stuff makes me nervous is cuz I lived on a chain, outside all the time before I came to HSGKC, so I wasn’t “socialized”, an’ dogs who live on chains have “issues”. We often aren’t well socialized with other dogs, cats, and people.  We have “fear” or are nervous with things like skateboards, bicycles, and often kids and people because we can be teased and can’t escape the things that scare us because we can’t go any further than the length of the chain.

Anyways, now I’m lovin’ bein’ in a home with a human all my own!  I’m her “Sheriff” now…so I listen for stuff like cats, loud cars, an’ just keep an’ eye out for any signs of stuff that might not be good for me an’ my mom.  I love bein’ with her so much I follow her all over the house, cuddle with her lots (she calls me a “huggy bear”, an’ I’m dog enuff I like her nickname for me), an’ protect the house from the cats who don’t know a dog’s livin’ there (I bark at them lots just to let ‘em know there’s a dog here so don’t come ‘round… hee hee), an’ when my mom’s sleepin’, I sleep outside her room or by the front door to make sure she stays safe.  She’s taken me to obedience classes, an’ she’s really tryin’ her very best to help me with the stuff that scares me.

I’m so, so happy she took a chance on me… I’m not the easiest dog cuz young humans make me nervous, I’m not real playful with other dogs, an’ I’m still workin’ on my fear of loud fast moving things outside an’ the other stuff I’m not sure of.  The most awesome thing ‘bout my mom is she loves me for me, even tho I have some stuff I’m workin’ on gettin’ better at… she saw past all that stuff an’ decided to take a chance on me.  Not to get all serious or anythin’, an’ I know dogs like me aren’t for everybody, but for the right human or humans, we’ve got lots to offer.

This is what my new mom said ’bout me: “What a boy. I can’t say enough good things about Rufus. He is a diamond in the rough. He just needed a chance to show everyone what kind of dog he is when loved. And hugged.”

Gotta run peeps… I’ve gotta watch some Rufus t.v.

Me chillin' in my new digs!

Me chillin’ in my new digs.

Me watchin' out the front door...always on the lookout, ya know Rufus t.v.!

Me watchin’ out the front door… always on the lookout, ya know Rufus t.v.!


Leo (Adopted!)


Hi humans!  My name is Leo!  I’ve been here a while, and wanted to blog sooner, but lots of stuff has been goin’ on, so now it’s my turn to finally tell ya’ll a bit ’bout me.  First, I’m ’bout 10 months old an’ came here ’cause the nice guy who found me in his yard couldn’t afford to take care of me ’cause I was real sick with parvovirus.  I got better quick, ’cause the humans here and at Welborn Animal Hospital are awesome, and I’m out in the main kennel with my roommy, Copper, waitin’ for a “forever home”.  I got to go with some humans to a place called “Hy-Vee” for somethin’ called a “donation drive” (I think it’s when nice humans give the humans who work here stuff they and the doggies and the kitties need).  I had lots of fun, and met lots and lots of people.  I’m really sweet, love humans… both big and small humans, but not too small, ’cause I’m still workin’ on manners and like to jump on humans a bit.  I dunno why humans think this is such a big deal, but I guess it’s somethin’ I’ve gotta work on.

Anyways… I love havin’ a friend to play with everyday, that’s Copper. He’s real fun, sweet, and cool to run ’round the yard with, and snuggle with at night.  I love goin’ on the Pack Walks on Sundays, too!  It’s lots of fun to get out with the other doggies and go for a long walk… but even after all that, I’ve still got lots of energy to run and play with Copper.  When Copper has his turn to blog, I’ll let him share some pics of us playin’ together… we do look cute!

Since lots has been goin’ on, and Leroy (who I think is a bit of a gossip) isn’t here, I wanted to update ya’ll on some of the goin’s on.  Leroy went to a home with this really nice human, who may adopt him.  She’s fostering him for now ’cause he has some stuff to work on… but we’re all real hopeful she decides to adopt him.  She’s even started callin’ him “Rufus”… it fits him, I think.

In other news, Jett went to his forever home last week, and some super nice human is comin’ in later today to introduce her dog to Sydney so maybe she can foster her, too.  Sydney is so shy, I think it’d be good for her to be in a home… I’m not an expert or nothin’ like that, but I’m kinda smart and just know stuff even though I’m pretty young.  Last week was real hard for our humans, too, ’cause Fancy went to the Rainbow Bridge.  I know they all miss her lots… and we do, too, even though from what I heard, she liked to stir the dogs up for fun.  She was a great dog, and even though I didn’t know her well, she seemed real cool, like a doggy to look up to.

That’s all I got for now… more stuff goin’ on all the time!  I’ll tell ya’ll more ’bout the kinda home I’d like next time!  Bye!!

Shine, the Gentleman Enforcer (Adopted!)


Hello.  Our humans are working on the upcoming Pet Telethon, so I thought since I won’t be going (I’d prefer to stay here and keep an eye on these young pups and make sure they’re behaving), I’d talk a little about the Pet Telethon.  The Pet Telethon is our shelter’s biggest fundraiser.  The humans say it’s fun to watch.  They show some of the dogs and cats who are available for adoption, talk about our low-cost clinic, and how we help pets at KCK Animal Control, and all the other good stuff humans involved with HSGKC do. There’s also entertainment in the form of pet tricks, singing, and other things that humans find amusing.  Humans who have adopted dogs from here talk about their experience and why they adopted.  Feta and her parents (Feta used to be Leroy‘s roommate) are going on, which is kinda cool and I’m sure we’ll hear how she is doing from the dogs who are going .

Since I’m staying here instead of going on TV, I want to tell you about the kind of home I would like because maybe someone special will see my picture and read about me and want to give me a forever home.  I had a pretty rough start to my life… I used to be a guard dog at a drug house and was rescued from that place.  I was really nervous about new humans when I first came here, but because the humans who work here and the volunteers are so nice, I learned to trust more humans.  I need to be the only pet… now that I know how awesome humans can be, I don’t wanna share my humans with other animals… no thank you!  I know some dogs really like small humans (I think they’re called kids), like Darla, but ’cause I’m not a playful sort and can still be a little bit unsure around new people, I shouldn’t go to a home with kids.  Again, nothin’ against them, but they’re busy, and I just wanna place to hang out and relax. I walk great on a leash and love short walks, so maybe some humans who aren’t really young would like to give me a home of my own.

Well, I’m gonna settle in for the night.

Hercules the Magnificent


Today Christine, the human who tries to find us great homes, showed Valerie to a family who is going to adopt her.  I want a forever home, too, so I am taking this opportunity to tell you they kind of home I want.

First, and most importantly, I absolutely must be the only pet in the home…. maybe I could co-exist with another dog, but I am very particular with other dogs. I shouldn’t live with cats either… they are too tempting to chase.  I also would do best with older kids because I can be a bit stubborn (don’t tell Christine I admitted that) and when I get really excited about something (like obedience training, I love learning new things), I like to give “love nips”.  Christine and Pete taught me how to walk really well on a leash, but I really made Christine work for it.  I need an experienced home because I’m sooooo smart and need someone who can keep up with me.  Shiloh thinks he’s sooooo special because he has 1 blue eye and 1 brown eye, but I think I am way more handsome.  One more thing… Leroy, dude, c’mon.  Even though I know you’re learning a lot of things, too, I am and always will be way smarter than you… same to you, Porter.

Well, I’m settling in for the night to rest up for tomorrow.  We have a lot of human visitors on Saturdays, humans call them ‘volunteers’, and most of them spend some time with me because I am just that awesome.

Leroy (Adopted!)


Hey dudes, what is up?  I thought I should fill you peeps in on some stuff that’s been goin’ on ’round here.  So, today Grizzly and a new dog, Skye, moved into the kennel.  Skye is kinda shy and skinny and I dunno if she’s had her pic taken yet or not, but she and Grizzly are pretty fun to watch.  I also heard Boscoe is goin’ home, and Austin has peeps comin’ in to meet him soon, which is cool for them.  I’ve heard some talk of a “forever home” and think it’d be cool if I could have a family of my own, not that this joint is bad or anything, cuz it’s not.  Christine thinks I’d probly be ok in an apartment cuz I don’t bark much.  I think I should be the only pet, unless the other dog was super laid back and kinda submissive… another reason I’m called “The Sheriff” is cuz I’m the top dog.  I’d like a place maybe with just grown-up humans cuz the young humans have things one wheels that I’m not so sure about, they make lots of noise whatever the wheel things are.  Well, it can’t hurt to tell ya what I’m lookin’ for in a home.  By the way… thank you soooo much Hercules for showin’ me up by tellin’ everybody you got the movie reference Christine made.  I still don’t think you’re that smart, but what-evs.  I’m sure I’ll have more stuff to tell ya soon.

The Sheriff (Adopted!)


Hey dudes. I’m Leroy.  I earned the nickname “The Sheriff” because I gotta know what’s going on around me all the time, with everybody. Nothing gets by me.  I’ve got eyes in the back of my head.  I’m a pretty intense guy and  I’m pretty smart.   I’m even in Canine Good Citizens class at The Dogs’ Spot.  But, for the life of me,  I can’t figure out what Christine, one of our humans here, meant when she said she was proud of me for “turning it down to a 10″…. could someone please explain that to me?

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