Hey, my name is Duke.  I’m a 3 year old Shepherd mix.  Sometimes I can be a lil shy, and I’m not real sure what all you might want to know about me, but I’ll fill you in on my history. So, in January, a nice human picked me up and brought me here ’cause I had been hit by a car.  I was in pretty bad shape… like a spinal cord injury (sometimes the way I walk is a little funny), and then on top of that I had heartworm infection!  Well, all the humans I met here and at VCA Welborn took real good care of me, and now I’m all better and ready to find a forever home of my own.  The heartworm treatment was no fun at all, but I know I needed it and am real glad that’s over with.

Uuhhmm… well… oh, I did hear our humans talking about a satellite adoption event called “Paws @ the Mart” that’s comin’ up this Saturday, June 6 from 11-2 at Nebraska Furniture Mart.  I’m gonna stay here at the shelter ’cause Saturdays are usually when my favorite volunteers come in and take me for a few walks, give me lots of treats, and just hang out with me.  I think Luke, Farley, Breann, Mila, and Lucy might go.  Check out HSGKC’s website for more information.  Maybe someone there will see a picture of me and want to meet me… that would be nice.

I do this “air licking” thing when I see a human I know and love, and they all think it’s real cute and make a big deal about how cute it is when I do that.  I’m also real easy to walk on a leash, and I keep my kennel clean.  I’m a sweet boy, but choosy about dogs… like if I had to live with a dog, one who is really mellow would be best… but I’d rather be the center of attention.  I’m good with humans… I just have to warm up to new humans first. I’d like a home with adult humans, and older kids would be fine too.  I did go to a home for a couple days, but there were rules with the kitties inside the house I didn’t really want to pay attention to… I mean c’mon, they run, I’m a dog, of course I’m gonna chase them!

Well… I tried this blog thing out, and even though I kinda skipped around a bit, I’ve never done this kinda thing before so I did my best… and I’m a lil nervous.  Anyway, I hope the sun shines on Saturday for the satellite, and just in general… this rain stinks!  All of us dogs are goin’ a wee bit stir crazy with all of this rain!  Most of us are pretty good about not rollin’ round in the mud puddles, but the puppies and Romy… sheesh, they get our humans really, really muddy… which is funny, but don’t tell them I said that.

I’m gonna go outside for a few minutes before the rain gets worse. Don’t forget about the satellite adoption event on Saturday.  If you want to learn more about me or how to adopt me, you can find that info on HSGKC’s website.  Bye.

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Lucy: Watch for Me on the KC Pet Telethon this Sunday


Hey humans, how are you?  None of us dogs blogged for a while because we wanted to respect Smiley‘s passing ’cause we know it was real sad for our humans.  Us dogs mourned, too, in our own way.  We’ll all miss him!

On a happier note, I’m really excited about a few things. I stopped givin’ our humans such a hard time, and have been really good in the yard lately… meaning I don’t jump the fence anymore as long as someone is outside with me.  That’s why I was jumping the fence, so I could go on walks (other than the Pack Walk, of course, I always get to go on those), and spend more time humans ’cause that’s what I love.  I even have a favorite volunteer, Crissy!  She spends lots of time with me when she comes in and she always walks me, too!  I think I’m her favorite!

Here’s my big news… I’m going to be on the KC Pet Telethon!!!!!  I found out Tuesday that I was chosen to be on the KC Pet Telethon this year, and I’m so happy about it.  It’s from 6:30-9:30 p.m. on March 1st, on 38 The Spot.  I don’t know all the details, just that it’s real big deal for our humans because the KC Pet Telethon brings in lots of donations for our shelter.  Those donations help our humans care for us dogs and cats (I still don’t see what all the fuss is about cats, but I know some humans really like them… I do enjoy watching them run around in the cat rooms, though), and help humans who live around here with their pets by providing low cost spay/neuter and wellness care (pets need to go to the doctor sometimes, too, ya know).  I knew something was up Tuesday morning ’cause Christine and Pete introduced me to Nemo (we’ll be going on TV together).  After maybe a minute, I decided I liked him okay and started to play with him a little bit.  Pete and Christine were really impressed about how good I was (I have a little crush on Diesel, too, but he’s healing from a surgery he had to have on his knee) with Nemo… so maybe if we keep doin’ real well together, we can hang out in the yard and play together.  I’ve heard the KC Pet Telethon is going to be even more fun to watch this year than last year with more fun stuff about our dogs and cats. I hope maybe someone will see me on TV and say “wow, she’s a beautiful dog… I want to meet her”.  I’ll get a bath and a pretty new collar to wear on TV, so I’m sure I’ll be looking pretty!

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I’m gonna go for now, Pete is doing Volunteer Orientation, and I gotta check out the new humans coming in to meet us.  Bye!

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hey humans!  my name is Radar, and i’m a 9 month old Shepherd mix with BIG ears, that’s how i got my name!  anyways, who knows what else i am ’cause i’m on the small side for a Shepherd, but that’s what makes me unique!  i’m so excited it’s finally my turn to blog… i get it, Christine’s been real busy ’cause of the Plaza Art Fair an’ other stuff, an’ i let Jack go ahead of me ’cause he had some important stuff to talk about.  i’m real lucky i didn’t have parvovirus, but i know how awesome our humans are ’cause they do take real good care of us, and take in sick puppies like Jack and make sure they get better… even tho it costs lots of money, they do everything they can for us ’cause they rock!

okay, so here’s whatcha need to know ’bout me– i like to talk ’bout everything (humans call it “barking”… they have WAY too many words for stuff)!  i like to talk at the other dogs in the kennel, and to my roommate, Nemo, ‘specially when he’s gettin’ on my nerves (that happens sometimes… ya know, too much togetherness), and when i’m on a leash and see cats i talk, too!  so, i think in human terms this means i’d need to go live in somethin’ called a house, not an apartment or somethin’ with close neighbors… picky picky, but whatever!  i like Nemo, he’s lots of fun to run ’round with and wrestle with and i LOVE bein’ in doggy play groups!  i really do like most dogs, but sometimes i’ve heard our humans say i can be a lil “bossy”, so if i get to have a doggy brother or sister they need to know that i gotsta be the “alpha” dog (see i know what that means!)!  i can do a neat lil trick like Lucy, too, and can jump a 4′ fence (hee, hee)… i’m very agile for a smaller dude!  i’m real smart, too.  like i’ve been in a few obedience classes and learned lots of stuff, like how to “watch” and “sit”, and “down”!  it takes me a few minutes to focus… there’s just LOTS of stuff goin’ on, and i gotta watch what everyone else in class is doin’, then talk ’bout it, then i’ll pay attention to the human working with me!  i’m real good with big humans, but i’m not real sure ’bout small humans yet, so maybe a forever home with in-between humans would be best for me!  i’ve got lots of energy, and would LOVE to go on runs and maybe even try some of that agility stuff!  i think i’d be AWESOME!  but, it’s been rainin’ lots, so Pete an’ Christine can’t take me out so i can try the stuff ’cause they don’t want me to slip an’ get hurt (see what i mean, our humans rock… especially Jai, she’s my favorite)!

that’s all i got for now, there’s stuff goin’ on in the kennel i gotta check out! if you wanna learn more ’bout me or how to meet me, check me out on petfinder, or on HSGKC’s website!  bye!




Hi, my name is Lucy and I’m a 6 year old Pointer mix.  My former owner had me for about 5 years, but couldn’t keep me anymore because I wasn’t getting along with the other dog in my home.  It’s taken me a little while to adjust to life here (I came here at the end of July), so I didn’t want to blog ’til I was more settled.  So far things are goin’ okay.  I like watching what the other dogs are doing.  Some of ’em are really entertaining, like Denver and Dakota… even though I’d prefer to be the only pet in the home, I still think the boys are real cute, and it’s fun watching them in play groups.  I like going on the Pack Walks the best!  Those are lots of fun for us, and I think our human care-takers and volunteers like going for the walks, too.

I have to confess a couple things, but first I want to say I’m house-trained! I keep a real clean kennel, and would adapt well to new home and “potty” routine pretty fast, and probably wouldn’t have any accidents (1 of the many advantages of adopting an adult dog).  But I guess I need to work on my leash manners some (I’m strong, so I tend to pull the human walking me… sorry ’bout that to all who’ve walked me, but I really like walks!).  My other confession is only a confession ’cause it can be frustrating for humans, but I think it’s cool… I can jump and climb fences. When I first arrived, our humans put me in a room for new dogs and in the room are 2 dog runs (but they’re not indoor/outdoor runs like we have in the main kennel), and I was in one of the runs.  I surprised the human who opened the door later in the day ’cause I’d climbed out of my run and was waiting right at the door!  I could probably climb the tall fence that surrounds the yards, so I get to go on walks every day!  Not that the other dogs don’t, I just get to go on more… see why I don’t think my climbing abilities and jumping skills are something to confess, ’cause my “skills” totally work in my favor.

Next time I blog I’ll talk about the kinda forever home I’d like, but for now I’m gonna go for a walk!

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