Our Dogs & Cats

Visit our website to view Our Adoptable Dogs & Cats.

The Humane Society of Greater KC became a no-kill shelter in 1994. We take in many pets with injuries or medical issues and provide them with the care they need. We also take in some pets who hadn’t been well-socialized and are timid and need extra care. Only pets with untreatable medical issues or extreme behavioral problems are euthanized and we have no time limits for how long a pet may stay. Pets are examined by one of our staff veterinarians upon arrival and treated for any medical problems they may have while at our shelter. Through donations to Gabriel’s Fund, we are able to save the seriously sick and injured who otherwise would not have a chance.

By adopting a dog or cat from us you’ll not only be giving that pet a good home, but also opening up a space for another homeless pet who needs our care.

Please visit our web site at hsgkc.org for more information about our adoption process, our adoption fees and all that’s included, and for a pet adoption application.


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