Ladybug (Adopted!)


Hi humans, or people, whatever it is ya’ll wanna be called!  My name is Ladybug, and I’m a 2 year old Corgi/Terrier mix.  I was found as a stray by a Kansas City, KS, Animal Control Officer, very, very prego, and got to come here.  I went to a foster home to have my pups (they went to a real great rescue group, and are doin’ great, btw).  I loved livin’ with my foster mom… she’s awesome!!!  I had to come back here, though, ’cause our humans were hopin’ I’d get adopted at the Plaza Art Fair, but… I’m still here, but that’s cool, ’cause I’m doin’ great here!  I getta be in play groups, and have had a couple different roommates, first Annie, and now Mischa, a pup who loves to wrestle and play, too!!  I hope “my” humans find me soon so I can go to a home again, but til then, I’m cool waitin’ on the right family for me.

I wanna tell ya ’bout all the good things my foster mom had to say ’bout me, not ’cause I’m braggin’ or nothin, but ’cause I’ve gotta promote myself to find a forever home!  I’m completely house-trained (I just need to learn the routine of my new family), and I’m crate-trained, too… not all the other dogs can say that, so ha!  I’ve got lots of energy and love to play with toys, like squeaky toys (I completely rip them to shreds, pull out all the stuff inside, then throw the outside part of the toy up in the air and chase it), and I love to play tug, too!  My foster mom thought I’d be a good frisbee dog… I’m not totally sure what a frisbee is, but I think it sounds like fun!  I’m really good with small humans, and love to snuggle and cuddle, too!  I love gettin’ lots of pets and attention, and I’ve even gone to a couple obedience classes… so I’m pretty smart, too!  I’d really love to go to a home with another dog so I have a friend to play with, and I’m good with pretty much every dog I’ve met so far… the only “flaw” I have is I like to chase cats… see I know humans got all kindsa rules, but I seriously dunno what the big deal is with me wantin’ to chase cats… but I’ve heard some humans don’t like that, so I figured I’d better tell ya ’bout that lil tiny thing I like to do that’s maybe considered naughty.

It’s been crazy ’round here… tomorrow is the Pet Reunion & Open House (I’ve heard our humans talkin’ ’bout this, and know they’re real excited), so maybe since I’m great with other dogs, I’ll getta come out and meet some new doggies and humans, and someone’ll decide they wanna adopt me!!!  Ya never know what could happen!  So come see me tomorrow!  I gotta run… time to go play with Mischa!  Kisses!

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Ella (Adopted!)


hi, in case you forgot, i’m Ella, an’ i get to blog today to talk ’bout this cool thing called a “fundraiser”  (i think these things raise money… i still have lots to learn ’cause humans gots lots of words for lots an’ lots of things) for HSGKC, an’ me an’ Darla get to go to one of the places on saturday!!!  i’m so excited i get to go out an’ meet new humans, an’ i get to hang out with Darla… i really love her!  anyways, the thingy (i like Mischa‘s word for fundraiser, it’s not as hard to spell), is called “Tour de Johnny’s” at Johnny’s Tavern (i dunno what a “tavern” is for sure, but i asked Darla an’ she thinks it’s a place humans buy tasty things to drink). the “Tour de Johnny’s” goes all day from noon til past 9 at night… which is real late for me, an’ it’s all over the city.  the humans who own the taverns are givin’ part of the money they make to our humans, which is really nice! me an’ Darla get to represent HSGKC at a place called Power and Light from 4:30-6pm with Christine an’ another human who works here, Kathy.

i’m so excited i get to go out an’ stay up late an’ meet new humans, an’ get to hang out with Darla…’cause it’s only the 2 of us there, we’ll get lots an’ lots of attention, i think!  i like it when humans tell me i’m cute an’ give me treats an’ love on me!  an’ it’s awesome Darla’s goin’ with me!  i was a tiny bit naughty at the last satellite adop-shun event i went to… see i get real excited sometimes, an’ i can’t keep it in so i get a lil “mouthy”, an’ sometimes i play a lil more rough with humans than i’m supposed to.  i’m tryin’ real hard to get better an’ not be too rough, but it’s real hard when i’m excited.  i can also get a lil scared when i’m hugged or held tight, so our humans wanna make sure i’m set up to behave the best i can, so the thingy i’m goin’ to is perfect for me an’ Darla!! maybe a real nice pair of humans will wanna adopt me or Darla or both of us.

i heard the Plaza Art Fair is goin’ on all weekend, too, so i hope lots of humans stop by to see those dogs an’ puppies, too.  there’s more details ’bout the Plaza Art Fair an’ my event on our website, so check it out ’cause we’d love to see ya!

i’m gonna go for now… tomorrow is gonna be a fun day an’ i gotta rest up so i look my best (an’ then there’s the Pack Walk on Sunday, too)!  bye!

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Mischa (Adopted!)


hi!  my name is Mischa an’ Christine’s helpin’ me blog today ’cause i get to go to my first fundraiser tonight at Gordon Biersch in Leawood from 5:30-7:30 (I had to get some help with that part…big words for me).  it’s my first time goin’ to do somethin’ like this, an’ i think i get to go to the Plaza Art Fair this weekend, too. anyways, lemme tell ya a lil about me.  so, you already know my name is Mischa, i’m 5 months old, an’ i’m a shar pei mix.  i was found as a stray an’ a nice human brought me here.  i’m very, very, sweet an’ playful.  like on sunday i met Bandit an’ Vinny, an’ really loved playin’ with both boys, but really like Bandit. Christine an’ Jana wanted us all to meet an’ play together a lil to make sure we’d get along so we could all 3 go to the thingy tonight.  i’m real excited to go an’ meet new humans an’ scope things out so i kinda know what’s gonna happen this weekend!  i’m full of energy, so i love seein’ new stuff an’ learnin’ new things!  plus, Vinny told me when he’s been to thingys like what we’re goin’ to tonight, humans give us lots an’ lots of pets, make a big deal about how cute we are, an’ give us lots of treats!

i’m also happy ’cause today i got a new roommie named Rukus who’s lots of fun to run ’round an’ play with in the yard!  his roommie, Snoopy, an’ my roommie, Lola, got adop-tud this weekend (i think that means they have a family of their own now an’ get to live in a home… that sounds real nice), so i met him an’ we started playin’ together right away!  i’m happy to have a friend to curl up with at night… i got a lil lonely after Lola left, but not anymore!  i know i’m talkin’ ’bout lots of different stuff in a funny order, but i’m a puppy… so sometimes i forget what i was talkin’ ’bout before. anyways, if you wanna meet me, you can tonight or at the Plaza Art Fair this weekend!  i’m a real cute lil girl (i’ve heard our humans say that)… i can put on a real cute “sad puppy face” that makes our humans give me pets, an’ “coo” to me an’ stuff!  i love playin’ with doggy friends, too, an’ have lots of energy! i’m pretty good on a leash, an’ love goin’ on the Pack Walks, too!

i’m gonna go for now… i think i might be getting a bath soon so i look real pretty for tonight!  bye!!

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