Heya humans!  How are ya doin’?!?!  I’m doin’ great and I’m excited ’bout some stuff I want to tell ya ’bout.  First, I found out I getta go to a satellite on Friday, September 4 at Tail Waggin’ PetStop for First Fridays in the Crossroads!


This is me hangin’ out with my buddy, Jai!

Jai is gonna take me — YAY,  I getta spend some one-on-one time with my favorite human! I love all humans I meet, btw, but she’s definitely my fav!  She has a nickname for me, Binx, and she says I gots somethin’ called a “Bianca-dunk”… I think ’cause I wiggle my behind when I’m happy, and I have a cute bum… sorry I got kinda sidetracked again! Anyways, I’m goin’ with Skye (she’s my new BFF since Echo was adopted).  Skye is a real pretty girl… she’s almost all white with a lil tan spot, with real unique eyes that are both blue and hazel.  She’s a Pit Bull mix, like me, and she’s ’bout 9 months old.  Etta & Ethan are goin’, too, and a small doggy who is in a foster home, Yeti.  I’m just real happy I getta go!!  I do love humans a lot and I hope maybe I’ll meet someone awesome there who wants to give me a forever home!  Plus, it’s gonna be fun to go out and meet a bunch of new humans!  I had so much fun the last time I went to a satellite, and this time it’s gonna be even better ’cause I’ll get to play with Skye, too

So, the nice human lady who takes pictures of ALL of the dogs and cats here at HSGKC did somethin’ special for me… see Jai told Jana that I REALLY like playin’ in the kiddy pool! I LOVE splashin’ ’round in it, jumpin’ in, stickin’ my whole face under the water, then gettin’ up and runnin’ towards a human, shakin’ off when I’m right by them and getting’ them all wet, too!  When our humans watch me play in the pool, they laugh and smile a lot ’cause I’m havin’ such a good time!  Anyways, Jana made a video of me playin’ in the pool, so you gotta check me out!  I think I look pretty cute, too, and it shows the real playful side of my personality!  I just getta run ’round, play, and do what I want and just have FUN!


Throw a ball in the pool and I just can’t resist jumpin’ in!

I heard Jai, Pete and Christine talkin’ ’bout the BEG Program thing, and I’m gonna start some obedience classes soon. I know I gotta work on some “manners” a lil bit so I make an even better impression on humans than I already do!  I know “sit” and  I’m gonna learn some new stuff, and how to walk real nicely on a leash (I’m pretty good… unless I really wanna smell somethin’ or if I see a cat… then I pull a bit, which I know isn’t the most polite thing to do when I’m on a walk, but I’m just SO excited ’bout some stuff, I can’t help it!!!).  Don’t tell, but I’m kinda lookin’ forward to learnin’ new stuff… I wanna find a forever home, and if I know more stuff, maybe I’ll find a forever home of my own before too long!  I heard Farley and Roxy are goin’ to their forever homes soon, so I’m hopin’ I find mine too!

I gotta go, it’s time to go play with Skye!  I really hope I getta meet ya at Tail Waggin’ PetStop… we’ll be there from 6-8 p.m.  Oh, and don’t forget, if ya want to know more ’bout the satellite, me, and ’bout our adoption process, check out  Bye!!!

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Captain (Adopted!)


Hey, today my roommie, Skye, went to her forever home which is cool, but I’m gonna be a lil lonely ’til Pete finds me a new friend.  I want ta tell ya a bit ’bout me and the kinda home I’d like.  First, I’ve got some health stuff goin’ on with me, but don’t let that scare ya away.  I had a couple mast cell grade 2 tumors removed (which are cancerous, but I’ve got a very good prognosis for living a long life).  And now I’m waitin’ to go through heartworm treatment, too.  I’m a real nice boy, fairly mellow, and am good with most dogs, but they’ve gotta be submissive, or at least let me be the boss.  I was very patient with Skye… so I guess it just depends on the dog.  I’d be my best self with dogs about my size, but not too small, and I don’t think I’d like livin’ with cats much… they’re fun to watch but really confusing.

Anyway, if you’ve ever had a Boxer before, ya know what to expect outta us, we’re awesome dogs.  That’s all I got for now.  Talk at ya later.

Porter the Powerhouse


Whud up, humans?  It’s finally my turn ta blog again an’ it’s a good thang ‘cuz I got a few things to tell ya ’bout.  First, a few dogs have gone or are goin’ to their forever homes this week — Valerie, Skye, Camino, some lil Chihuahuas that Auntie Kate calls “The Bickersons” (humans an’ their jokes, man… anyways), a coupla dogs in foster homes, and a lil dude named Jake.  So, since they got their homes or will soon, I wanna tell ya ’bout the kinda home I’d like.

I gotta be the only pet, I need all the attention for just me.  It’s not that I don’t like other dogs, I just don’t know how ta live with ’em.  I probly shouldn’t go with lil humans either… not ‘cuz I’m mean or nothin’ but ‘cuz I’m still workin’ on some stuff.  That’s my other news… Christine is workin’ with me, so watch out, Hercules… I’m gonna be smarter than you soon… heh, heh!  I’m already good at “sit” an’ “down”. Pete is showin’ Christine how to teach me to walk nice on a leash, an’ some other fun stuff.  Pete’s tryin’ to do all kinds of stuff to make our lives even better while we’re here waitin’ for our new humans to find us.  Anyways, Christine likes workin’ with us, too, so she’s gonna be spendin’ some extra time with me teachin’ me manners (I guess you humans like dogs with manners, so I’ll do it…  it’s kinda fun an’ I get really yummy treats), an’ tricks an’ stuff.  I’ll let ya know when I learn new stuff.  That’s all I got for now… later, humans.

This is Christine and me working on my manners... treats were included!

This is Christine an’ me working on my manners… treats were included!

Skye (Adopted!)


Hi, my name is Skye and I’m pretty new to the main kennel.  I moved out here last week, first with Grizzly and then I moved in with Captain ’cause he really likes me, and Rosedale moved in with Grizzly.  I came here really skinny and weak– my previous person did not take care of me, so animal control had to rescue me and they brought me here to the humane society to get better.  I have gained almost 16 whole pounds in a few weeks ’cause our humans here are very nice and fed me lots.

I like bein’ out in the kennel with Captain ’cause we have one of the biggest places in the kennel, and can go inside and outside all day when the weather is nice.  Plus, I can see the other dogs and I meet lots of new people.  I was timid and shy when I came in, but most of my shyness is gone, again ’cause our human caretakers are awesome.  I like hangin’ out and playin’ in the yard and in the run with Captain.  He’s a pretty cool roommie, ‘specially ’cause he lets me climb and jump all over him and doesn’t care.

I’m 2 years old, but kinda act like a puppy still, or so the humans say.  I’ll tell you more about me and the kinda home I’d like another time… I gotta go run around the yard and play!  Bye!

This is what I looked like when I first arrived at the humane society.  I've gained 16 lbs since then, and am a much happier girl.

This is what I looked like when I first arrived at the humane society a few weeks ago. I’ve gained 16 lbs since then.

This is what I look like now.  I'm a healthy and happy girl!

This is what I look like now. I’m a healthy and happy girl!