Kash: Lookin’ for a Foster Home


Hey humans, my name is Kash. I’m an American Bulldog and I’m almost 8 years old. I’m writing this “blog” thingy because the humans who take care of me at HSGKC really wanna help me find a foster home, and hopefully, a forever home.

Lemme start at the beginning… see, I lived with a family from the time I was 8 weeks old ‘til February 2018, but my family had to give me up ‘cause they had to move and couldn’t take me with them. I was used to that home… I was the only pet, spent lots of time with my humans, and it was quiet. When I came to HSGKC, I was pretty nervous ‘cause I’d never had to live with so much commotion, what with all the comings and goings of humans and the other dogs who are waiting here for their forever homes, too. After bein’ at HSGKC for a bit I started to lose weight, my skin started to itch, and I’d pace in my doggie run so much that I’d sometimes hurt my paws. Our humans gave me new food to help with my itchy skin, and medicine to help with my anxiety, and they take me for walks and spend as much time as possible with me, but I’m still kinda depressed… and skinny… (I’ve lost about 20 pounds since I came in).  I really want to be in a home again.

Kash_tongueNow it’s June and I’m still waitin’ for a special person or family to come along and adopt me. Our humans really, really wanna see me healthy again so they are tryin’ to find me a foster home.  I’m a happy, goofy boy for the most part… just ask me to smile for ya!  ‘Cause I lived as the only pet my whole life, I do need a home without other pets, and I’m not quite sure what to think of “kids”, so I prefer adult humans. Another important thing to know about me is ‘cause I’m an American Bulldog, I need to live with folks who know how to handle us. Sometimes it takes me a little while to trust new humans, so please be patient with me! As soon as I know I can trust you, I’m a BIG baby who loves to give kisses and get my belly rubbed.

kash7I got to go stay with one of my favorite humans, Brandon, for a weekend, and I did great! I loved goin’ for a ride (I LOVE baths, too, btw), and I was sooooo excited to be in a home again, it took me a bit to settle down. I was real good in my kennel overnight, I didn’t make a mess in the house, and I gotta really wrestle and play.

I have some “quirks” as you humans say, but I’m a great boy who needs a chance to become an even better dog than I am now. If ya wanna learn more about me or talk to one of the humans who takes care of me, please call Christine 913-596-1000, ext. 113, or go on our web site at hsgkc.org  and complete our foster application.

Please share my post ‘cause ya never know who might see it and wanna help me out! I’ve also got my own Petfinder page you can check out.




Hey there… my name is Brinkley, and I’m tryin’ out this blog thing for the first time.  I’m about 2 1/2 years old, and an American Bulldog/Boxer mix.  I arrived at HSGKC last summer… I was with a real nice woman who couldn’t keep me ’cause she was havin’ a lot of stuff goin’ on in her life.  She really did “rescue” me… see I had a great dad, but after he passed away I was real shy, and scared.  The family didn’t want me to go to a shelter in Oklahoma (that’s where I’m from) ’cause I was so shy with a lot of new men, and they were afraid I wouldn’t get adopted… so the woman who was fostering me contacted HSGKC and I got to come here.

I’m happy I’m here ’cause the humans here are really, really nice, and patient with me. My favorite human is Amber… she works with all the dogs in the shelter.  I love everyone else I’ve met, too, both staff and volunteers, but Amber is still my fav.  I was super nervous when I got here, but I’m doin’ a lot better now.  My roommate is Diesel… he’s a sweet, cool, guy… who is like my “little brother” (even though he’s older than me) ’cause sometimes he gets on my nerves a lil… just ’cause he’s always wantin’ to give me kisses. But I like cuddling up with him at night.


Me giving Amber kisses after our afternoon walk.

So… in case you wanna know about the kind of forever home I’d like, I guess I should tell you a little more about myself.  I’m still shy with new humans, especially men… so I need humans who will be patient with me, and understand how I am, and probably not real young/small humans.  I’m kinda choosy when it comes to my doggy friends… I’m still tryin’ to figure out exactly how to play with other dogs.  Diesel is teaching me when he can, but we don’t always go outside in the yard together because I’m so talented, I can jump a 6′ fence… so we can only go out in the yard when no other dogs are out which is kinda hard to do right now.  We’re gettin’ our new 8′ fence in pretty soon, and I’m real excited about that so I can play outside more often with Diesel.  I’ve met a few dogs, but prefer dogs who aren’t real high energy… so Diesel’s a good match for me.  Even though I wanna chase cats, I know our humans don’t like that, so I need a home without cats.  I love Milkbones, and dog treats… I’ll sit pretty, and shake, and lay down for treats.  After I’ve gotten to know a human, and trust them, I’m very loyal, and affectionate with them… just check out the picture of me and Amber for Valentine’s Day on HSGKC’s Facebook page.

I got back from my walk with Diesel a few minutes ago, and saw some guys comin’ in to work on the plumbing… so I gotta go keep an eye on them and make sure they stay outta trouble.  I’ll try to check in again soon.

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Hey humans, how’s it goin’?  All of us dogs here are doin’ all right.  After a bit of discussion amongst our humans, they’ve decided that I’m the new narrator for the HSGKC Dog Blog since Smiley is now at the Rainbow Bridge.  I’m happy I was chosen to narrate (and I’m not at all surprised I was chosen, I mean, c’mon, I’m “Hercules the Magnificent” after all).

With my new title, this means I will fill you humans in on the stuff that’s goin’ on here at HSGKC.  The KC Pet Telethon was a success, from what I’ve heard.  All I know is that I was AWESOME!  Christine worked with me for about 2 weeks to prepare for our spot on the Telethon, and I learned how to do some neat new tricks, like “finish”, “turn”, “spin”, and “crawl”.  She was even more proud of me than she was last year ’cause I was so good for her!  I can even do a lot of the stuff she taught me off leash, but that’s ’cause she always has really yummy treats for me, and I love workin’ for food!  She’s gonna keep workin’ with me and teach me some new stuff, but I heard her talkin’ to Pete and Kate about Shiloh… I guess I’m gonna have to share some of Christine’s time with Shiloh because he needs to learn some obedience stuff, too, especially how to “stay”!  I know I’m the smartest dog in the kennel, and as much as I hate to admit this (so don’t tell Shiloh, please), he’s a clever dude!  He knows how to make a mad dash out of the building so our humans have to go chase him and lure him back… which is pretty funny!  I don’t bother with those types of “games” ’cause I know my food is here, and my treats, so I wouldn’t run off!

I also heard some talk about a satellite adoption event Saturday, March 21, at Four Paws Pantry and Spa in Olathe from 11-3.  I think Aubrey‘s gonna go, and I heard maybe Brownie will go to his first satellite.  I do like going to satellites, occasionally, but I’d rather stay here Saturdays to human and dog watch… plus Saturdays are when the most volunteers come in, so I get A LOT of treats!  I’m not gonna miss out on that for anything!

I almost forgot… big news… Gia, aka “Big G” was adopted Tuesday.  She’s been my neighbor for almost a year, so I’m gonna kinda miss her, but I’m real happy her humans came along and adopted her!  She’d been here for a little over a year, and was even skinnier than I was when I came in.  She was lookin’ pretty good, ya know, for an American Bulldog.

One other lil bit of gossip/news, for those of you who have seen pictures of Pibble on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages, she’s doin’ real well.  I know I’m Christine’s most favorite dog, but I think Pibble is givin’ me a lil competition.  Pibble’s healing well and is a real friendly girl from what I’ve heard.  She won’t be ready for adoption for a while, but I thought ya might wanna know she’s doin’ good.  That’s what makes this shelter so awesome… our humans really do everything they can to help us dogs so we can go to a forever home.  I was skinny, and heartworm positive when I came in, and look at how handsome I am now!

That’s all the news I have for now.  I’ll check in with you again soon.

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Prince Konnan


hey everybody, my name is Konnan (pronounced Koh-nan, not like Conan the Barbarian), or as my human dad calls me, Prince Konnan or K-dawg… he’s funny!  i’m an american bulldog/boxer mix, an am only 6 months old.  i getta do somethin’ called a “guest blog” today ’cause i got quite a story to tell.  see i heard The Humane Society of Greater KC was featured on the front page of somethin’ called a “newspaper”, which i think is a big deal ’cause now more humans know how awesome HSGKC is, and all the extra stuff they do to help dogs an’ cats, and ’cause of them that’s how i got some help and a forever home.  see KCK Animal Control picked me up in october, and took me to Welborn Animal Hospital ’cause i couldn’t walk real well.  i had a broken leg, and a fracture in my hip, and HSGKC took me in and took care of me ’til i met my dad, and got to go to a forever home.  my leg has healed, but i gotta have an “f-h-o” surgery to fix my hip ’cause that break hasn’t healed real well.  even though my dad knew this stuff, he adopted me anyway, ’cause he’s super cool like that!  a lil before i went to HSGKC, there was another puppy KCK Animal Control picked up ’cause he was runnin’ the streets, and he was hurt real bad an’ looked like he’d been attacked by a bigger dog.  this puppy, Harvey, got to go to HSGKC, too, to get extra attention.  like me, he met some real awesome humans who adopted him, too… and like me, he needs to have an “f-h-o” surgery, too, but he needs it on both sides.  Harvey is a 9 month old shepherd/cattle dog mix, btw.

me and Harvey have the bestest humans ever, ’cause they adopted us knowin’ we would need surgeries, and that didn’t scare ’em away… and my dad and Harvey’s parents are both first time doggy parents, so that makes them extra cool!  i wanted to talk ’bout me and Harvey and the surgeries we need ’cause HSGKC is raisin’ money to help pay for our surgeries!  how awesome is that?!?!


harvey’s loving his new home

Harvey is livin’ a great life with Kelley-Jean and Andrew.  He loves goin’ for walks, and his parents said “we really appreciate the Humane Society’s continued support of us and your helpfulness during this time. We were so lucky that we found Harvey and made him part of our family”.  he’s really loved, and so am i!  i live with my dad and a cat… she tolerates my presence, and i give her the space she wants.  i love my dad, a whole, whole lot.  he takes real good care of me, and if i’m kinda sore, he’ll carry me up and down a really long staircase to go potty (we live in an apartment on the top floor). i know we’re both lucky boys to end up livin’ great lives with awesome humans, and know that if it weren’t for HSGKC, we wouldn’t have the great lives we have… that’s what i wanted to tell ya ’bout.

if you wanna make a donation to HSGKC for me or Harvey, you can donate to somethin’ called “Gabriels Fund” in our name >

after we’ve had our surgeries, we’ll check back in and let ya know how we’re doin’!


Jack and the Parvo Puppy Fraternity (Adopted!)


hi everybody, what’s up?  my name is Jack, an’ i’m an american bull dog/boxer mix, an’ i’m 8 months old.  i’m buttin’ in line for bloggin’ ’cause i getta talk ’bout somethin’ im-poor-tah-nt.  one of our humans, Kate, made a funny the other day when she was talkin’ to Pete, Jai an’ Christine ’bout some of us puppies who haven’t been here long, like me, an’ ’bout why we came here… she called us the “parvo puppy frat” (i dunno what that word is for sure, i think it’s got to do with a group of some kind). anyways, she called me a member of the PPF, an’ said there were 2 “pledges” (Zoe an’ Whitney) at VCA Welborn, and some other PPF pups (Storm, Fred, Frank, and Elsa) who just went thru what i went thru.

so, lemme tell ya ’bout what i went thru an’ ’bout parvovirus, an’ ’bout some other stuff like why i’m sooooo lucky to be here.  see i came here ’cause the human who had me before couldn’t take care of me when i got real sick with parvo, so she brought me here an’ then i had to go to Welborn for hoss-pit-il-ih-zay-shun (i got lots of special care an’ medicine, an’ stuff to make me feel better).

here’s whatcha need to know ’bout parvo… see it’s a virus that is real con-tay-g-iss to dogs ’cause it’s spread thru poop (i know, kinda gross, huh?).  parvo lives in the the dirt, an’ water, an’ grass for a long time which is how pups like me can pick it up… but if i had gotten shots when i was real young, i wouldn’t have gotten it. if a pup or doggy gets sick with parvo, we throw up, don’t wanna eat or drink water, an’ act like we’re real sick (like we don’t wanna get up).  if humans figure out what’s wrong with us fast, like they did with me, then we can get better with medicine an’ bein’ hoss-pit-il-ized.  then, we come here to HSGKC an’ we gots to stay in a room special for pups like me ’cause we’re still “shedding” the virus… i think that means other dogs or puppies can get it from us.  we gots to stay in the special room for 10-21 whole days, waitin’ to feel better… an’ it gets lonely, even with other PPF dogs in there!  we only get to see humans a few times a day, ’cause they have to be careful about not spreading parvo to other pups.  it sucks!  i know it’s for our own good, an’ to make sure nobody else gets sick, but it still sucks.  anyways, i’m doin’ lots an’ lots better now, but i’m still skinny from being soooo sick, but way better than i was when i came in!

i gots one more thing to tell ya… i’m so lucky HSGKC took me in so i could get better!  our humans take in puppies and dogs who are real sick with stuff like parvo an’ other stuff, from humans who can’t afford to take care of us, an’ from animal control, an’ if we’re strays and have nobody to care for us.  i know it costs lots of money to take care of us, but they do it ’cause they’re so awesome! i heard Kate tellin’ Christine that HSGKC has taken in 15 pups in 9 weeks who’ve had parvo, an’ it costs ’round $600 per dog when we’re bein’ hoss-pit-il-eyezed.  if ya wanna help them out so they can keep helpin’ pups like me, maybe think ’bout makin’ somethin’ called a “do-nay-shun” to Gabriels’ Fund… our humans say “every lil bit helps”.  we’re all so lucky HSGKC is here, an’ the humans here are awesome!!

k, that’s alls i got for now… i’ll talk ’bout the kinda home i’d like the next time i do this blog thingy.  bye!!!!!

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this is frank…


… and this is fred.  they’re both PPF pups.  they’re feeling better now but still shedding the virus so they have to stay isolated from the rest of the dogs for a bit longer.  : (

Gia, aka “Big-G” (Adopted!)


Whad-up people?  I gotta agree with Porter on this one…”people” just doesn’t flow for me just yet.  Anyways, I’m excited cuz I finally got a nickname: Big-G.  I like it cuz now I’m weighing in around 91 pounds and I’m lookin’ goo-ood and cuz my 2 favorite guys, Pete and Chuck, started callin’ me that!  When I got here, I didn’t look real good and only weighed 62 pounds, and the vet said I was “emaciated” or somethin’ like that.  See, I lived on a chain, too, and the humans who had me really didn’t take good care of me… but that’s all in the past… what’s important is I’m doin’ way better now.  Our humans think I could easily gain another 15-20 pounds, but it takes time for us to gain weight.

I’m still the strongest dog here, just ask any of the humans who’ve taken me for a walk.  I’m sure they’d like it if I didn’t pull so hard when I walk, but I like showin’ all the other dogs how strong I am.  Pete’s spent some time teachin’ me how to “heel”, and if I gotsta heel, I will, but I kinda do what I wanna do most of the time.  That’s part of being an American Bulldog, we’re stubborn, I think the word humans use is “headstrong” or somethin’ like that.  It’s part of our charm… and what can get us into trouble sometimes if we’re part of a family that’s never had a dog like us before. Not to say that we’re not good for first time dog owners, but ya gotta know what you’re doin’ with us… we LOVE humans, LOVE makin’ our humans happy, but bein’ stubborn means you’ve gotta be real patient with us and know how to train us!

I’d “blog” more, but I’m savin’ my energy for when Chuck comes in to take me for a long walk!  I have to share him with Darla and Ella cuz he likes them lots too, but ’til I get adopted and have my very own humans I gotta share, even if it’s with Darla and Ella (I’m not talkin’ smack on them or anythin’, I just wanna be the center of attention).  Gotta run, I’ll check in again soon.

Me and Chuck just hangin' out after my walk...this weather is perfect for me!

Me and Chuck just hangin’ out after my walk… this weather is perfect for me!

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Avery (Adopted!)


Hey humans!  What’s up?  My name is Avery and I’m a 3 year old Pit Bull/Bulldog mix.  I’m in a foster home with the best foster mom ever… and today I got to “hijack” the HSGKC Dog Blog instead of my foster mom’s computer so I can tell ya ’bout me, a satellite adoption event I’m goin’ to on Saturday, and ’bout the kinda forever home I’d like… I’m so smart!  First things first, I was found as a stray in December of 2012 in pretty bad shape… I had some wounds on my neck, some owies, and Demodex mange.  Our humans here gave me baths and lots of medicines to make me feel and look better… then one of the humans who worked here decided to foster me which was AWESOME!  She was also fostering another dog who I loved playin’ with so it was real cool to be with her lots.  I liked being in a home, too, and love my foster mom.  Anyways, I got adopted 2 times, and was returned… none of it was my fault, though, I promise!  Sometimes humans just don’t listen real well to the stuff our humans (who take care of us and know us) tell them, so we get returned.  I’m so happy our humans care about us so much they do something called a “lifetime” guarantee kinda thing for the pets they adopt, so HSGKC will ALWAYS take back a dog or cat they adopted, even if it’s like years from when they were adopted… which is cool.

Enough of the boring details!  I’m so excited ’cause I get to go to a place called Ad Astra Pool and Park in Lenexa, KS, for something called “Tails on the Trails Fall Festival” from 9:00 to 1:00 p.m. on Saturday.  I haven’t been to a satellite in, like, forever…but I got adopted…duh and oops!  I’m gonna hang out with my friend Ladybug, and meet some new dogs from the shelter – Teddy, Willis, Ella – and Becca who’s in a foster home like me. If you wanna know more about the event and where it is an’ stuff, check out www.hsgkc.org for more details.  If you wanna meet me, that’s where I’ll be, playing with some new friends, and waiting to get lots of treats and attention.  I hope the weather is real nice.  Our booth will be in the shade… bet you didn’t know this, but some white dogs like me can get something called a “sunburn” and it kinda stings a bit… but our humans take care of us so they’ll make sure I don’t stay out in the sun too much.  But I’m also excited to try out the pool!  I know 9:00 is kinda early for humans who don’t have to go to work on Saturdays, but you should really come and check us out, especially me!  I hope to meet some awesome humans there!

I may not have another chance to hijack the blog, so I wanna tell ya ’bout the kinda forever home I’d really like to have.  I absolutely LOVE to play with other dogs!  It’s my favorite thing to do, besides snuggle with humans!  I’m good with almost every dog I meet, ‘specially if they like to play… I like to wrestle and run around and wrestle some more, like they way most Pit Bull’s like to play.  I love snuggling and cuddling and sleeping next to humans, but I’m soooo not a dog who likes to spend my day sleeping… boring!  I’m a smart girl, too, ’cause I do this one thing I know kinda irritates my foster mom, but it’s fun and I like to show off to her other dogs how smart I am by opening doggy gates.  See, my foster mom has some doggy gates in her house (like at the top and bottom of the stairs so we don’t go where we’re not supposed to… like I’ve gotta be fed separate from everybody else ’cause I eat my food real fast and try to eat everybody else’s food, too… I get enough to eat, but if I can steal more…yay for me!). I don’t do this all the time, but sometimes it’s fun just to show-off to her dogs, and ’cause I can.  I’ve heard her call me an “escape artist” which just sounds cool!  I can’t get outta my crate, though, and believe me I’ve tried. One other thing, and this is real important:  I DO NOT LIKE CATS!  Well, I do like to chase them, but humans don’t like it when I do this, so my new home shouldn’t have cats… inside or outside.  I like small humans, though, and I’m house trained, kennel trained, love going on car rides, and I LOVE other dogs.

Okay, that’s all for now… I think I’m gonna get busted using Christine’s computer… hopefully I’ll see you on Saturday!


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Gia (Adopted!)


Hey two-legger’s!  What’s goin’ on with all ya’ll?  All of us are pretty tired ‘cuz yesterday was a hap-nin’ kinda day.  Some of the dogs, Ivy, Dexter, Maddox an’ a few others who haven’t blogged yet, went to a parade an’, satellite event yesterday in Brookside.  All of ’em seemed tired when they got back.  Me an’ some of the other dogs decided to hang here an’ take advantage of the volunteers who came in… since there weren’t as many of us here I gotta go on like 3 walks, which was awesome.  I even snagged a coupla french fries from Christine, our adoptions human. They were really tasty an’ since I don’t have ta watch what I eat, I tried ta get more, but she only let me have 2.  Anyways, I loved goin on all the walks, enjoyin’ the nice weather an’ sunshine, an’ of, course, all the treats.  I really like walks and am kinda startin’ to figure out how to walk on a leash a lil nicer… but it’s just so much fun to pull the humans around!  They’re all impressed with my strength.

I might as well tell ya’ll ’bout the kinda home I’d like to have.  I wanna be the ONLY pet, I don’t wanna share any attention with other dogs, especially not cats… they’re weird creatures an’ so hard to figure out… anyway back to me.  I’d also like a big yard to run an’ play in, but you gots ta have a tall fence ‘cuz I can climb (kinda cool trick, huh, ‘specially ‘cuz of my size).  I’d probly be ok with older 2-legged’ kids, but ‘cuz of my strength, an’ how good I’m gonna look when I’ve gained more weight, I’d be a bit much for real lil humans.  I do love grown-up 2-leggers, an’ show my appreciation when they hang with me by givin’ hugs an’ kisses.  All for now… I think we’re gettin’ ready for another walk soon.