Sasha (Adopted!)


Hiya humans, my name is Sasha.  I’m about 2 years old, and I’m a Lab/maybe-some-Boxer mix.  I was found as a stray by KCK Animal Control back in March.  I was real sick with somethin’ called Parvovirus, and another tummy bug, and heartworm infection, AND I was real skinny… so, I was a mess.  I’m almost finished with my heartworm treatment, and I’ve gained almost 20 pounds since I first got here… so ya know our humans are takin’ real good care of me!  I’m happy, too, ’cause I got moved to the back room in the kennel area… see our humans gotta have a place to fix our food, do laundry, and give us baths, and when this building was designed they put a run in the back room for a special dog.  I know the doggy run back there is now called “Smiley’s Run” and it’s for special dogs like him and me who just need some extra TLC!  I LOVE bein’ in the back room!  I getta hang out with the humans who take care of us doggies and some of the humans who take care of the kitties, too!  I have my own doggy bed that I can lay on and I have more room to move around.  I love it when humans come back and visit me and I get so happy and excited to see them I use my paws a lot to get their attention, and to get them to play with me.  I play bow a lot… but they don’t seem to get that move… silly humans!  I getta just hang out in the back room… unless they have to bring another dog back to get a bath, then I have to go in my kennel ’cause I’m not a huge fan of other dogs, I prefer to have all the attention for myself.  I’ll tell ya ’bout that the next time I blog… for now I got somethin’ else to tell ya ’bout: Dog-N-Jog.

I’ve heard our humans talkin’ bout this big event thingy called Dog-N-Jog (I’m gonna call it DNJ for the rest of my blog… too much to type out, lol).  Anyways, DNJ is this Sunday, June 14 from 7-10:30 a.m. on the Country Club Plaza.  There’s a 1 and 2 mile run and a 1 mile walk, an agility course, and lots of other fun stuff.  If ya wanna learn more ’bout it and register online, go to  I’ve heard it’s fun for humans and doggies, and it raises money for our humans to keep takin’ care of dogs like me who are real sick, and need lots of medical care to get better!  I can’t go ’cause I’ve got ’bout 2 1/2 weeks left of “leash walk only” before I can run ’round.  That’s ’cause of the heartworm treatment… see I can’t have my heart goin’ too fast or it’d be real bad for me… so I’m gonna supervise the humans who are gonna bathe the dogs who are goin’ to DNJ to make sure they look their best!  Sometimes you humans need help from us dogs, too!  I keep myself real clean, my kennel is clean, and when the doggy yard is really muddy,  I’m always super careful to avoid the muddy spots when I go out for my morning walk!  I think I heard our humans sayin’ that maybe 7-8 dogs from here are gonna go to DNJ and represent all of us dogs here at HSGKC!  Whoever blogs tomorrow will fill ya in on who’s gonna go.  If you’re goin’ to DNJ and ya have a Black dog like me, be aware of signs of overheating… see ’cause of our coats bein’ Black, we get hot lots faster than other colors of dogs!  I know that may seem silly, but some humans don’t know that.

Well, that’s all I got for now… I’ll tell ya more ’bout me and the kinda forever home I’d like next time!  Bye!

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Hey humans, how’s it goin’?  All of us dogs here are doin’ all right.  After a bit of discussion amongst our humans, they’ve decided that I’m the new narrator for the HSGKC Dog Blog since Smiley is now at the Rainbow Bridge.  I’m happy I was chosen to narrate (and I’m not at all surprised I was chosen, I mean, c’mon, I’m “Hercules the Magnificent” after all).

With my new title, this means I will fill you humans in on the stuff that’s goin’ on here at HSGKC.  The KC Pet Telethon was a success, from what I’ve heard.  All I know is that I was AWESOME!  Christine worked with me for about 2 weeks to prepare for our spot on the Telethon, and I learned how to do some neat new tricks, like “finish”, “turn”, “spin”, and “crawl”.  She was even more proud of me than she was last year ’cause I was so good for her!  I can even do a lot of the stuff she taught me off leash, but that’s ’cause she always has really yummy treats for me, and I love workin’ for food!  She’s gonna keep workin’ with me and teach me some new stuff, but I heard her talkin’ to Pete and Kate about Shiloh… I guess I’m gonna have to share some of Christine’s time with Shiloh because he needs to learn some obedience stuff, too, especially how to “stay”!  I know I’m the smartest dog in the kennel, and as much as I hate to admit this (so don’t tell Shiloh, please), he’s a clever dude!  He knows how to make a mad dash out of the building so our humans have to go chase him and lure him back… which is pretty funny!  I don’t bother with those types of “games” ’cause I know my food is here, and my treats, so I wouldn’t run off!

I also heard some talk about a satellite adoption event Saturday, March 21, at Four Paws Pantry and Spa in Olathe from 11-3.  I think Aubrey‘s gonna go, and I heard maybe Brownie will go to his first satellite.  I do like going to satellites, occasionally, but I’d rather stay here Saturdays to human and dog watch… plus Saturdays are when the most volunteers come in, so I get A LOT of treats!  I’m not gonna miss out on that for anything!

I almost forgot… big news… Gia, aka “Big G” was adopted Tuesday.  She’s been my neighbor for almost a year, so I’m gonna kinda miss her, but I’m real happy her humans came along and adopted her!  She’d been here for a little over a year, and was even skinnier than I was when I came in.  She was lookin’ pretty good, ya know, for an American Bulldog.

One other lil bit of gossip/news, for those of you who have seen pictures of Pibble on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages, she’s doin’ real well.  I know I’m Christine’s most favorite dog, but I think Pibble is givin’ me a lil competition.  Pibble’s healing well and is a real friendly girl from what I’ve heard.  She won’t be ready for adoption for a while, but I thought ya might wanna know she’s doin’ good.  That’s what makes this shelter so awesome… our humans really do everything they can to help us dogs so we can go to a forever home.  I was skinny, and heartworm positive when I came in, and look at how handsome I am now!

That’s all the news I have for now.  I’ll check in with you again soon.

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Lucy: Watch for Me on the KC Pet Telethon this Sunday


Hey humans, how are you?  None of us dogs blogged for a while because we wanted to respect Smiley‘s passing ’cause we know it was real sad for our humans.  Us dogs mourned, too, in our own way.  We’ll all miss him!

On a happier note, I’m really excited about a few things. I stopped givin’ our humans such a hard time, and have been really good in the yard lately… meaning I don’t jump the fence anymore as long as someone is outside with me.  That’s why I was jumping the fence, so I could go on walks (other than the Pack Walk, of course, I always get to go on those), and spend more time humans ’cause that’s what I love.  I even have a favorite volunteer, Crissy!  She spends lots of time with me when she comes in and she always walks me, too!  I think I’m her favorite!

Here’s my big news… I’m going to be on the KC Pet Telethon!!!!!  I found out Tuesday that I was chosen to be on the KC Pet Telethon this year, and I’m so happy about it.  It’s from 6:30-9:30 p.m. on March 1st, on 38 The Spot.  I don’t know all the details, just that it’s real big deal for our humans because the KC Pet Telethon brings in lots of donations for our shelter.  Those donations help our humans care for us dogs and cats (I still don’t see what all the fuss is about cats, but I know some humans really like them… I do enjoy watching them run around in the cat rooms, though), and help humans who live around here with their pets by providing low cost spay/neuter and wellness care (pets need to go to the doctor sometimes, too, ya know).  I knew something was up Tuesday morning ’cause Christine and Pete introduced me to Nemo (we’ll be going on TV together).  After maybe a minute, I decided I liked him okay and started to play with him a little bit.  Pete and Christine were really impressed about how good I was (I have a little crush on Diesel, too, but he’s healing from a surgery he had to have on his knee) with Nemo… so maybe if we keep doin’ real well together, we can hang out in the yard and play together.  I’ve heard the KC Pet Telethon is going to be even more fun to watch this year than last year with more fun stuff about our dogs and cats. I hope maybe someone will see me on TV and say “wow, she’s a beautiful dog… I want to meet her”.  I’ll get a bath and a pretty new collar to wear on TV, so I’m sure I’ll be looking pretty!

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I’m gonna go for now, Pete is doing Volunteer Orientation, and I gotta check out the new humans coming in to meet us.  Bye!

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A Farewell to Smiley, “The Narrator”, Our Mascot and Our Friend


I’m writing this blog with a heavy heart.  Tuesday, February 17th, 2015, HSGKC said good-bye to Smiley, aka “Smiles” or “Smiley-doo”.  Smiley’s spondylosis, arthritis, and ruptured discs in his back left him in pain, and without full use of his hind legs.
smiley_xmasSo, the decision was made to let him go to the Rainbow Bridge to join Fancy, Heidi, and all of our own beloved pets.  No one wanted to see him in any more pain or discomfort.  The decision to let him go was not an easy one… we all so wanted him to find a home.  Smiley has been with HSGKC for quite a while.  He was picked up by KCK Animal Control because he was a Pit Bull mix.  From the beginning, Smiley wanted to be the only pet in the home… he didn’t want to share human attention with other pets.  He absolutely loved playing fetch with staff and volunteers.  If two people were in the yard with him at the same time, he’d take turns bringing the ball first to one person, then to the other.  We had a red rubber ball that was his favorite.  He was so easy to walk on a leash, and had the best leash manners of any dog here.  He loved to cool off in the kiddy pool in the summertime, too, splashing around in the water. smiley_fetchingHe was always happy, wagging his tail and wiggling his bum when he’d see someone he knew… even if he had done something naughty, like when he destroyed the pee pads in the back room or knocked over the trash can… he’d look at you like “hey, I know I did something I should not have done, but I am very, very happy to see you, so please forgive me”, which of course we did.

Smiley has always been a favorite of many volunteers and staff, and when I started writing the blog, I knew he had to be the nararator.  I loved writing his blogs, because I could picture him writing a blog with a pipe, glasses, and a golf cap, carefully editing to make sure everything was perfect. smiley_volunteers_fetch I thought since he had been here the longest, is our mascot, and so loved, it was fitting he narrate the blog.  smiley888For everyone who has volunteered here and worked here, all of us loved Smiley with all our hearts.  Every day he’d make whoever was working laugh at least once, either by getting into something, or just by being Smiley… wagging his tail, hoping for a treat, or to play ball, barking a little at you so you’d give him a treat or some pets.  Smiley was such an appropriate name for him because he smiled, and made us smile.  Even though he didn’t have a home in the sense that he was someone’s pet, he had a home here with us… all of us, staff and volunteers.  We gave him the best life we could.  Thanks to the people who sponsored Smiley, and other people pitching in here and there, he was able to receive additional pain management through acupuncture at Aid Animal Hospital.  Smiley loved the staff and Dr. Rowe, and acted comfortable when he was there, and liked going for car rides.

Smiley went to the Rainbow Bridge surrounded by people who love him, with dignity, and as comfortable as we could make him.  He’s now with Fancy, able to play ball and run without any pain.  We’ll miss you Smiley, and you’ll never, ever be forgotten.  Thank you for all the smiles you gave us, the unconditional love, the laughs, and for being you.

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Smiley, the Narrator: A Special Christmas Wish


Hello everyone, I have not checked in on this blog for a while and wanted to do so today because this is the day I will be the featured dog for The 12 Strays of Christmas on Facebook an’ Instagram,  and I’ve got a new video for you to view.

I have a special request for Christmas.  I am ready to retire as The Narrator of the HSGKC Dog Blog.  As you may remember from my previous posts, I have an arthritis condition called “spondylosis” and I’ve been getting acupuncture for it. Well, our humans recently found out that I also have ruptured discs in my back. They continue to take me to Aid Animal Hospital for the canine pin cushion sessions, they refer to it as acupuncture, which is helping.  All of the humans who care for me (Dr. Hamilton here at HSGKC, Dr. Rowe at Aid Animal Hospital, Pete, Kate, Christine, Jai, Joyce… and all of our wonderful volunteers and other staff members) think a home would be the best place for me, and I agree completely.  Although they have put rubber mats down for me in my dog run for better traction, and give me my meds, and are doing everything they can to make me more comfortable, they all would love to see me enjoying home life.  I’d like that, too, and I would love to make them all happy because they are wonderful humans who love me and all the dogs here a lot.

smiley_xmas2nologoThis home would not need to be a permanent home, it could be a foster home. I would really enjoy a somewhat quiet home with a several soft dog beds, carpet or rugs to lay on.  I am very affectionate and I adore spending time with humans. My tail is always wagging.  I am well behaved and although I do have a “space bubble” I prefer other animals such as dogs and cats respect, I have walked with almost all of the other dogs here on Pack Walks when I was walking better.  I would be a very loyal, loving, snuggly, and fun companion.  I am very easy to walk on a leash, and would enjoy short walks (when my activity restriction is lifted).  I do know that my health needs may seem like a lot to take on, which is why I also am very open to a foster home.

I hope you check out my new video, and enjoy the pictures of me being dressed up (I tolerated the adornment because I knew it made Jana and Christine happy, but sometimes you humans are very funny creatures).  If you are interested in learning more about me, how to foster me, or want to meet me, please contact Christine.  I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday season.  I hope the next time I check in on this blog is when I am in a home.

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Hey ya’ll, ma name is Groot an’ I’m from Nawlin’s Loo-see-ann-nah.  I was in a shelter dere, an’ Jai (one of da humans here who takes care of us dogs), got me on somethin’ called a “transport” to come here.  I’m glad I’m here, cuz dis shelter is I think kinda a special place, so I think I’m a lucky boy to be here!  So, here’s summa my info… I’m a Pit Bull mix, a lil over a year old, an’ I LOVE humans!!!!  I love bein’ petted, an’ goin’ for walks, an’ gettin’ treats (I like Kongs with dee-lih-shous wet food in dere for me to eat!).  I love gettin’ in a human’s lap for pets, an’ I give good, nice kisses… I’m not a slobbery kisser!  I’ll tawk mo’ ’bout da kinda forever home I’d like anoder time, cuz I wanna tawk ’bout somethin’ more fun dat I gotta do last Sunday.

groot_xmas7funnyOur humans here always wanna do extra stuff to help us dogs an’ cats find forever homes, so I gotta have ma picture taken with 11 oder dogs for something’ called “Da 12 Strays of Christmas”.  Ya gotta looka’ somethin’ called “Facebook” an’ “Instagram” cuz that’s where dey post da dogs an’ cats.  I was real good for ma picture session, an’ looked real cute.  Da pic ya see here is funny cuz it looks like I don’t got ears, but I think I look cute an’ real sweet like da nice boy I am!  It was lots of fun gettin’ my picture taken cuz I got LOTS of treats, an’ Christine an’ Jana dressed me up an’ stuff to make me look mo’ handsome dan I already am!

Dat’s all I gots ta tawk ’bout fo’ now, an’ it’s time fo’ me to go play in da yard an’ run ’round!  I hope ya’ll like our pictures an’ maybe think ’bout donatin’ stuff like toys or oder stuff our humans need to take care of us… dey need alotta stuff to take care-ah all us! If I don’t tawk ta ya’ll befo’ Christmas, I hope ya’ll have a happy holiday!

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Smiley’s Acupuncture Adventure


On Friday morning Christine came in quite early to pick me up and take me on a car ride.  I enjoy car rides after I overcome my initial nervousness, and thought we were going somewhere fun.  I was wrong. I may have to re-think my opinion about Christine because she took me to another dog doctor named Dr. Rowe at Aid Animal Hospital.

The reason for this adventure is because a while back, I started to limp a bit when playing fetch with volunteers and the humans who take care of us.  Pete in all his wisdom became concerned and asked Dr. Johnston, the Shelter Veterinarian, to examine me, and she thought I should be evaluated by a specialist.  I had a very thorough examine at VCA Welborn Animal Hospital, and had pictures taken of my bones (I believe these are called radiographs, or x-rays). The pictures showed I have arthritis in my left elbow, which is mild, and moderate arthritis in my right elbow.  I also have something called “spondylosis of the lumbar vertebrae” which is complicated human speak for something that happens to our bones as we age.  I have been on anti-inflamitory medication, both tasty tablets and injections.

The reason Christine took me to Dr. Rowe is for something called acupuncture which means I had a lot of needles stuck in me with the hope they will make me feel better.  The tiny sharp needles were placed in areas where I have muscle spasms (caused by arthritis and spondylosis) to help reduce the tightening of the muscles, and release good things called endorphins both through my spine and my brain. Although I had reservations about whether or not treating me like a doggy pin cushion would work (and the sensation is very weird and rather difficult to explain), during my treatment I did start to relax, and almost fell asleep.  I was very good for Dr. Rowe, and must admit I did feel better afterwards.  I even smiled for Christine and Jana (another human who does a LOT for all of us here, both dogs and cats) after my treatment.  I almost fell asleep on the ride back, but I did not want to give away to Christine how relaxed I was.  She did give me several delicious Milkbones when we arrived back at the shelter… so I guess I will forgive her.

HSGKC is a very special place, and we are lucky to have so many who love us and are willing to do whatever they can to help us out. My acupuncture is being paid for by the kind individuals who donate to HSGKC’s Gabriel’s Fund. I will keep you posted about my progress with this acupuncture… I heard Jana and Christine schedule a few more appointments for me.  I am very ready for a nap now, so I bid you good day.

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This is me

This is me during my first acupuncture treatment… notice how brave and well-behaved I am.


And here I am after treatment. I have to admit I did feel better!


Leroy, aka The Sheriff (now Rufus)


Hey humans!  What’s up?  I’ve got lots to tell ya ‘bout my new life, so here it goes:  Back in April this cool woman came in wantin’ to adopt a “harder to place” dog, like Shine, or Smiley, an’ after Christine talked to her for a while, Christine thought I’d be a great match for the woman, (her name is Jen an’ she’s my new mom).  Jen liked me a LOT the first time she met me, an’ she kept comin’ back in to visit, which was really cool.  Christine had Alex (she’s one of my very favorite humans ever) an’ Stan (he took me to lots of obedience classes at The Dogs’ Spot) talk to Jen ‘bout me, too, cuz they spent time with me doin’ different stuff).  Pete also talked to my new mom, too (cuz he’s awesome, an’ has known me since I came into the shelter, an’ he’s sooooo smart about us dogs).  They told her all kinds of good stuff ‘bout me, like the obedience stuff I know, an’ how nice I walk on a leash, an’ why I got the nickname of “The Sheriff”.   Anyways, after a while Jen thought she might wanna take me home, but wasn’t 100% sure yet (no one knew how I’d be in a house), an’ she was able to take me home to “foster” me for a while so she could like really get to know me, away from the shelter, an’ in her home.  She ended up adopting me 3 weeks after she took me home.

I’ve had lots an’ lots to learn ‘bout bein’ in a home… like a dishwasher (I’ve made peace with this weird machine thingy), can opener, microwave, toaster (humans got lots of stuff to fix their food… they’re kinda complicated), an’ house-training.  I’m soooo awesome, cuz I learned real quick how to potty outside!  My mom’s so proud of me cuz I’ve NEVER had a potty accident in my new home… I dunno why humans make such a big deal ‘bout that, cuz they potty inside, but if it makes my mom happy, whateve’.  I’m still workin’ on not bein’ as scared of some stuff outside that move fast or make loud noises (bicycles, skateboards, garbage trucks, buses).

See, the reason some of this stuff makes me nervous is cuz I lived on a chain, outside all the time before I came to HSGKC, so I wasn’t “socialized”, an’ dogs who live on chains have “issues”. We often aren’t well socialized with other dogs, cats, and people.  We have “fear” or are nervous with things like skateboards, bicycles, and often kids and people because we can be teased and can’t escape the things that scare us because we can’t go any further than the length of the chain.

Anyways, now I’m lovin’ bein’ in a home with a human all my own!  I’m her “Sheriff” now…so I listen for stuff like cats, loud cars, an’ just keep an’ eye out for any signs of stuff that might not be good for me an’ my mom.  I love bein’ with her so much I follow her all over the house, cuddle with her lots (she calls me a “huggy bear”, an’ I’m dog enuff I like her nickname for me), an’ protect the house from the cats who don’t know a dog’s livin’ there (I bark at them lots just to let ‘em know there’s a dog here so don’t come ‘round… hee hee), an’ when my mom’s sleepin’, I sleep outside her room or by the front door to make sure she stays safe.  She’s taken me to obedience classes, an’ she’s really tryin’ her very best to help me with the stuff that scares me.

I’m so, so happy she took a chance on me… I’m not the easiest dog cuz young humans make me nervous, I’m not real playful with other dogs, an’ I’m still workin’ on my fear of loud fast moving things outside an’ the other stuff I’m not sure of.  The most awesome thing ‘bout my mom is she loves me for me, even tho I have some stuff I’m workin’ on gettin’ better at… she saw past all that stuff an’ decided to take a chance on me.  Not to get all serious or anythin’, an’ I know dogs like me aren’t for everybody, but for the right human or humans, we’ve got lots to offer.

This is what my new mom said ’bout me: “What a boy. I can’t say enough good things about Rufus. He is a diamond in the rough. He just needed a chance to show everyone what kind of dog he is when loved. And hugged.”

Gotta run peeps… I’ve gotta watch some Rufus t.v.

Me chillin' in my new digs!

Me chillin’ in my new digs.

Me watchin' out the front door...always on the lookout, ya know Rufus t.v.!

Me watchin’ out the front door… always on the lookout, ya know Rufus t.v.!


Smiley, the Narrator


Hello humans.  I know all of us dogs are happy the weather is finally nice and starting to warm up.  I love naps in the sun.  There have been a lot of adoptions this month (Rosedale, Zelda, Freckles, and some puppies to name a few), and some of our dogs, like Ruby and Taz, went to rescue groups this month.  For those of you who are not in the shelter/rescue field, I thought I should tell you about rescue groups, and transferring dogs to rescues, sometimes out of state.

Our humans do the best they can to help the dogs of Wyandotte County, but sometimes we have more dogs who need to come in than we have room for, so we ask for help from other groups.  Ruby came to us very pregnant, and she is an American Staffordshire Terrier (like Pit Bulls, and harder to adopt).  Our facility is wonderful, but we are not adequately set up to accommodate a mama dog and her 9 puppies. So our humans reached out to other humans and through an amazing dog rescue network, a group called ColoRADogs, which is a Pit Bull Rescue, said they would take Ruby (who had not yet had her babies).  Transport (really awesome humans who drive dogs all over the country) was quickly arranged, which is good because she had her babies Monday.  Ruby left this morning, with a very nice human who drove 8 hours to get here, and she is probably settling in to her new foster home as we speak.  There are some really fantastic humans all over the place who have a passion for rescuing and finding forever homes for dogs!

Ruby and puppies on the road to Colorado

Ruby and puppies on the road to Colorado


There have been quite a few adoptions this month, which made me think I have yet to tell you about the forever home I would like.  I would prefer to be the only pet.  I have lived here for a few years, and although I enjoy watching the antics of the other dogs, I would love to be the center of attention.  I do not play with other dogs, and cats… well… they are cats and are not of much interest to me.  I like short walks (I have some arthritis), and playing fetch.  I have been told I am the easiest dog to walk on a leash because I do not pull the human who is walking me.  I also like to snuggle and take naps, and just hang out with humans.  I would be fine, I think, with teenagers, but not really young humans because of the arthritis, and I am not quite active enough to keep up with them.  I would like a fenced in yard because I do enjoy playing fetch.  I am great with humans and have a big heart, and really, really would love to have a nice bed to curl up on with humans who will spoil me rotten.

It has been a long, pleasant day, and I am ready for bed now, but I am sure I will have more to tell you soon.  Goodnight.



So, I was a tiny bit naughty this morning.  I know it frustrates our humans when I “find” things to get into, but I do not do this to cause trouble. Some things, like pee pads, are just meant to be shredded.  I, like most other “normal” dogs, do enjoy shredding and chewing things.  This is part of our nature.  I try really hard not to be tempted, but sometimes when the opportunity presents itself… well, I just do what comes naturally.

The aforementioned pee pads, with me posing in front of my efforts.

The aforementioned pee pads, with me posing in front of my efforts.

My work here is done.

My work here is done.