Smiley, the Narrator: A Special Christmas Wish


Hello everyone, I have not checked in on this blog for a while and wanted to do so today because this is the day I will be the featured dog for The 12 Strays of Christmas on Facebook an’ Instagram,  and I’ve got a new video for you to view.

I have a special request for Christmas.  I am ready to retire as The Narrator of the HSGKC Dog Blog.  As you may remember from my previous posts, I have an arthritis condition called “spondylosis” and I’ve been getting acupuncture for it. Well, our humans recently found out that I also have ruptured discs in my back. They continue to take me to Aid Animal Hospital for the canine pin cushion sessions, they refer to it as acupuncture, which is helping.  All of the humans who care for me (Dr. Hamilton here at HSGKC, Dr. Rowe at Aid Animal Hospital, Pete, Kate, Christine, Jai, Joyce… and all of our wonderful volunteers and other staff members) think a home would be the best place for me, and I agree completely.  Although they have put rubber mats down for me in my dog run for better traction, and give me my meds, and are doing everything they can to make me more comfortable, they all would love to see me enjoying home life.  I’d like that, too, and I would love to make them all happy because they are wonderful humans who love me and all the dogs here a lot.

smiley_xmas2nologoThis home would not need to be a permanent home, it could be a foster home. I would really enjoy a somewhat quiet home with a several soft dog beds, carpet or rugs to lay on.  I am very affectionate and I adore spending time with humans. My tail is always wagging.  I am well behaved and although I do have a “space bubble” I prefer other animals such as dogs and cats respect, I have walked with almost all of the other dogs here on Pack Walks when I was walking better.  I would be a very loyal, loving, snuggly, and fun companion.  I am very easy to walk on a leash, and would enjoy short walks (when my activity restriction is lifted).  I do know that my health needs may seem like a lot to take on, which is why I also am very open to a foster home.

I hope you check out my new video, and enjoy the pictures of me being dressed up (I tolerated the adornment because I knew it made Jana and Christine happy, but sometimes you humans are very funny creatures).  If you are interested in learning more about me, how to foster me, or want to meet me, please contact Christine.  I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday season.  I hope the next time I check in on this blog is when I am in a home.

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Smiley’s Acupuncture Adventure


On Friday morning Christine came in quite early to pick me up and take me on a car ride.  I enjoy car rides after I overcome my initial nervousness, and thought we were going somewhere fun.  I was wrong. I may have to re-think my opinion about Christine because she took me to another dog doctor named Dr. Rowe at Aid Animal Hospital.

The reason for this adventure is because a while back, I started to limp a bit when playing fetch with volunteers and the humans who take care of us.  Pete in all his wisdom became concerned and asked Dr. Johnston, the Shelter Veterinarian, to examine me, and she thought I should be evaluated by a specialist.  I had a very thorough examine at VCA Welborn Animal Hospital, and had pictures taken of my bones (I believe these are called radiographs, or x-rays). The pictures showed I have arthritis in my left elbow, which is mild, and moderate arthritis in my right elbow.  I also have something called “spondylosis of the lumbar vertebrae” which is complicated human speak for something that happens to our bones as we age.  I have been on anti-inflamitory medication, both tasty tablets and injections.

The reason Christine took me to Dr. Rowe is for something called acupuncture which means I had a lot of needles stuck in me with the hope they will make me feel better.  The tiny sharp needles were placed in areas where I have muscle spasms (caused by arthritis and spondylosis) to help reduce the tightening of the muscles, and release good things called endorphins both through my spine and my brain. Although I had reservations about whether or not treating me like a doggy pin cushion would work (and the sensation is very weird and rather difficult to explain), during my treatment I did start to relax, and almost fell asleep.  I was very good for Dr. Rowe, and must admit I did feel better afterwards.  I even smiled for Christine and Jana (another human who does a LOT for all of us here, both dogs and cats) after my treatment.  I almost fell asleep on the ride back, but I did not want to give away to Christine how relaxed I was.  She did give me several delicious Milkbones when we arrived back at the shelter… so I guess I will forgive her.

HSGKC is a very special place, and we are lucky to have so many who love us and are willing to do whatever they can to help us out. My acupuncture is being paid for by the kind individuals who donate to HSGKC’s Gabriel’s Fund. I will keep you posted about my progress with this acupuncture… I heard Jana and Christine schedule a few more appointments for me.  I am very ready for a nap now, so I bid you good day.

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This is me

This is me during my first acupuncture treatment… notice how brave and well-behaved I am.


And here I am after treatment. I have to admit I did feel better!